Anne with an E
The adventures of a young orphaned girl living in the late 19th century.
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S2E10 - The Growing Good ..

Anne rallies her friends to save Miss Stacy in the wake of a disastr..

S2E9 - What We Have Been ..

A brand-new teacher brings unconventional methods and a motorbike ..

S2E8 - Struggling Against..

With a wedding on the horizon, Anne wonders what kind of bride she'd..

S2E7 - Memory Has as Many..

Cole accompanies the girls to Aunt Josephine's for a lavish party fi..

S2E6 - I Protest Against ..

Anne faces the world with a shocking new look while the town preps f..

S2E5 - The Determining Ac..

A game of spin the bottle prompts burning questions about love and b..

S2E4 - The Painful Eagern..

Anne writes letters as an agent of romance while Diana trains at hom..

S2E3 - The True Seeing is..

An adventure away with the Barrys teaches Anne to trust her instinct..

S2E2 - Signs are Small Me..

The steamer lands in Trinidad, bringing Bash face to face with his p..

Youth is the Sof Hope

The Cuthberts' boarders stir excitement with a question: Could there..

S1E7 - Wherever You Are I..

On the verge of losing the farm, the Cuthberts must do whatever it t..

S1E6 - Remorse Is the Poi..

When her little sister becomes ill, Diana runs to Anne for help. Mea..

S1E5 - Tightly Knotted to..

Anne must deal with the inevitability of womanhood when she gets her..

S1E4 - An Inward Treasure..

A house fire helps Anne in her decision of whether or not to go back..

S1E3 - But What Is So Hea..

Anne is excited to begin school and make friends, but is unprepared ..

S1E1 - Your Will Shall De..

When a miscommunication brings a girl to Green Gables instead of a b..