Twenty-six years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki...
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S1E12 - Stand by Oneself

When Kouichi finally catches up to Mei, he learns who the "extra one..

S1E11 - Makeup

Naoya explains that he'd pushed Kazami off the balcony, believing hi..

S1E10 - Glass Eye

As Class 3-3 goes on its trip to the Yomiyama mountains, Kouichi and..

S1E9 - Body Paint

Kouichi, Yuya, and Naoya decide to look for the item Katsumi mention..

S1E8 - Hair Stand

Kouichi, Reiko, Naoya, Yuya, Izumi, Takako Sugiura, and Junta Nakao ..

S1E7 - Sphere Joint

Kouichi meets up with Yuya, Naoya, and Izumi in a cafe, where Yuya's..

S1E6 - Face to Face

Kouichi and Mei go to the library and discuss the curse with Chibiki..

S1E5 - Build Limbs

Kouichi looks at the Class 3-3 photo of 1972, finding his mother Ris..

S1E4 - Put Flesh

Following Yukari's death, Kouichi goes to the hospital for a checkup..

S1E3 - Bone Work

Mei reveals that one of her eyes is a doll's eye, which can "see thi..

S1E2 - Blueprint

While Kouichi is talking with classmates Naoya Teshigawara and Yiya ..

S1E1 - Rough Sketch

Kouichi Sakakibara has just arrived in Yomiyama, and he's already ho..