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S4E20 -The Boobinati

XL-areolas force a sugar baby with 1600cc breasts to consult with th..

S4E19 - Silicone Slip-Ups

Ravaged by a flesh-eating disease, a young woman needs the doctors' ..

S4E16 -Mother Knows Breast

Dr. Nassif rescues a cat lady, setting her nose and her priorities s..

S4E12 - Boob Trains And B..

Helping former music video vixen Tawny Kitaen get off the boob train..

S4E10 - Make T... Great A..

Dr. Dubrow helps a former recluse break out with new breasts; Dr. Na..

S4E9 - Meet the Future Mr..

A love-crazy Canadian uses her breasts to get to Paul; the doctors h..

S4E8 - Sticky Nipples and..

A mother of two has no choice but to duct tape up her breasts; a you..

S4E7 - Lumpy Lady Lumps

Dr. Dubrow helps a fitness fanatic fix her lady lumps; Dr. Nassif he..

S4E6 - 4000cc's and Count..

Dr. Nassif takes on a man with three eyebrows; Dr. Dubrow operates o..

S4E5 - Twin Terrors

A set of twins with not so identical problems; Dr. Dubrow tries to h..

S4E4 - To Implant or not ..

Rodrigo Alves returns after undergoing three nasal surgeries in less..

S4E3 - All Twerk And No P..

Dr. Dubrow helps a woman with boobs gone bad get her sexy back and a..

S4E2 - Comic Proportions

A cosplayer meets with the doctors to make her body more comical; Dr..

S4E1 - The Boob Fountain ..

A drag queen seeks Dr. Dubrow's expertise to rejuvenate his breast i..

S3E10 - Went To Mexico An..

Dr. Nassif helps a mother; Dr. Dubrow transforms a woman whose ex-bo..

S3E9 - Short Changed at t..

A transgender woman wants to have her collapsed nose fixed; correcti..

S3E8 - Totally Waist-ed

A man who wants his ears back receives Dr. Nassif's assistance; Dr. ..

S3E2 - Man Boobs

Dr Dubrow helps a mother who looks like she's been pregnant for 12 y..

S3E1 - Foreign Bodies

Rajee is back and the doctors attempt to fix her cement-filled face...

S2E20 - Stitched Up Sisters

Dr. Dubrow keeps it in the family when he works on a pair of co-depe..

S2E19 - The Living Doll

Dr. Dubrow operates on a transgender woman's uni-boob; Dr. Nassif co..

S2E18 - Where the Wildd T..

The doctors help a woman who refers to herself as the ``most unlucky..

S2E17 - The Wizard of Sch..

Terry makes a breast cancer survivor feel whole again; Paul operates..

S2E16 - Breast Greedy

A woman who had her first nose job at the age of 12 undergoes rhinop..

S2E15 - Boner Free Zone

Dr. Dubrow transforms a woman's "boner-free zone"; at the same time,..

S2E14 - Dr. Nassif Saved ..

Paul saves a woman's life and then fixes her nose, while Terry repai..

S2E13 - Double Trouble

Part 1 of 2. Paul follows a hunch when he orders more tests for a wo..

S2E12 - The Serial Filler

Farrah Abraham, star of "Teen Mom OG," consults the docs about her l..

S2E11 - Say Yes to the Br..

Heather battled a flesh eating disease that left her with no breasts..

S2E10 - Attack of the 3,0..

Dr. Nassif takes on a soldiers botched nose; a man whose life goal i..

S2E9 - The Pec Whisperer

The Human Doll Justin Jedlica comes back to help Dr. Dubrow pump up ..

S2E8 - Knuckles and Knock..

Dr. Dubrow tries to separate a uniboob, while Dr. Nassif battles to ..

S2E7 - Dolly'd Up

Featuring Rhonda Rudolph, Margo & Daniella Mendez.

S2E6 - Dolly'd Up

Featuring Rhonda Rudolph, Margo & Daniella Mendez.

S2E5 - Four Leeches and a..

Dwight Eubanks says goodbye to his nose; a woman has left her with a..

S2E4 - Mo' Steroids M..

Terry helps a rapper with his situation of man boobs; a man with sup..

S2E3 - The Bacon Bra

A female bodybuilder who wants to look more feminine; a woman with l..

S2E2 - Boob-Watch

Nicole Eggert wants smaller breasts; Terry tries to reconstruct a wo..

S2E1 - I Love New York

Season 2 begins with reality star Tiffany "New York" Pollard asking ..

S1E10 – “Botched Reun..

The reunion show continues.

S1E9 – “Botched Reuni..

A special reunion edition of the show.


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S1E7 - – “Girls Gone ..

Mega-boob celebrity Lacey Wildd will do anything to enhance her brea..


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