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This great alternative energy called relax bio energy patch is uniquely created to present and provide its best essential bio- frequencies which would probably enhance your body to reach up to a state of getting the best of maximized relaxation. Indica cannabis is a special indicator used in this product which serves the main purpose […]

The Bio Energy Patch can be compared to a cellphone because it functions as a frequency signal. It is a form of carbon crystalline placed in a patch that utilizes an all-type natural transformation of energy. It is also a whole catalytic material, which is formed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). How the […]

  BIO ENERGY PATCHES FOR ANTI-AGING In a previous post, we saw the definition of “Bio Energy patch,” how it works, and its application in balancing the human body. There are however, many other applications of the Bio Energy patch; and in today’s post, we shall be looking at how it can prevent the effects […]

  BIO ENERGY PATCHES FOR BALANCING THE BODY. What is a Bio Energy patch? From the name we can get three distinct words “bio” which means life, “energy” which means ability, and “patch” referring to the material, like a bandage. So you can easily say that it a bandage which has the ability to give […]

A Bio Energy patch works with frequency signals just as you have it in a cell phone. It is a carbon crystalline infused patch that uses a complete catalytic material and all natural energy transformations. This composition was originally developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The conversion process that leads to the […]

Bio Energy Anti-Aging patch is revolutionary treatment in this century. It is a natural way and provides a solution to lift the healthy immune system. Finally, a perfect solution to say no to chemicals and drugs. How does it work? It is developed for NASA which is worn on upper left shoulder. Upon the wearing the […]

Do уоu еnjоу gоing оut аt night with friеndѕ and gеtting a few drinkѕ but уоu juѕt can nоt hаndlе the hangover thе nеxt mоrning? Are you having doubts if hangover patch is really safe? Are you tirеd of experiencing thе after-effects оf a night or dау оf intеnѕе аlсоhоl use? Cаn уоu fееl уоur […]

Holistic healers believe that all disorders in the body occur because of blocked energy, but that those blockages can be broken through using biofrequency therapies. Biofrequencies are an exciting new concept in holistic healing, and they are going through a phase of being more widely accepted as a form of wellness therapy, similar to what […]

Bio energy patches are not a chemical alternative. Any person can wear them on his left shoulder or anyplace on the left side to increase energy. It is also not a drug. It is basically a frequency patch. It is programmed with different frequencies of nature. These frequencies help a human body to energize itself. […]

Did you know that according to studies, nearly 1 in 20 people may be affected by fibromyalgia to some degree? Yes, it is that common and most people are just ‘popping pills’ for the pain without knowing what it really is. Being a difficult condition to diagnose, it has been difficult to calculate the overall […]

Patients have been using marijuana to treat many medical conditions including nausea from chemotherapy, chronic pain and other ailments. However, the CBD in marijuana causes serious side-effects as well. The smoke from marijuana contains more carcinogens than any cigarette or tobacco. Over time it can cause organ failure and impair the cognitive functions. There are […]