The adventures of Ben Cartwright and his sons as they run and defend their ranch while helping the surrounding community.
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S8E34 - The Greedy Ones

The Ponderosa is in danger of being overrun by gold hunters.

S8E33 - Maestro Hoss

Hoss is conned into buying a violin from a gypsy fortune teller, and..

S8E32 - Clarissa

The Cartwrights' cousin, Clarissa visits. Her assertive, snobbish wa..

S8E31 - The Wormwood Cup

A woman - convinced Little Joe intentionally killed her brother - of..

S8E30 - Napoleon's Children

A gang of juvenile delinquents, led by an intelligent runt, who call..

S8E29 - A Man Without Land

The foreman of a neighboring ranch frames Joe for murder as part of ..

S8E28 - The Prince

The Cartwrights play host to Russian royals, who are the target of j..

S8E27 - The Deed and the ..

Ben assists Georgio Rossi in his battle for water on adjoining prope..

S8E26 - Dark Enough to Se..

Young Billy Wilcox wanders onto the Ponderosa, sick, hungry, and alo..

S8E25 - Joe CartwrightDet..

Joe becomes fascinated by detective literature and drags Hoss into t..

S8E24 - Judgment at Red C..

Hoss and Joe have their doubts as to who really robbed a way station..

S8E23 - A Woman in the Ho..

Mary Wharton, an old friend of the family, comes to live on the Pond..

S8E22 - Amigo

A wounded comanchero sides with the Cartwrights when the rest of the..

S8E21 - Journey to Terror

Joe visits his married friends in Arizona Territory, only to discove..

S8E20 - The Unseen Wound

Ben discovers that his friend, Sheriff Paul Rowan, is suffering from..

S8E19 - Black Friday

In the town of Chiso, Joe encounters a former Ponderosa cowhand who..

S8E18 - A Bride for Buford

Dolly Bantree has a crooked manager Blackie, who blackmails Dolly to..

S8E17 - Justice

When the woman he was planning to marry is strangled, Joe forces the..

S8E16 - Ponderosa Explosion

Two Virginia City old-timers fool Hoss and Joe into raising rabbits,..

S8E15 - A Christmas Story

Warbling Andy Walker returns to Virginia City a big success, along w..

S8E14 - Tommy

The Cartwrights protect a woman and her deaf-mute little son from th..

S8E13 - The Bridegroom

Joe plays matchmaker in this story of a rancher attempting to marry ..

S8E12 - A Real NiceFriend..

When the woman he was planning to marry is strangled, Joe forces the..

S8E11 - The Oath

While in another town, on business, Ben runs into a saloon employee ..

S8E10 - Ballad of the Pon..

A young troubadour, who blames Ben for the death of his father, retu..

S8E9 - Old Charlie

A young cowpoke is killed during a fight with Hoss, but the old blow..

S8E8 - Four Sisters from ..

The Cartwrights come to the rescue of four inexperienced homesteader..

S8E7 - Credit for a Kill

Though his friend is badly in need of the reward money, Joe insists ..

S8E6 - To Bloom for Thee

Hoss is engaged to Carol Attley, a troubled woman with a past darker..

S8E5 - The Pursued (2)

As the persecuted party awaits Ben and Hoss' return, Herber is shot ..

S8E4 - The Pursued (1)

A Mormon with two wives is badgered by the town's people and then th..

S8E3 - A Time to Step Down

After the Cartwrights put wrangler Dan Tolliver out to pasture, the ..

S8E2 - Horse of a Differe..

So the Cartwrights will not be killed, one of Ben's oldest friends m..

S8E1 - Something HurtSome..

The Cartwrights' friendship with a neighboring rancher is threatened..

S7E33 - A Dollar's Worth ..

Hoss finds himself in another mess, this one involving a beautiful b..

S7E32 - The Last Mission

Ben and Hoss unwittingly aid a vengeful army colonel who plans to wi..

S7E31 - Home from the Sea

A sailor, claiming to be one of Adam's closest friends, is given a w..

S7E30 - The Fighters

Feeling guilty for unintentionally ending the career of a profession..

S7E29 - Big Shadows on th..

Italian immigrants are determined to establish their own vineyard on..

S7E28 - The Unwritten Com..

Everyone feels Andy Walker is an outstanding singer but his father, ..

S7E18 - Ride the Wind (2)

Conclusion to the previous-week's episode, where the Cartwrig..

S7E17 - Ride the Wind (1)

The Pony Express sets up office in Virginia and Joe is one of..

S7E3 - The Brass Box

Juan Ortega claims he has a land grant which gives him owners..

S7E1 - The Debt

Wiley and Annie Kane arrive at the Ponderosa to work off thei..

S5E33 - Triangle

Adam and Laura are finally engaged. Adam is secretly buildin..

S5E32 - The Pressure Game

Laura Dayton's Aunt Lil comes to visit and quickly decides it..

S5E30 - Enter Thomas Bow..

After a triumphant tour in Europe, a famous Negro singer enco..

S5E29 - The Companeros

Mateo Ibara and his wife Carla visit the Ponderosa. Ibara as..

S5E27 - The Roper

Will Cartwright is home alone when Army soldiers arrive at th..

S5E26 - The Saga of Mule..

The Cartwrights are visited by their second cousin, Muley Jon..

S5E23 - The Pure Truth

Hoss is suffering from spring fever, goes to the wrong town a..

S5E22 - Love Me Not

While talking with an Indian, Ben is given an unexpected pres..

S5E20 - Bullet for a Bri..

While out hunting for a mountain lion, Joe accidently shots T..

S5E17 - Alias Joe Cartwr..

A man who looks similar to Joe uses Joe's name and gets Joe i..

S5E16 - My SonMy Son

Ben's plans to marry Katherine Saunders are upset when her so..

S5E15 - Ponderosa Matador

Adam, Hoss, and Joe vie for the attention of a pretty young l..

S5E14 - The Lila Conrad ..

Joe and Adam protect a saloon girl, who has killed in self-de..

S5E11 - The Legacy

Adam, Hoss and Joe mistakenly believe their father was murder..

S5E9 - The Quality of Me..

Joe struggles to understand whether his friend was right in k..

S5E8 - Journey Remembered

Ben finds an old journal that he kept while in a wagon train ..

S5E5 - The Toy Soldier

Adam encounters drunken artist James Callan, branded a "squaw..

S5E3 - Rain from Heaven

A destitute rainmaker and his family arrive in drought-strick..

S5E2 - A Passion for Jus..

Renowned English novelist Charles Dickens comes to Virginia C..

S4E33 - The Boss

Ben regrets that he helped Tom Slayden start a freight hauling busin..

S4E32 - Rich ManPoor Man

Claude Miller, the laughingstock of Virginia City, gets even with ev..

S4E31 - Thunder Man

Little Joe's 19-year old girlfriend is killed by a good samaritan, a..

S4E30 - Saga of Whizzer M..

Hoss becomes concerned for the welfare of an insecure, belligerent f..

S4E29 - Five into the Wind

After their stagecoach crashes, a group of rag-tag passengers and Jo..

S4E28 - My Brother's Keeper

While hunting for a wolf, Joe is attacked by the wolf. Adam also hu..

S4E27 - Mirror of a Man

The peaceful world of a Ponderosa hand is disturbed by the arrival o..

S4E26 - Any Friend of Wal..

Classic comedy in which Hoss first meets prospector Obie and his laz..

S4E25 - A Woman Lost

Ben's attempt to rehabilitate an alcoholic singer he knew in better ..

S4E24 - The Way of Aaron

Adam takes a shine to Rebecca Kaufman, the daughter of a Jewish pedd..

S4E23 - A Stranger Passed..

Hoss develops amnesia after being bushwhacked and hit over the head ..

S4E22 - The Actress

Joe becomes romantically involved with a woman who considers herself..

S4E21 - The Hayburner

For a change, it is Adam rather than Joe who becomes mixed up in one..

S4E20 - MarieMy Love

When Cochise falls on Joe, Ben cannot help but remember that is how ..

S4E19 - The Last Haircut

A vain outlaw murders a man in front of witnesses, including Joe, bu..

S4E18 - Half a Rogue

In this entertaining episode, laced with humor, Hoss first meets mou..

S4E17 - Elegy for a Hangman

A stranger, Bob Jolly, arrives in Virginia City to accuse a drunken ..

S4E16 - Song in the Dark

Adam's guitar-strumming friend, ranch hand Danny Morgan, is arrested..

S4E15 - The Colonel

Frank Medford, a figure from Ben's "wild, misspent youth", shows up ..

S4E14 - The Jury

When Hoss is responsible for causing a hung jury, Ben tells him, "a ..

S4E13 - The Good Samaritan

Hoss decides to help out Wade Tyree and introduces him to Abigail an..

S4E12 - The Decision

Hoss is seriously injured internally and Ben seeks help from the onl..

S4E11 - Gallagher's Sons

Hoss helps Charlie and Will (Charlotte and Willomina), two young gir..

S4E10 - The Deadly Ones

The Ponderosa becomes a war zone when it is invaded by a detachment ..

S4E9 - The Beginning

Billy Horne is a white man who was captured by the Shoshone when he ..

S4E8 - Knight Errant

Hoss volunteers to pickup an injured neighbor's mail-order bride, bu..

S4E7 - The War Comes to W..

The Civil War once again divides the citizens of Nevada, as well as ..

S4E6 - The Way Station

With a storm brewing, Adam takes refuge at a way station, run by can..

S4E5 - The Deserter

An Indian-hating officer, Colonel Edward J. Dunwoody, comes to the P..

S4E4 - A Hot Day for a Ha..

Hoss is jailed for robbing the bank in Dutchman Flats, a town on the..

S4E3 - The Artist

Ben helps Matthew Raine, a famous painter who has gone blind and now..

S4E2 - The Quest

Determined to prove he can succeed at something without the help of ..

S4E1 - The First Born

Clay Stafford signs on to work for the Cartwrights and shortly after..

S2E26 - Cutthroat Junction

When freight company detective Jed Trask is fired after a decade of ..

S2E25 - The Duke

Hoss takes on Of London, an arrogant, abusive bare-knuckle fighter,..

S2E22 - Tax Collector

The kindness Hoss extends to shiftless Jock Henry is not exactly rep..

S2E21 - Vengeance

Hoss accidentally kills a drunk he was trying to disarm. The man's ..

S2E20 - The Fugitive

Adam goes to Mexico to find out how the son of a family friend was k..

S2E19 - Bank Run

When they "rob" the bank in Virginia City to save depositors from be..

S2E17 - The Spitfire

Joe becomes the target of a tough and vengeful Kentucky family, afte..

S2E14 - The Ape

Hoss becomes friends with dull-witted Arnie Gurnie, who is a brute o..

S2E12 - The Savage

Adam's life is saved by a woman known to the Indians as White Buffal..

S2E10 - The Last Viking

Gunnar Borgstrom is the leader of a vicious band called the Commanch..

S2E8 - The Abduction

Hoss and Joe take their sweethearts to a colorful and strange carniv..

S1E24 - The Stranger

Nevada Territory is awaiting statehood, and Ben considers running fo..

S1E23 - Desert Justice

When a tough U.S. Marshal from California arrests a Ponderosa hand, ..

S1E22 - Blood on the Land

A shiftless sheepherder, Jeb Drummond, encroaches his herd of sheep ..

S1E21 - The Spanish Grant

The Cartwrights' ownership of the Ponderosa is thrown into question ..

S1E20 - The Fear Merchants

The Cartwrights encounter racial bigotry in Virginia City and end up..

S1E10 - The Magnificent A..

Virginia City is visited by actress Adah Issacs Menken, who happens ..

S1E9 - Mr. Henry Comstock

In a flashback, the legendary prospector arrives on the Ponderosa an..

S1E8 - The Philip Diedesh..

Adam and Hoss assist a German engineer in developing the concept of ..

S1E7 - The Saga of Annie ..

Adam defends the mining claim of Annie O' Toole in a court presided ..

S1E6 - The Julia Bulette ..

Joe falls in love with a woman who owns a saloon. Joe ends up heartb..

S1E5 - Enter Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens arrives in Virginia City to write for the Territorial..

S1E4 - The Paiute War

How do you defer responsibility for sexually assaulting someone? If ..

S1E3 - The Newcomers

John Pennington and his crew want to mine the Ponderosa land by hydr..

S1E2 - The Sun Mountain H..

Antelopes are being slaughtered which violates the Cartwright's agre..

S1E1 - A Rose for Lotta

The scene opens to Ben and Adam Cartwright looking at the beautiful ..