American Chopper


Documentary series about the goings-on behind the scenes at Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle fabrication company located in Montgomery...
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S7E8 -Yanks for the Memor..

Junior designs a western-inspired motorcycle for country music artis..

S7E7 -Road Warrior

Senior takes a risk by starting a Spartan Race-inspired build before..

S7E6 -Drop the Mikey

When the OCC crew builds an old-school chopper for a longtime fan, S..

S7E5 - GTOBro!

OCC builds a bike inspired by a 1965 GTO, but this massive job may c..

S7E4 -Metal Health

The OCC crew is pushed to their limit when they build a pair of cont..

S7E3 - A New Chopter

Senior confronts Junior about the harsh words Junior wrote in his bo..

S7E2 - Getting The Bike B..

The OCC crew builds one of their fastest bikes ever but a problem wi..

S6E26 - The Kobalt Bike

The guys at OCC are tapped by Kobalt to build them a custom chopper...

S6E25 - Stewart-Haas Raci..

The team designs a NASCAR-inspired chopper for the Stewart-Haas raci..

S6E24 - Monster Diesel Bike

The OCC guys create their first diesel-powered chopper for Monster D..

S6E23 - Gladiator Garage ..

The guys work on a chopper for their newest client, Gladiator Garage..

S6E22 - Schneider Electri..

The OCC crew works on a hybrid chopper for Schneider Electric, which..

S6E21 - Christopher and D..

The guys are commissioned to build a ``wheelchair chopper'' for the ..

S6E20 - The Jeanette Lee ..

Mikey is back from rehab and ready to make amends. Junior meets with..

S6E19 - OCC Trike Bike

Paul Sr. learns that Mikey is in rehab and wonders if there's any ho..

S6E18 - Iraq Star Foundat..

The crew builds a bike for the Iraq Star Foundation, which provides ..

S6E17 - Mark Buerle Bike

A custom bike is built for Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle; P..

S6E16 - Orange Rescue Bike

OCC is commissioned to build a chopper for the Ornge medical transpo..

S6E15 - Sieman's Electric..

OCC teams up with Siemens Electric to build the Smart Chopper, a one..

S6E14 - OCC Band Bike

The Teutuls try to put their differences aside when they're invited ..

S6E13 - Saginaw Chippewa ..

The crew builds a bike for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

S6E12 - Chesapeake Energy..

A natural-gas bike is created.

S6E11 - Abu Dhabi Police ..

OCC lands an important international client as they are hired to bui..

S6E10 - Jon & Kate Plus 8..

The Teutul's head to the Pennsylvanian home of Jon Gosselin, from th..

S6E9 - Pilot Pen Bike and..

In an effort to continue their business expansion, OCC is partners u..

S6E8 - Howe Caverns

Brand new American Chopper coming up

S6E7 - Mountain Creek Bike

Paul Sr. is out of the shop as he continues to promote his new book ..

S6E6 - Teutul Triumph Bike

Junior and Senior's relationship is rocky at best, and now that Juni..

S6E5 - OCC 10th Anniversa..

To mark the occasion of OCC's 10th anniversary, Senior designs a bik..

S6E4 - Unique Machine

Senior takes a trip up to Alaska to research a bike and ends up meet..

S6E3 - DECA and Col-Met

Senior is having some work done on the shop and in return he's build..

S6E2 - Woodstock Bikes

Times are tough at the OCC shop with Senior and Junior still not get..

S6E1 - B2-Bomber Bike & N..

The guys of OCC have their work cut out for them with two new projec..

S5E19 - Strike Ten Entert..

The guys head to the lanes for inspiration when OCC decides to creat..

S5E18 - Mercedes AMG Bike

The Teutuls get inspired by some high-end automotive engineering and..

S5E17 - Sikorsky Bike

Senior recruits J.Q. and Jason Pohl to build a tribute bike for the ..

S5E16 - Darien Lake Bike

OCC twists and turns into their next project: the OCC Motocoaster bi..

S5E15 - NY Giants Bike

Paul Sr. gets the green light for Paul Jr. to design and build a cus..

S5E14 - Dryvit Bike

OCC moves into their new World Headquarters and takes on their first..

S5E13 - Production Bike S..

The motorcycle industry picks OCC for an award, but there are no pro..

S5E12 - Manitowoc Bike (P..

OCC builds an industrial-themed bike for the Manitowoc crane group. ..

S5E11 - BSN Bike

The Girls of BSN, a spokesmodel team of the nutritional supplement m..

S5E10 - Viega Bike

OCC pulls out all the stops and takes on a project for the plumbing ..

S5E9 - Klipsch Bike

OCC tunes in and cranks it up, as they build a custom bike for Klips..

S5E8 - Craftsman Die Hard..

OCC continues on their latest double build -- custom bikes for Craft..

S5E7 - Craftsman Die Hard..

OCC charges up their latest double build: Sr.'s custom creation for ..

S5E6 - Gander Mountain Bi..

OCC continues on their latest custom creation -- a street bike/motoc..

S5E5 - Gander Mountain

OCC packs their gear and hikes into their next project - a custom ch..

S5E4 - Michigan Bike/My N..

Mikey reveals the University of Michican bike at Michigan-OSU footba..

S5E3 - Michigan Bike/My N..

Mikey gets in the game and heads up OCC's latest custom creation - a..

S5E2 - Army National Guar..

The Army National Guard Patriot Bike is completed by the guys at OCC..

S5E1 - Army National Guard

OCC locks and loads as they pay tribute to the troops with a custom ..

S4E10 - Flowjet Bike 2

OCC amps it up as they start on their latest custom creation--a guit..

S4E9 - Flowjet Bike 1

OCC continues on their computer themed chopper for the HP Corporatio..

S4E8 - Go Daddy 2

OCC boots up their latest custom chopper--a computer-themed creation..

S4E7 - Go Daddy 1

OCC continues work on the chopper for the Flow International Corpora..

S4E6 - Senior vs. Junior 2

While Orange County Chopper begins work on a custom bike for the Flo..

S4E5 - Senior vs. Junior 1

Mikey and Vinnie embark on a quest to obtain New England lobsters fo..

S4E4 - Eragon Bike 2

As work continues on the chopper for, Mikey and Paul Sr...

S4E3 - Eragon Bike 1

OCC designs and builds a high-tech chopper for, but Jaso..

S4E2 - LUGZ Bike 2

The design contest between father and son continues, with fans picki..

S4E1 - LUGZ Bike 1

When Orange County Chopper breaks ground on their new shop, Paul Sr...

S3E24 - Sunoco Bike 2

The guys continue their work on a bike for Wendy's that will be auct..

S3E23 - Sunoco Bike 1

The guys build a bike for the fast food company Wendy's, to be aucti..

S3E22 - Wendy's Bike 2

The OCC crew builds a vintage Indian bobber motorcycle for musician ..

S3E21 - Wendy's Bike 1

Mikey and Vinnie host a series of their favorite clips that never qu..

S3E20 - Billy Joel Bike

The guys of OCC continue working on Senior's vintage chopper, while ..

S3E19 - Senior's Vintage ..

After his trip to Europe where he saw some impressive vintage motorc..

S3E18 - Senior's Vintage ..

Bryan King is a truck driving, car customizer out of California, and..

S3E17 - FANtasy Bike: Bry..

Joseph McClendon has always been a lover of motorcycles, especially ..

S3E16 - FANtasy Bike: Jos..

Susan Morisset is an insurance claim adjuster from Bruceville, Texas..

S3E15 - FANtasy Bike: Sus..

Jeff Clegg is a military man turned civil engineer and his number on..

S3E14 - FANtasy Bike: Jef..

The holiday season is upon OCC again, and instead of a Christmas-the..

S3E13 - Special: Make-A-W..

See the history of the Teutels for the first time ever. Learn about ..

S3E12 - Special: History ..

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Find out in this special..

S3E11 - Special: Behind t..

The guys second week in Europe rolls on as they leave Jolly Old Engl..

S3E10 - On the Road: Euro..

The guys decide that it's time for a vacation and what better place ..

S3E9 - On the Road: Europ..

The final days of fabrication come down to the wire as Rick's old sc..

S3E8 - Rick's Dream Bike

Rick is given the oppurtunity of a lifetime when Paul Sr. gives him ..

S3E7 - Rick's Dream Bike 1

The boys at OCC complete and deliver the NASA space shuttle bike and..

S3E6 - Space Shuttle Trib..

The Teutels go into the wild blue yonder when they get the chance to..

S3E5 - Space Shuttle Trib..

The final days of assembling the Yankees Bike come down to the wire ..

S3E4 - Yankees Bike 2

OCC is given the oppurtunity to build a Yankee-inspired bike for the..

S3E3 - Yankees Bike 1

The competition heats up as Senior and Junior compete to assemble an..

S3E2 - Military Bike 2

The Teutuls are given the opportunity to participate in a charity au..

S3E1 - Military Bike 1

In this latest special, Sir Michael Joseph Teutel, Sr. (Mikey) showc..

S2E13 - Carroll Shelby Bike

Continuing a tradition last year, Paul Sr. gathers his faithful elve..

S2E12 - Sleigh Bike

The David Mann tribute takes on new meaning for Paul Sr. upon learni..

S2E11 - David Mann Bike 2

A trip down memory lane while at Sturgis inspires Senior to build a ..

S2E10 - David Mann Bike

It's crunch time for OCC as they rush to complete their tribute to t..

S2E9 - Police Bike 2

After dedicating a bike to the firefighters of America, OCC decides ..

S2E8 - Police Bike

The Tour de France is in its final stages as work continues on Lance..

S2E7 - Lance Armstrong Bi..

A tribute to six-time Tour De France winner and cancer survivor, Lan..

S2E6 - Lance Armstrong Bike

Pro golfer Davis Love III gets a one-of-a-kind birthday present when..

S2E5 - Davis Love III Bike

It's California dreaming as the boys of OCC get their latest creatio..

S2E4 - IRobot Bike 2

To commemorate the release of Will Smith's new 20th Century Fox movi..

S2E3 - IRobot Bike

The Mikey/Vinnie Bike steadily reaches completion, despite Keith act..

S2E2 - Mike/Vinnie Bike 2

With Junior and Senior heading out of town to be on The Tonight Show..

S2E1 - Mike/Vinnie Bike

With business booming at OCC, Senior splurges for an expansion to th..

S1E13 - Mikey Special ('c..

Mikey continues to build his first bike, a blues themed chopper.

S1E12 - Mikey's Bike 1

Mikey builds his first bike, a blues themed chopper.

S1E11 - Commanche 3

Paul Jr. continues to build a chopper inspired by the U. S. Army's C..

S1E10 - Commanche 2

Paul Jr. continues to build a chopper inspired by the U. S. Army's C..

S1E9 - Old School Chopper..

Cody and Sr. work on an old school themed chopper while Paul Jr. bui..

S1E8 - Old School Chopper 1

Cody and Sr. work on an old school themed chopper.

S1E7 - Fire Bike 2

Paul Jr. continues to build a chopper as a tribute to the 343 New Yo..

S1E6 - Daytona Bike Week

Paul Sr., Paul Jr., Mikey, and Cody go to while Vinnie continues wo..

S1E5 - Fire Bike 1

Paul Jr. builds a chopper as a tribute to the 343 New York firefight..

S1E4 - Race Car 2

Paul Jr. continues to build a chopper for a client, TrimSpa.

S1E3 - Race Car 1

Paul Jr. builds a chopper for a client, TrimSpa.

S1E2 - Black Widow Bike 2

Paul Jr. continues to build a chopper inspired by spiders to take to..

S1E1 - Black Widow Bike 1

Paul Jr. builds a chopper inspired by spiders to take to the New Yor..