Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross head off to a rustic summer camp in Maine, where their parents met as teens. Along with their new friends, love triangle,and the fears of the Kikiwaka. The trio tries their best to settle into their exciting and challenging new lives at Camp Kikiwaka.
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S3E7 -A Whole Lotta Lobsta

The Ross children are determined to make the upcoming Kikiwaka lobst..

S3E6 -By All Memes

Emma comes up with a plan to bolster camp unity by giving everybody'..

S3E5 - Cav'd In

When Matteo and Finn tell Ravi about their frustrations with him spy..

S3E4 - O SisterWhere Art ..

Ravi attempts to use hypnosis as a method to help Matteo overcome hi..

S3E3 - Take the Cake

When Lou comes to a decision that the campers should develop their p..

S3E2 - Let's Bounce!

Now that the Ross siblings are officially the new owners of Camp Kik..

S3E1 - We Can't Bear It!

Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross return to Camp Kikiwaka, only to find that..

S2E21 - The Great Escape

Xander and Emma learn two of their campers have a crush on one anoth..

S2E20 - We Didn't Start t..

To celebrate their last night at camp, the kids go on an overnight c..

S2E19 - Dreams Come True

As the end of camp nears, Griff gets some unexpected news that chang..

S2E18 - Cabin vs. Cabin

The Woodchuck, Grizzly and Weasel cabins compete in Camp Kikiwaka’..

S2E17 - Camp Stinky Waka

When Tiffany's mother comes to visit, the Woodchucks try to help Tif..

S2E16 - Bad Dog!

Emma, Tiffany and Zuri are not happy when Lou's new puppy, Chuck, wr..

S2E15 - Dog Days of Summer

When Lou decides to leave Camp Kikiwaka after she learns about the p..

S2E12 - Food Fight

When Murphy challenges the kids to cook the camp dinner, Zuri orches..

S2E7 - Camp Kiki-Slasher

Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka when the campers start disappearin..

S2E6 - Luke Out Below

Luke returns to camp and decides to take Griff and Zuri on an advent..

S2E4 - Weasel Out

To Zuri's dismay, Hazel makes her a CIT in the Weasel cabin. Jorge a..

S2E3 - Zuri Has a Little ..

Lou assigns Zuri and Emma to barn duty. Meanwhile, the boys discover..

S2E2 - Hey Jealousy

Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance which has Tiffany and Zuri hope..

S2E1 - A Bad Case of the ..

The Ross kids leave their New York penthouse and return to Camp Kiki..

S1E21 - Xander Says Goodbye

Emma and Xander are forced to make some tough decisions when his dad..

S1E20 - Live From Camp Ki..

When Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka may close, Emma, Xander and..

S1E19 - Bride and Doom

The campers learn about Olga, the daughter of the camp founder whose..

S1E18 - Love is for the B..

Emma and Jorge help Ravi when he starts dating a girl who is his pol..

S1E16 - Boo Boos and Birt..

Emma and Zuri butt heads when trying to plan a surprise birthday par..

S1E15 - Crafted and Shafted

During an overnight camping trip, the kids must use their survival s..


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S1E4 - Smells Like Camp S..

Emma and Xander lose the camp spirit stick, which curses the campers..

S1E3 - Camp Rules

Emma and Zuri won’t stop fighting, so Lou sends them out in a cano..

S1E2 - Gone Girl

Ravi becomes suspicious when he overhears Xander’s plans for his f..

S1E1 - Welcome to Camp Ki..

A "Jessie" spin-off in which Emma, Ravi and Zuri attend a summer cam..