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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 28TH MARCH                                                  Company: National Remedy Founder/CEO: Bassem Ghobrayl Website: Phone: 800-232-1444 Email: [email protected]   National Remedy introduces the product, The Hangover Bio Energy Patch As the product serves as a Bio Energy Patch National Remedy for after-party Hangover   BASSEM GHOBRAYL, the CEO and Founder of National Remedies […]

Natural Remedies is a wellness-focused company that actively encourages the use of natural remedies to treat mental and physical conditions. Their new Bio Energy Patch was designed to provide the body and muscles with healing and restorative frequencies. LOCATION-DATE—Modern man faces a plethora of pains and illnesses that our ancestors did not know. Many in […]

As the product provides Addiction Treatments to drug addicts [SAN PEDRO, CA]- Bassem Ghobryal, the CEO of Nаtіоnаl Remedies is hарру tо announce their product, Relax Bіо Enеrgу Pаtсh Mеdісаl Cannabis (CBD) аltеrnаtіvе. The product іѕ a Hеrоіn Addiction Trеаtmеnt ѕuррlеmеnt рrоduсеd fоr аdultѕ ѕtrugglіng wіth drug аddісtіоnѕ аnd wаnt tо ѕtор. Thіѕ Rеlаx Bio […]