Bio Energy Patches For Female Hormones

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Female hormones such as estrogen or progesterone play important roles in a woman’s body. These hormones affect the way you behave as a lady, as they can be responsible for your mood, your weight, sexual desire, and so on.

While most women have no problems dealing with the effects of these hormones, others find it very difficult coping. The FEM Bio Energy patch is designed to assist women in this latter category in such situations.

Most women in this subset see PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) as the hallmark of their reproductive period – particularly the mood related symptoms that are associated with it. These symptoms include anything that happens prior to their periods such as tenderness of the breast, diarrhea, as well as mood swings. These can also lead to sleep disturbance, drastic fall in estrogen levels and so on. By using the Bio Energy patches for female hormones otherwise called “FEM Bio Energy patches,” women experiencing these symptoms can be assisted.

What is the Female Hormones Bio Energy patch?

This Bio Energy patch is a wearable patch for females to naturally help them in feeling balanced. The patch is programmed to deliver 8 essential bio-frequencies which support and balance the female hormones in a natural way.

The Bio Energy patches for female hormones are designed for females experiencing hormonal symptoms such as night sweats, fatigue, hot flashes, and so on. The patch can also be used to regulate female issues such as Menopause, Pre-Menopause, PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), or other related hormonal balance issues.

When should you use the FEM Bio Energy patch?

If you are a woman experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, you should consider using the FEM Bio Energy patches. The list of symptoms includes:

  • Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Hormone balancing issues
  • Night sweat and disturbed sleep
  • Hot flashes
  • Water weight gain
  • Irritation
  • Or any other PMS symptoms

What are the benefits?

The Bio Energy patches for female syndrome are specially designed to help promote the production of female hormones as well as assist in balancing their effects.

My personal experience

Being a woman, I have personally experienced some of the symptoms listed above; initially I thought I was ill at such times, but after duly researching I came to understand that these were symptoms of PMS – which usually occur some weeks before my period. Afterwards, I started searching for possible remedies for the symptoms which again led me to Bio Energy patches.

Using the FEM Bio Energy patches was simple and required no special regimen to be followed. I could even use the patches while having my bath – as they are water resistant – and the effects would still be noticed. After using the patches for some time, I could finally overcome the associated symptoms.


Note: As always, it is important that while using the Bio Energy patch, you need to be well hydrated at all times; this is because the bio-frequencies emitted by the patches pass through the cellular fluids (which consists of a large percentage of water) in our body.

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