What is a Bio Energy patch?

From the name we can get three distinct words “bio” which means life, “energy” which means ability, and “patch” referring to the material, like a bandage. So you can easily say that it a bandage which has the ability to give life – sort of.

A more suitable definition is this, a Bio Energy patch is a patch made of carbon crystal that delivers energy to parts of the body. These patches are programmed to replicate the frequencies of nature and assist in restoring certain missing features of the body.

Bio Energy patches are usually worn on the upper left part of the shoulder, or anywhere on the left part of the body for providing energy. Originally designed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), these patches are made from a process known as Bio Energy synthesis technology that makes them become sensitive to RF (radio frequencies). The shelf life of a Bio Energy patch is three years.

These Bio Energy patches are beneficial to the human body in a number of different ways. In this post, we shall be looking at how the Bio Energy patches can help in balancing the body.

How Bio Energy patches help in balancing the body

Bio Energy patches are known to work like cellular phones. Cellular phones make use of frequencies, and so do these patches. When making a phone call, your cellphone is using a frequency to communication with the other phone. The same thing happens in the human body. Our brains communicate with the different parts of our body using the frequencies.

A Bio Energy patch by replicating the frequencies of the human body creates a communication part in the central nervous system (where the brain is the chief organ). This communication which is called “sympathetic resonance” enables an imbalanced/affected part of the body to undergo a transformation by re-programming the mind/body field. The Bio Energy patch emits specific frequencies to help the body in healing itself.

For boosting the body’s natural healing process, there needs to be an energy balance in the body. Bio Energy patches are designed to deliver bio-frequencies that stimulate and enhance energy as well as promoting the working of the body’s vital organs. If you feel that your body’s immunity is getting low or you are experiencing severe skin infections, it is advisable that you use a Bio Energy patch.

Before I got to know about Bio Energy patches I used to experience constant lack of energy, that it prevented me from doing certain things most of the time. But when I was introduced to the patches, I still had my doubts as to how can a mere “bandage” be able to give me strength. However, after various persuasions and personal research about the patches, I decided to get them. I would be lying to you if I told you that I remained the say. The effect of using the patches for just three days was simple mind-blowing.

This post is based on my personal experience in using the Bio Energy patches for balancing the body and as such, the effects of the patches might be different on others.


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