Code Black


This show is based on the award-winning documentary of the same name. This medical drama follows the staff in an extremely busy emergency room as they cope with a staggering amount of patients, which oftentimes outweighs the hospital's resources, resulting in a code black.
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S3E13 - The Business of S..

Angels Memorial descends into chaos when a plane crashes into the 8t..

S3E12 - As Night Comes an..

Willis continues to tend to Rox’s medical needs in San Diego and L..

S3E11 - One of Our Own

While rescuing an injured firefighter, Rox is hit by a drunk driver ..

S3E10 - Change of Heart

Elliot fears the worst after hearing the emotional testimony by Dete..

S3E9 -Only Human

Max is brought to Angels Memorial with breathing difficulty and Arie..

S3E8 - Home Stays Home

Mario joins Rox and Willis on the scene of a boat crash and, in Cent..

S3E7 - Step Up

Rox decides to make amends with her former step coach when she arriv..

S3E6 -Hell's Heart

Willis and Rox are called to the scene of a wildfire in the mountain..

S3E5 - Cabin Pressure

Over the radio, Leanne and Jesse talk a young girl through how to us..

S3E4 - The Same As Air

Willis and Rox arrive at a road rage accident resulting in multiple ..

S3E3 - La Familia

Jesse is in denial when his brother arrives at Angels Memorial in ba..

S3E2 - Better Angels

Angus and Mario treat a patient who is a self-proclaimed psychic and..

S3E1 - Third Year

A drug bust-turned-shootout tests the bravery of the doctors of Ange..

S2E16 - Fallen Angels

The doctors work with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ..

S2E15 - The Devil's Works..

The ER is quarantined when a viral outbreak jeopardizes the lives of..

S2E14 - Vertigo

After pulling a double shift, Mario risks his own life when he follo..

S2E13 - Unfinished Business

Guthrie becomes the hospital's new chaplain and considers undergoing..

S2E12 - One in a Million

Leanne defies Campbell's order and uses the hospital helicopter to r..

S2E10 - Ave Maria

A 13-year-old girl arrives at Angels Memorial following a seizure ca..

S2E9 - Sleight of Hand

Willis, Leanne and Jesse risk their lives to operate on an injured o..

S2E8 - Behind the Curtain

The doctors treat cult members who unwillingly survived a mass suici..

S2E6 - Hero Complex

Malaya must inform a college student who regains consciousness at An..

S2E4 - Demons and Angels

On Halloween night, Willis, Noa and Elliott rush to the scene of a f..

S2E2 - Life and Limb

Willis must help a promising soccer player make a life-altering deci..

S1E18 - Blood Sport

Mario decides to confront Angus; Christa is faced with a surprise; D..

S1E17 - Love Hurts

Christa must ignore her personal feelings as she and Grace treat a p..

S1E16 - Hail Mary

Christa feels insecure when Neal's ex-girlfriend (Meagan Good) retur..

S1E15 - Diagnosis of Excl..

When a violent incident inside the hospital leads to grave injuries,..

S1E14 - The Fifth Stage

Leanne visits a prison to finally confront the drunk driver who kill..

S1E13 - First Date

Angus' brother returns to Angels Memorial in hopes of landing a posi..

S1E12 - The Fog of War

A love triangle starts to form as the doctors treat patients from a ..

S1E11 - Black Tag

Heavy fog at the scene of a massive multi-vehicle accident puts the ..

S1E10 - Cardiac Support

Leanne worries about losing Jesse after he has a massive heart attac..

S1E9 - The Son Rises

The lead actor (Alton Fitzgerald White) in the musical "The Lion Kin..

S1E8 - You Are the Heart

Christa must handle all emergencies at Angels Memorial that happen o..

S1E7 - Buen Arbol

Angus utilizes his background in psychology when a woman cannot reme..

S1E6 - In Extremis

Leanne is faced with a tough choice when a police officer --with who..

S1E5 - Doctors With Borders

Neal's gravely ill mother, Asra, exhibits mysterious symptoms that p..

S1E4 - Sometimes It's a Z..

Guthrie's estranged son joins Angels Memorial as a surgical attendin..

S1E3 - Pre-Existing Condi..

The doctors work 36 consecutive hours in code black and must deal wi..

S1E2 - We Plug Holes

Christa saves a woman's life and then pleads with Neal to perform a ..


Doctors and nurses fight to save lives in the country's busiest ER. ..