Come and Hug Me


A dramatic drama depicting the love of a man and a woman whose lives are linked because of a murder since young age. Despite an unfortunate destiny and the stigma and pains, they will try to be happy and heal their wounds.

S1E18 - I Just Want to Be..

Hyun Moo comes across his half-sister So Jin and tells her that he a..

S1E17 - Why Don't You Bel..

Hyun Moo breaks into Jae Yi’s garage, but Do Jin tries to stop him..

S1E16 - I Will Destroy Ev..

Moo Won makes a phone call to Hee Young and threatens her not to bot..

S1E15 - Nak WonI Am Right..

Hyun Moo is suspected of being involved in the incident at the filmi..

S1E14 - I Guess Your Weak..

During Jae Yi’s shooting, the lights suddenly turn off. As soon as..

S1E13 - NowI’m No Longe..

Do Jin finds out that a bloody hammer was delivered to Jae Yi as wel..

S1E12 - I Met Someone I S..

Jae Yi faints after opening a gift that was delivered to her waiting..

S1E11 - I Really Wanted t..

Jae Yi joins the Korea Arts Award. Meanwhile, Do Jin becomes a detec..

S1E10 - That’s on You

During the Police Academy’s graduation, Do Jin is awarded the Pres..

S1E9 - He’s a Psychopat..

Hui Jae is caught by the police because of his own son, Na Moo. He t..

S1E8 - We Are Still Alive

Pyo Taek, Jae Yi’s manager, gets furious with Reporter Park as she..

S1E7 - Where Are You?

Ji Ho is following Jae Yi to get the scoop on her past, and other re..

S1E6 - Come to Me

Lack of acknowledgement and mistreatment from a colleague aren't eno..

S1E5 - You’re Like a Pa..

Ok Hee takes So Jin and run away from Na Moo's father. Na Moo tells ..

S1E4 - The Time I Realized

Na Moo protects Nak Won from friends who try to harm her. Ok Hee hea..

S1E3 - See You Again

Nak Won finds Lucky’s name tag in front of Hui Jae’s house, but ..

S1E2 - New Kid

Nak Won and her family move from Seoul to a countryside after her mo..

S1E1 - My Father Is the C..

During an interview for Police University, Chae Do Jin nonchalantly ..