Bio Energy Patches To Stop Craving


Are you among the countless number of people facing one addiction or finding it hard to quit from a bad habit. Studies have shown that many people desire to break away from their bad habits such as alcoholism, food addiction, smoking, and so on. The reason is this; there are stimulants in these substances that trick the brain into wanting more after consuming them e.g nicotine in cigarettes, or sugar in foods.

However, you can stop that addiction or craving by using the “Stop Crave” Bio Energy patches. The Stop Crave Bio Energy patches are designed to reduce physical and emotional craving. The patch is a non-transdermal (i.e it doesn’t deliver any medication into the bloodstream through the skin) one which helps the user to reduce their craving by using bio-frequency signatures.

How does the Stop Crave patch work?

Bio Energy patches to stop craving are created just like any other Bio Energy patch, but they are designed to stop cravings in the user. The patches deliver 12 essential bio-frequencies which assist the body and mind in reducing the effects of cravings – both physical and emotional.  Regular use of the Stop Crave Bio Energy patch can help to neutralize craving as well as anxiety and stress. This patches are programmed with natural frequency signatures to rapidly activate and enhance the necessary resources needed to make the body and brain function optimally and in reducing craving.

When can it be used?

The Bio Energy patches to stop craving can be used when you are experiencing any of the following: anxiety, stress associated with withdrawal symptoms, or when the user wants to break away from bad habits like smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sugar addiction, and food craving.

How long should it be used?

For optimal results, it is recommended by the manufacture to wear the Stop Crave Bio Energy patches for 60 days or until the craving becomes significantly reduced. If the craving persists, the user can keep on using the patches for another 60 days. When used in conjunction with other Bio Energy patches, the effectiveness of the Stop Crave patches can be greatly improved.


What are the benefits of using the patches?

The Bio Energy patches to stop craving are beneficial in a lot of ways. Whenever the human body feels satisfied from any stimulant like sugar, nicotine (found in cigarettes), alcohol or any other substance, the sensation reaches the brain in about ten to twenty seconds (and is associated with the release of a chemical known as “dopamine”);  and after that you’d want to get more satisfaction, and a cycle begins. By using the Stop Crave Bio Energy patches, this craving cycle can be broken.

For best results, the Stop Crave patches are to be used regularly until the symptoms of the craving subside.

Note: As always, it is important that while using the Bio Energy patch, you need to be well hydrated at all times; this is because the bio-frequencies emitted by the patches pass through the cellular fluids (which consists of a large percentage of water) in our body.


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