Follows real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the United States armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions, performing their daily duty to serve and protect the public.
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S31E10 - Breaking the Cycle

An innocent man is startled when a runaway motorcyclist crashes into..

S31E7 - Three’s Company

A regular suspect can’t convince deputies that he had a good reaso..

S31E6 - The Facts of Life

A night of watching football with the family descends into a full-bl..

S31E5 - Bathroom Blitz

A stubborn suspect prolongs the inevitable when he bargains from a r..

S31E4 - In Denial

In a matter of seconds, officers go from arresting a suspect to savi..

S31E3 - Keys to Success

A feud between brothers escalates when someone pulls out a gun; a ma..

S31E2 - Going Nowhere Fast

A clueless suspect's lies fall apart when his victim comes forward w..

S31E1 - Feel The Heat

A fishy license plate helps officers prevent a possible burglary. Po..

S30E33 - Up in Smoke

A desperate man’s last-ditch effort to flee from officers goes dow..

S30E32 - Cheek to Cheek

A traffic stop takes an unexpected turn when the suspect decides to ..

S30E30 - Change of Heart

Officers step in when a man tries to start a fight with everyone in ..

S30E29 - Sleight of Hand

A DUI suspect makes some bad choices when he ventures out for a late..

S30E27 - Whose Gun Is It ..

An out-of-control driver wants to get back home for a birthday party..

S30E26 - The Running Man

A half-naked cyclist takes officers on a frantic run through the nei..

S30E25 - Hug It Out

Officers pursue a wanted man and prevent a potentially deadly home i..

S30E24 - Late Night Shopper

A vigilant neighbor calls the cops when he sees the downstairs liquo..

S30E22 - Fake Cash and Wh..

A quiet neighborhood turns into the scene of a dangerous multi-vehic..

S30E21 - Scaredy Cat

Officers subdue an erratic man who is convinced that a wild animal i..

S30E20 - Face the Music

Officers use gloves when they apprehend a skittish suspect with a se..

S30E19 - Run and Gun

A wanted man makes a break for it with deputies hot on his trail; po..

S30E18 - It's Nothing Per..

It's a reunion of sorts when the police catch up to a familiar face;..

S30E17 - Loaded Up and Tr..

A reckless driver tries to escape both the officers and the pain of ..

S30E14 - Wedding Car Cras..

An unruly man tries to give police officers the slip. Witnesses call..

S30E13 - Set in His Ways

A repeat offender runs when officers catch him somewhere he’s not ..

S30E12 - Crawlspace Catnap

A fleeing suspect tries every lame excuse to get out of going to jai..

S30E11 - I Used My Brain

A first-time offender immediately regrets his destructive decisions;..

S30E10 - Bad Business

Officers use stun guns after an erratic suspect attempts to outsmart..

S30E9 - Wrong Way Home

A parolee manages to outrun officers, but his luck quickly runs out;..

S30E8 - Jumping the Gun

Surrounded by officers, a driver's sneaky passenger makes a bold mov..

S30E7 - Dirty Laundry

A suspect turns a small problem into a huge one when he decides to r..

S30E4 - On the Fence

A precarious foot pursuit ends with the suspect in an embarrassing p..

S30E3 - Surprise Guest

Police search a neighborhood and find a suspect in a tight spot; a p..

S30E2 - Dog Treats and De..

A repeat offender takes the police on a bumpy ride; a deputy schools..

S30E1 - On the Dean's List

A wanted man makes a desperate decision after he flees on foot; an o..

S29E33 - Running Scared

Suspected jewelry thieves attempt a daring escape during a high-spee..

S29E30 - Rock Star

An irate man has trouble accepting the truth when confronted with hi..


A defiant motorist can't believe that his mother sides with the law;..

S29E27 - The Truth Is Key

A desperate suspect flees from the cops after shots are fired; a fat..

S29E26 - A Man Without a ..

A young man receives a wake up call when he's caught breaking the la..

S29E25 - Bikini Brawl

A woman's job hunt turns sour and officers intervene when she goes t..

S29E23 - Cookies and Cont..

A detective gets injured during a chase of a suspected car thief; a ..

S29E22 - Heat of the Moment

Officers chase a parolee down a dead end street; authorities encount..

S29E21 - Gun in the Front..

Deputies encounter a bad car crash and pull a man from the wreckage;..

S29E20 - Manic Monday

A felon seeks safe haven and turns to his grandmother; deputies use ..

S29E19 - Between a Bush a..

A car chase switches gears when the driver flees on foot; tempers fl..

S29E18 - One Headlight

A crafty man tries everything to elude police; Good Samaritans put t..

S29E17 - Two Doors Down

A deputy gets outnumbered by three suspects; a man gets in over his ..

S29E16 - Out of SightOut ..

A father reports his son to the cops; a lawbreaker tries to blame hi..

S29E15 - Organized Crime

Emotions run high during a dispute with alcohol and a beloved pet; a..

S29E14 - Clueless

A frightened, young lawbreaker does everything she can to escape jai..

S29E12 - Bail Me OutBoss

Cops help a distressed woman escape an abusive fiance; a motorist's ..

S29E11 - Just Hanging Out

A jumpy bicyclist mistakenly reveals more than he had planned; offic..


No description

S29E9 - OneTwoTree

A high-speed pursuit ends suddenly when a suspect takes a wrong turn..

S29E8 - British Invasion

A desperate trespasser attempts to give the cops the slip. A frighte..


No description

S29E6 - Funny Money

Cops pursue a bail jumper; a lawbreaker cooperates with a deputy aft..

S29E5 - Better Safe Than ..

A deputy encounters an armed man who refuses to comply; a convicted ..

S29E4 - Mixed Emotions

A traffic stop goes awry; a family fight gets out of control;..

S29E3 - Kicking and Screa..

A family is divided after a belligerent man lashes out; deputies gro..

S29E2 - First Time Caller

A suspect risks life and limb to evade arrest; a father covers up fo..

S29E1 - From Sixty to Zero

A motorcyclist gambles with his life during a high-speed chase. One ..

S28E33 - Sidewalk Licker

A prostitution sting catches two different lawbreakers; a cop questi..

S28E32 - No HelmetNo Ride

Lack of safety equipment calls attention to a lawbreaker; a man is s..

S28E31 - Carjacked Up

An armed suspect is found in a bloody state; the driver of a stolen ..

S28E30 - Trouble in Parad..

A homeless man decides to test the police when he thinks there’s n..

S28E29 - What's in the Box

A homeless man puts up a fight to keep his freedom; officers attend ..

S28 EGuide

A homeless man puts up a fight to keep his freedom; officers attend ..

S28E27 - Crying Over Spil..

A car thief ditches his ride when police close in; an enraged man pu..

S28E26 - Love Gone Bad

Officers try to match an abandoned gun to a suspect who plays it coo..

S28E25 - Shaking Like a P..

A man jumps from a moving vehicle in an effort to escape the police;..

S28E24 - Bible Buddies

A teen leads officers on a dangerous chase, then shows little remors..


No description

S28E21 - Two in the Bush

An offender placed in cuffs tries to rewrite the rules; an unlicense..


No description


No description


No description


No description

S28E16 - Mom Still Loves ..

A young man tries to tell officers what to do; a known lawbreaker at..

S28E15 - Fighting to Lose

An after-hours search of a park turns up a young couple in a restroo..

S28E14 - Dishonest Dudes

A young couple try to give officers the slip during a storm; a motor..


No description

S28E12 - Smooth Move

A suspected copper thief plays dumb when officers catch up to him; a..


No description


No description

S28E9 - Dead End Dash

A suspect on the run from deputies hits a dead end in a ravine; a ve..

S28E8 - Pinky Promise

A sleeping motorist displays a foul mood when woken up; reports of a..

S28E7 - Think as Thieves

Chasing a pair of car thieves into the bushes; a man claims homeless..

S28E6 - Drive and Dash

A man runs through a shower; violating a restraining order; a couple..

S28E5 - That's My Grill

When deputies turn a handcuffed teen over to paramedics, he makes a ..

S28E4 - Brotherly Love

A wild pursuit of a stolen vehicle; a man threatens his brother with..

S28E3 - The Blame Game

A woman bursts into tears when her boyfriend is pulled over; a nervo..

S28E2 - Sittin' in the Dark

A suspect tries to escape by hiding in plain sight; a man believes h..

S28E1 - Cats and Dogs

In the 28th season opener, an armed trespasser uses a young dog as a..

S27E34 - Be Careful What ..

A man begs police to shoot him; an intoxicated woman; making sense o..

S27E33 - Be Careful What ..

A man begs police to shoot him; an intoxicated woman; making sense o..

S27E32 - Hit and Run

A man who has bailed on child support payments; a woman's retaliatio..

S27E31 - Getting Funcky

Drinking while biking; a woman in her pajamas ended up in a stolen v..

S27E30 - The One Dollar S..

A local nuisance is caught bothering people again; a usual suspect w..

S27E29 - Crash Landing

One man's attempt at hiding in an attic; neighbors call to report no..

S27E28 - Tell It to My Wife

A man calls for his wife in jail; a thief tries to give back stolen ..

S27E27 - Drunk in Love

A woman hitches a ride home with the wrong guy; a domestic partner r..

S27E26 - Eye in the Sky

A jaywalker darts on a mad dash through the weeds; things go badly f..

S27E25 - Scary Monsters

A suspect believes he sees monsters; two women in a hotel rumble; tw..

S27E24 - Not My Crack

An uncooperative suspect obeys instructions from a relative; uncover..

S27E23 - Pass the Rock

A suspect's bizarre driving techniques; searching a man accused of s..

S27E22 - Turbo Charged

A resistant suspect gets too many chances from an understanding cop;..

S27E21 - On Thin Ice

A defiant suspect gets a K-9 bite; a former fiance pays his ex an un..

S27E20 - Sucker Punch

A customer out to get a haircut winds up in jail; a street fight bet..

S27E19 - Strange Encounters

A man's new roommate; consequences of punching a scooter; a sober su..

S27E18 - Without a Paddle

Chasing a suspect through a creek; a teenager intervenes in a domest..

S27E17 - Sucker Punch

A daughter throws a tantrum when her mother takes away Facebook.

S27E16 - Strange Encounters

Suspects race a stolen SUV through a neighborhood; a drunk man with ..

S27E15 - Lady Bit My Finger

A partygoer mistakes another guest's finger for dessert; police chas..

S27E14 - We Know Who You ..

Officers taze a suicidal man; chasing a familiar face; a suspect see..

S27E13 - I'll Raise My Vo..

Undercover drug buys; a drunken man cannot stop talking; a domestic ..

S27E12 - You'll Shoot You..

A suspect runs through a hotel fence; a knife fight; a man fires his..

S27E11 - Taser Proof

Officers learn that a taser cannot take some suspects down; a couple..

S27E10 - Running in Traffic

Officers chase a fleeing suspect through traffic; using surveillance..

S27E9 - Love Bites

A victim in a wheelchair fights back; a barely dressed couple in a b..

S27E8 - Step Away From th..

An erratic driver; a knife-wielding man complains of neighbors smoki..

S27E7 - Cruisin' the Neig..

A traffic stop turns into an off-road race; a suspect hiding in a fa..

S27E6 - Tazed and Confused

A suspect will not stop fighting; a man trying to flee with crack; a..

S27E5 - Put Your Clothes ..

Trying to get a naked man to cooperate; a pickup truck chase with a ..

S27E4 - Perfume Takedown

A fleeing thief runs into a patrolman; an armed-robbery victim gives..

S27E3 - The Runaways

A chase ends when a driverless vehicle crashes into a building; a su..

S27E2 - Mohawked Cleaning..

A cyclist fights a team of officers; a caregiver tries to evict an u..

S27E1 - Batter Up

The 27th season kicks off with a woman attacking a tow-service emplo..

S26E22 - Dealt a Bad Hand

A vehicle flips over in a pursuit; a man complains a stranger tried ..

S26E21 - Hands Off the Junk

Bailing from a stolen vehicle; an undercover officer pulls a sting o..


A routine traffic stop turns up sizeable drug evidence; a suspicious..


A cyclist takes a spill when he tries to flee; officers chase a susp..

S26E18 - Wrong PlaceWrong..

A man flees from officers patrolling a notorious drug hot spot; susp..


The boat unit deals with an unruly suspect and his unpredictable dog..


A robbery suspect leads officers on a chase through backyards; a man..

S26E15 - Late Night Snacks

Officers execute a perfect PIT maneuver that sends a vehicle spinnin..

S26E14 - Fast Food Escape

A suspect flees into a fast food restaurant; a driver takes his gran..

S26E13 - My Jewelry's Fra..

A cyclist tries to flee after being pulled over; brothers try to exp..

S26E12 - Blood And ScarsB..

A suspect races through the neighborhood after his scooter can’t o..

S26E11 - This Man Stabbed..

A car thief takes police on an intense chase until officers pit his ..

S26E10 - Get Off My Roof

A gunman takes to the rooftops prompting a K-9 unit dispatch; a drug..

S26E9 - GunsHashand Fire ..

A fleeing driver hits a fire hydrant; a contraband cache; a domestic..

S26E8 - Cell Phone Secrets

A chase ends in an accident; an emotional man wants a kiss from poli..

S26E7 - The Fighting Kind

A meth user thinks he is strong; drug-carrying sprinter runs out of ..

S26E6 - Kill 'em With Kin..

A man with a gun doesn't like being criticized; a biker runs from th..

S26E5 - Grown Men Gone Wild

An irate shopper winds up on the receiving end of an electroshock we..

S26E4 - Pistol Packin' Fa..

A suspect on a bicycle tries to outrun a patrol car; a messy divorce..

S26E3 - Dead Man Flushing

A store transaction turns into a wrestling match; a man tries to flu..

S26E2 - Who Let The Dogs ..

Police bring a K9 unit to dislodge a burglary suspect in a tree; a s..

S26E1 - Fight and Flight

A suspect flees when police are called on him; a meth user refuses t..

S25E16 - Busted #3

A suspected prostitute is caught on the Vegas strip; two deputies in..

S25E15 - Fight Night

Officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department deal with an unr..

S25E14 - Coast to Coast

Cops in Newport News, Va., deal with an unstable suspect; officers i..

S25E13 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S25E12 - Morons on Parade..

Sacramento police officers are witnesses to an unexpected proposal a..

S25E11 - Stupid Behaviors..

An elderly man crashes his car, escapes on foot and then collapses. ..

S25E10 - Dazed & Confused..

Alameda County, Cal., police pursue a man who runs when they try to ..

S25E9 - Street Patrol #3

Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop ..

S24E22 - First Respond

A "shots fired" call leads to a police chase in New Orleans; officer..

S24E21 - Arrests With a T..

A man runs from police and hides under his child's bed in Alameda Co..

S24E20 - Dazed and Confus..

In New Orleans, a paranoid man who is high on drugs gets arrested on..

S24E19 - Street Arrests #2

A stolen wallet is found on a suspect in Springfield, Mo.; a man wit..

S24E18 - ChasesGuns & Cars

New Orleans police pursue a car with no license plates; a dispute be..

S24E17 - Caught in the Ac..

A suspect runs from a traffic stop in Las Vegas; police in Des Moine..

S24E16 - A Crashan Arrest..

An SUV flips over during a high-speed chase in Springfield, Mo.; a d..

S24E15 - Off-Campus Arrests

Two men are hauled in for vandalizing a fence in Des Moines, Iowa; S..

S24E14 - Wild & Crazy

Spokane police chase a suspect by car and then on foot before making..

S24E13 - Taken into Custo..

A high-speed chase in Springfield, Mo., ends with police pulling peo..

S24E12 - Odd Arrests #4

Spokane police must evict a homeless man from a store's handicapped ..

S24E11 - Ho! Ho! Ho! #9

Las Vegas police try to curb prostitution by having a cop pose as a ..

S24E10 - Coast to Coast

In Hillsborough County, Fla., police arrest a store patron who pulle..

S24E9 - Morons on Parade #5

Iowa police arrest a driver who possesses marijuana, but does not po..

S24E8 - Busted!

In Springfield, Mo., drugs are discovered during a routine traffic s..

S24E7 - Liar Liar #5

A DWI disturbance in Missouri involves claims of assault; drugs are ..

S24E6 - Domestic Disputes

In Lafayette, La., a woman claims a man threatened her with a gun, a..

S24E5 - Street Arrests

Police pursue a shooting suspect with two warrants in Hillsborough C..

S24E4 - Evading Arrest

Police in Savannah find a recently released convict in possession of..

S24E3 - Smooth Criminal

In Boynton Beach, Fla., a cop goes undercover as a hit man and is hi..

S24E2 - Chases and Stings

A car pulls away from a known drug house and won't stop for police i..

S24E1 - Arrests With a Tw..

In the 24th-season opener, undercover cops are held at gunpoint in L..

S23E22 - Coast to Coast #..

Officers in Pierce County, Wash., deal with a woman accused of break..

S23E21 - Coast to Coast #..

In the 23rd-season finale, police in Sacramento County, Cal., look f..

S23E20 - Coast To Coast #..

Police in Amarillo, Texas, end a bar fight by using a Taser; armed n..

S23E19 - Home Assaults

Cops in Sacramento arrest armed home invaders; police in Pierce Coun..

S23E18 - Odd Arrests #3

A man claims his pregnant wife was kicked by their landlord in Amari..

S23E17 - Coast to Coast #..

In Sacramento County, Cal., a man admits to driving a stolen car aft..

S23E16 - Morons on Parade..

A deputy unleashes his dog to catch a fleeing motorcyclist; a bloodi..

S23E15 - Dazed and Confus..

A suspect making suicide threats is subdued by police in Pierce Coun..

S23E14 - Street Patrol #2

A possible cell-phone thief leads Sacramento police on a wild foot c..

S23E12 - Taken Into Custody

Officers chase a driver who refuses to stop after a hit-and-run; a b..

S23E11 - Coast to Coast #..

Police deal with a quarrelsome tow-truck operator in Pierce County, ..

S23E9 - Coast to Coast #175

Officers lay down spikes to slow a suspicious vehicle, whose driver ..

S23E8 - Morons on Parade #3

Police in Pahrump, Nev., use road spikes to halt a suspicious vehicl..

S23E7 - Probable Cause

Police in Pahrump, Nev., make a drug bust when they pull over a vehi..

S23E6 - US Marshals Speci..

A U.S. Marshal updates police on a kidnapping case involving a 4-yea..

S23E5 - Weapons Drawn #2

Officers must detain a suspect barricaded inside his house with a gun.

S23E4 - Couples in Crime

Officers are faced with a challenging detainment; a battery case inv..

S23E3 - Roadside Crimes

Las Vegas officers break up a fistfight over a financial discrepancy..

S23E2 - California Border..

Undocumented aliens are the targets of a sting operation in Rio Gran..

800th Milestone Episode

From Florida and Texas. Celebrating the beginning of it's 23rd seaso..

S22E35 - Coast to Coast #..

Houston police use tire spikes to halt a suspect; a routine traffic ..

S22E34 - Coast To Coast #..

Police in Portland, Ore., use their Tasers to break up a fight; stol..

S22E33 - Morons on Parade..

A car-robbery suspect says he's protecting a car in Amarillo, Texas;..

S22E32 - Coast to Coast #..

A drug suspect gets caught when he opens his mouth in front of polic..

S22E31 - Coast To Coast #..

Trouble outside of a convenience store in Amarillo, Texas, leads to ..

S22E30 - Coast to Coast #..

Police in Maricopa County, Ariz., follow a slow-moving car that igno..

S22E29 - Coast to Coast #..

Police in Boynton Beach, Fla., send dogs to search for armed-robbery..

S22E28 - Resisting Arrest..

Police in Amarillo, Texas, respond to a domestic-disturbance call an..

S22E27 - Police Pullovers..

An incident involving a kicked-in car door helps police in Portland,..

S22E26 - Coast to Coast #..

Officers in Texas finally apprehend a runaway suspect by placing tir..

S22E25 - Street Patrol #1

Pulling over a suspicious vehicle leads to an on-foot chase and an a..

S22E24 - Coast to Coast #..

Officers pursue a suspect after a donut shop is robbed; the investig..

S22E23 - Coast to Coast #..

Officers in Texas chase down a man after a bar fight breaks out; off..

S22E22 - Coast to Coast #..

Officers in Florida plan a drug sting; a man in California is arrest..

S22E21 - Coast To Coast #..

A suspicious-person investigation leads to a triple arrest for posse..

S22E20 - Drugs & Driving

When officers respond to a drunken-driving call, they discover the s..

S22E19 - War on Drugs # 3

Officers detain a driver who tries to flee from a known drug area; t..

S22E18 - ChasesStings and..

Five undercover cops lead a drug sting that results in the arrests o..

S22E17 - Coast to Coast #..

A man won't stop for a park ranger in Tulsa County, Okla., so police..

S22E16 - Coast To Coast #..

Police in San Bernardino County, Cal., arrive at the scene of a mult..

S22E15 - Coast To Coast #..

Police in Tulsa County, Okla., chase two men arrested for drug posse..

S22E14 - Bad Girls #13

Wayward women challenge the law.

S22E13 - Ho! Ho! Ho! #7

Police in Portland, Ore., are told a man is having sex with an under..

S22E12 - Coast To Coast #..

Officers in Las Vegas go to the home of a paranoid man who thinks th..

S22E11 - Coast to Coast #..

COPS Coast To Coast. Stories include: A domestic violence situation ..

S22E10 - Slacker Crimes S..

An officer chases a carjacker on foot in Tulsa County, Okla.; a dome..

S22E9 - Stupid Behavior #4

Deputies in Kern County, Cal., look for a suspect wanted for domesti..

S22E8 - Dangerous Arrests

Police go after a bank robber in a car chase through Las Vegas; an a..

S22E7 - In Denial #3

Las Vegas police engage in a risky car chase as they attempt to stop..

S22E6 - Neighborhood Bust..

A registered sex offender is arrested after allegedly making an atte..

S22E5 - Family Ties #2

A Las Vegas man stopped for jaywalking flees from police; a robbery ..

S22E4 - Dazed & Confused #2

A Las Vegas officer gets a disturbance call from a fast-food eatery ..

S22E3 - Domestic Disturba..

Police are called to the scene of a garage break-in at an empty resi..

S22E2 - Liar Liar #4

Continuing the hour long opener of season 22 for COPS, officers in C..

S22E1 - Odd Arrests #2

The COPS Season 22 opener includes a Las Vegas Metro police officer ..

S21E36 - Coast to Coast #..

Police in Broward County, Fla., respond to a tip-off about a drug de..

S21E35 - Coast to Coast #..

A sting to nab a drug dealer turns into a foot chase when the suspec..

S21E34 - Coast to Coast #..

The pursuit of a speeding motorcyclist turns into a foot chase in Ri..

S21E33 - Coast to Coast #..

Something illegal falls out of a suspect's pants during a routine tr..

S21E32 - Coast to Coast #..

Las Vegas police and a hostage negotiator are needed to diffuse a do..

S21E31 - Odd Arrests #2

A man is arrested for grand-theft auto and obstruction in Broward Co..

S21E30 - Coast to Coast #..

Las Vegas police and a hostage negotiator are needed to diffuse a do..

S21E29 - From Bad to Worse

An officer in Sacramento spots a vehicle possibly connected to an ar..

S21E28 - Police Pullovers..

A man pulled over for a traffic violation in Las Vegas admits to pos..

S21E27 - Coast to Coast #..

Two police dogs help officers chase a suspect in Sacramento; a man i..

S21E26 - High Crimes #4

A car chase in Minneapolis intensifies when state troopers join in; ..

S21E25 - Dazed & Confused..

Police in King County, Wash., answer a disturbance call involving a ..

S21E24 - Bad Girls #12

Deputies in Texas assist in a felony warrant arrest; officers in Pom..

750th Milestone Episode

A driver in Sacramento passes off illegal substances to a passenger;..

S21E22 - On The Run Speci..

The pursuit of an armed carjacker in Sacramento progresses from a ca..

S21E21 - Liar Liar #3

Cleveland police arrest two carjackers who caused a chase scene; a F..

S21E20 - In Denial #2

Officers in Sacramento apprehend a suspect driving a stolen vehicle-..

S21E19 - Neighborhood Bus..

Broward County, Fla., sheriffs go undercover for a drug sting; Harri..

S21E18 - Upon Further Inv..

A suspicious-person call in Harris County, Texas, turns into a case ..

S21E17 - Coast To Coast #..

Deputies in Harris County, Texas, respond to a domestic-violence cal..

S21E16 - Coast To Coast #..

One Rialto, Cal., cop responds to a domestic-violence call in which ..

S21E15 - Coast To Coast #..

Deputies in Harris County, Texas, chase a truck that's carrying golf..

S21E14 - Coast to Coast #..

A vehicle in Houston is linked to a homicide, so backup is called in..

S21E13 - Ho! Ho! Ho! #6

Police in Minneapolis set up a prostitution sting; sheriffs in Harri..

S21E12 - Coast To Coast #..

A high-speed chase in Broward County, Fla., results in injuries; pol..

S21E11 - Evidence? What E..

A suspect in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., tells deputies that the suspici..

S21E10 - Liar Liar #2

A routine traffic stop gets complicated for detectives in Broward Co..

S21E9 - Anger Management

Las Vegas police deal with a difficult hit-and-run suspect who makes..

S21E8 - Morons on Parade

Officers in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., answer a "shots fired" call and ..

S21E7 - What! Who Me?

Suspects flee as officers in Broward County, Fla., descend upon a lo..

S21E6 - Coast to Coast #145

Broward County, Fla., detectives go to a drug-trafficking locale and..

S21E4 - Resisting Arrest #4

A loitering incident in Broward County, Fla., intensifies into a sit..

S21E3 - Stupid Behavior #3

Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, set-up a sting in a known drug tr..

S21E2 - What a Sap

Deputies in Palm Beach County, FL, try to avoid injury when an uncoo..

S21E1 - Back to Broward

After 20 seasons and over 700 episodes, COPS, one of the longest-run..

S20E38 - Police Pullovers..

Officers in Portland, Ore., and Palm Beach County, Fla., stop vehicl..

S20E36 - Coast to Coast #..

A K-9 unit proves useful in a burglary call at a restaurant in Pomon..

S20E35 - Coast To Coast #..

A Martin County, Fla., sheriff's deputy patrols a flea market where ..

S20E34 - Stupid Behavior #2

Deputies in Palm Beach County, Fla., stop a suspicious vehicle and f..

S20E33 - What Were They T..

Officers in Palm Beach County, Fla., encounter an armed-robbery susp..

S20E32 - What Were They T..

In Portland, Ore., officers are dispatched on a hit-and-run call, an..

S20E31 - Coast to Coast #..

Cops in Portland, Ore., find a drug suspect attempting to swallow ev..

S20E30 - Stupid Criminals..

In a "Stupid Criminals" edition, Portland, Ore., cops find a large a..

S20E29 - Caught In The Ac..

Las Vegas officers detain a man suspected of armed robbery; Brevard ..

S20E28 - In Denial Specia..

Kansas City, Mo., cops answer a "shots fired" call; Las Vegas office..

S20E27 - Coast To Coast #..

Las Vegas cops use spike strips to slow a speeding stolen car; Leon ..

S20E26 - Coast To Coast #..

A chase ensues in Las Vegas after cops respond to a shooting at a ho..

S20E25 - Strange Behavior..

Kansas City, Mo., officers engage in a high-speed chase with an elde..

S20E23 - Coast To Coast #..

Leon County, Fla., officers make a DUI bust; a Portland, Ore., stree..

S20E22 - Stupid Criminals..

Kansas City, Mo., officers chase a homicide suspect; Rialto, Cal., o..

S20E21 - War on Drugs #2

Officers in Las Vegas, Kansas City, Mo., and Rialto, Cal., try to ap..

S20E20 - Chases and Taked..

Portland, Ore., officers tackle a suspect to make a drug-related arr..

S20E19 - Bad Girls #11

A Riverside, Cal., officer needs backup to subdue a wanted woman; a ..

S20E18 - Wild Chases

Spokane officers pursue a stolen truck both on and off the road. Als..

S20E17 - Stupid Behavior

Pomona, Cal., officers engage in a high-speed pursuit assisted by a ..

S20E16 - Coast To Coast #..

A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a dep..

S20E15 - Coast To Coast #..

A foot chase occurs in Palm Beach County, Fla., after officers pull ..

S20E14 - Family Feuds Spe..

Officers handle domestic disputes. Included: A Las Vegas officer ass..

S20E13 - Coast To Coast #..

Sacramento officers pursue a suspect with a K-9 unit; a Las Vegas of..

S20E12 - Stupid Criminals..

A Rialto, Cal., detective pursues the driver of a stolen vehicle; a ..

S20E11 - Police Pullovers..

An Indio, Cal., sergeant pursues a stolen vehicle; a Las Vegas offic..

700th Milestone Episode

To mark the 700th episode, highlights of past shows are featured.

S20E9 - Crimes in Progres..

A Rialto, Cal., detective pursues an intoxicated suspect; a Hillsbor..

S20E8 - Coast to Coast #134

A Las Vegas officer confronts a man acting strangely on the Strip; a..

S20E7 - Coast To Coast #132

A Brevard County, Fla., officer pursues a drug suspect who attempts ..

S20E5 - 20 Years Caught O..

Part 1 of 2. Highlights from the first 20 seasons of the series are ..

S20E4 - Coast To Coast #131

A Lee County, Fla., deputy stops a man driving a golf cart; a Rialto..

S20E3 - Coast To Coast #130

A Rialto, Cal., officer apprehends a suspect for possessing a concea..

S20E2 - Evidence? What Ev..

Pittsburgh officers pursue a repeat narcotics offender; a Brevard, F..

S20E1 - Coast To Coast #133

A Kansas City, Mo., officer pursues a carjacking suspect, and a Lee ..

S19E36 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S19E35 - Coast to Coast #..

A Las Vegas officer engages in a foot pursuit; a Boise, Idaho, offic..

S19E34 - Coast To Coast #..

Pittsburgh officers make a traffic stop and detect suspicious behavi..

S19E30 - Coast To Coast #..

Las Vegas officers investigate domestic-violence calls.

S19E29 - Coast To Coast #..

A Las Vegas officer investigates a stolen-vehicle report; a Hillsbor..

S19E28 - Coast To Coast #..

A Boston officer and Massachusetts state trooper search a vehicle; a..

S19E26 - High Crimes #2

A Brevard County, Fla., sheriff questions two females in possession ..

S19E25 - Police Pullovers

A driver attempts to eat pot after being stopped by a Brevard County..

S19E24 - Coast To Coast #..

Palm Springs officers arrest a suspect attempting to meet an underag..

S19E23 - Coast To Coast #..

A Boise, Idaho, officer discovers a suspect in a park who has been b..

S19E22 - Coast To Coast #..

A Boise, Idaho, officer handles a domestic-violence call; a Chattano..

S19E21 - Coast To Coast #..

A Boise, Idaho, officer discovers a lost boy lying in the road; a La..

S19E20 - Coast To Coast #..

A Las Vegas officer chases a suspect on foot; a Palm Springs officer..

S19E17 - Florida Heat #2

A Brevard County, Fla., sheriff discovers crack during a traffic sto..

S19E16 - Coast To Coast #..

A Fontana, Cal., officer finds stolen property in a car after a high..

S19E15 - Coast To Coast #..

A Wichita officer notices a concealed weapon during a traffic stop; ..

S19E14 - Coast To Coast #..

A Wichita officer engages in a high-speed pursuit; Brevard County, F..

S19E13 - Coast To Coast #..

A Fontana, Cal., officer gets into a high-speed chase with a motorcy..

S19E12 - Ho! Ho! Ho! #4

A Las Vegas officer apprehends a suspected drug user who is a transs..

S19E11 - Coast To Coast #..

Wichita officers assist a bondsman attempting to enter a home; a sus..

S19E10 - Coast To Coast #..

In Florida, Brevard County sheriffs pursue a suspect who is hiding i..


No description

S19E7 - Florida Heat #1

A Brevard County, Fla., sheriff chases suspects on foot; a West Palm..

S19E6 - Drug Arrests #2

A Palm Springs officer pursues a bicyclist who ignores orders to sto..

S19E5 - Coast To Coast #113

A Riverside County, Cal., sheriff pursues a drug suspect on foot; a ..

S19E4 - Coast To Coast #111

A Palm Beach, Fla., deputy assists officers in detaining an intoxica..

S19E3 - Coast To Coast #110

A Palm Beach, Fla., deputy responds to a domestic-violence call; a P..

S19E2 - Coast To Coast #112

A Palm Beach County, Fla., deputy subdues a suspect with a stun gun ..

S19E1 - Coast to Coast #109

A Riverside County, Cal., deputy pulls over a vehicle and rubberneck..

S18E35 - Coast to Coast 107

When Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Depa..

S18E34 - Coast to Coast 106

When Corporal Jim Muzatko of the Spokane, WA, Police Department enga..

S18E31 - Coast to Coast 102

After Sgt. Jason Snyder and Detective Phil Mecurio of the Pittsburgh..

S18E30 - Palm Springs Wee..

Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Departmen..

S18E28 - Bad Girls! 9 Spe..

Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Departmen..

S18E26 - Coast to Coast 101

When Officers Jeremy Daniel and Jerry Anderson of the Spokane, WA, P..

S18E25 - Coast to Coast 100

In a disturbing and shocking segment, Officers Jack Carson and Sally Jones of the Anchorage, AK, Police Department respond to bizarre call about a male suspect attempting to sell or trade a juvenile female for crack cocaine.">Detectives Tony Moreno and Brian Nicholas of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bur..

S18E24 - Coast to Coast 99

When Officer Alan Edwards and K-9 Officer Craig Hamilton of the Spok..

S18E22 - Coast to Coast 98

When Det. Joe Lewis and Sgt. Jason Snyder of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bur..

S18E19 - Las Vegas Heat 3..

In Las Vegas, Nevada, officers respond to a disturbance call where a..

S18E18 - Coast to Coast 97

Stories are from Gwinnett, County, Ga, Las Vegas, Nv, Travis County,..

S18E17 - Coast to Coast 95

From Gwinnett County, GA; Las Vegas, NV; and Travis County, TX.

S18E16 - Coast to Coast 92

From Las Vegas, Nv, Travis County, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga.

S18E15 - Coast to Coast 91

From Ft. Myers, Fl., Las Vegas, Nv., and Fresno, Ca.
Stories ..

S18E14 - Coast to Coast 87

Stories from Ft. Myers, Fl.. Las Vegas and Lee County, Florida.

S18E13 - Coast to Coast 86

From Las Vegas, Nv.
Stories include a call for assistance at ..

S18E12 - Ho! Ho! Ho! Spec..

When Detective Jason Lando of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police i..

S18E11 - Coast to Coast 84

COPS from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Stories include a simple car sto..

S18E10 - Coast to Coast 83

COPS in Lee County Florida.
Stories include a domestic distru..

S18E9 - Las Vegas Heat 2 ..

Stories include a fight call, police respond to a theft call as stud..

S18E3 - Coast to Coast 88

Officers Judy Abercrombie and Diane King of the Gwinnett County, GA,..

S18E2 - Coast to Coast 89

When Detectives Rudy Reynoso and Juan Gonzalez of the Las Vegas, NV,..

S18E1 - Coast to Coast 96

In the 18th season premiere, deputies Marc Taub and Joseph Ensminger..

S17E17 - Coast to Coast #75

A 90-year-old stabbing suspect claims self-defense, but appears to b..

S17E16 - Coast to Coast #71

A traffic violator leads a chase to his home; differing stories at a..

S17E15 - Bad Girls #7

Officers investigate an accident involving a pedestrian and the wall..

S17E14 - Las Vegas Heat #1

Cameras track a homicide from crime scene to courtroom. Also: a high..

S17E13 - High Crimes Spec..

A drug suspect tries to swallow evidence after being stopped leaving..

S17E12 - Resisiting Arres..

A K-9 unit finds an armed-robbery suspect, who becomes combative, re..

S17E11 - Ho Ho Ho! Specia..

At a domestic-disturbance call, a man objects to his ex-wife's new r..

S17E10 - Coast to Coast #70

A Jacksonville call reveals a stabbing victim found to be a transgen..

S17E9 - Bad Girls #6

At the scene of a stabbing incident, a couple on a date trade claims..

S17E8 - Grand Theft Auto #2

A focus on auto thefts includes a high-speed chase that ends with he..

S17E7 - Tased and Confuse..

A stun gun triggers a high-speed chase after a driver becomes uncoop..

S17E6 - Resisting Arrest #3

The driver of a suspected stolen vehicle charges at a cop while a pa..

S17E5 - Coast to Coast #69

A drug suspect tries to discard a crack pipe while his cohort become..

S17E2 - Mardi Gras 2004 #2

A male mooner at Mardi Gras 2004 is arrested, along with a man seen ..

S17E1 - Mardi Gras 2004 #1

Incidents at Mardi Gras 2004 include a male flasher, lewd conduct by..

S16E37 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S16E36 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S16E35 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S16E34 - Coast to Coast #66

A buy-bust drug sting targets street-level dealers; a domestic compl..

S16E33 - Coast to Coast #65

A routine traffic stop turns into a high-speed chase after the drive..

S16E32 - Coast to Coast #64

A K-9 unit helps find a robbery suspect hiding in a residential back..

S16E31 - Coast to Coast #63

A Taser gun is used on an unruly suspect; drugs are found in a car a..

S16E30 - Coast to Coast #62

Drug stings include a suspect who flees after selling to undercover ..

S16E29 - Bad Girls #5

A female shoplifting suspect resists arrest and bites an officer aft..

S16E28 - Hide n' Seek Spe..

Suspects resisting arrest include a man caught by a K-9 unit after f..

S16E27 - Drug Busts Speci..

Two suspects argue over responsibility for the drugs in their car; m..

S16E26 - Coast to Coast #61

A driver regains consciousness after hitting a tree; a pursuit of a ..

S16E25 - Coast to Coast #60

A burglary suspect denies guilt despite being caught on surveillance..

S16E24 - Coast to Coast #59

A pursuit of a speeding motorbike leads a police cruiser into jeopar..

S16E23 - Coast to Coast #58

A taser is used on a man interfering with efforts to halt two fighti..

S16E22 - Coast to Coast #57

A taser gun is used on a resisting suspect; domestic calls include d..

S16E21 - Coast to Coast #56

A pursuit of a drug suspect riding a bicycle; a call about a loose r..

S16E20 - Coast to Coast #54

A domestic-disturbance call results in the arrest of a husband; a K-..

S16E19 - Armed & Dangerou..

A couple describe an armed intruder in their home; a suspect fires a..

S16E18 - Stupid Criminals..

“Stupid Criminals” include an inebriated suspect who allegedly a..

S16E17 - War on Drugs #2

War on drugs part 2

S16E16 - War on Drugs #1

An episode of drug busts includes a pursuit of a vehicle leaving a h..

S16E15 - Coast to Coast #55

A stolen vehicle leads a high-speed pursuit that includes sidewalk d..

S16E14 - Coast to Coast #53

An assault at a gas station by an inebriated male suspect; a fight a..

S16E13 - Coast to Coast #52

A high-speed pursuit of a motorcycle. Also: a rifle is found in a ca..

S16E12 - Coast to Coast #51

Residents restrain a prowling suspect; a large amount of cash is fou..

S16E11 - Ho Ho Ho! Specia..

Holiday-themed incidents.

S16E10 - Coast to Coast #50

A pursuit of a man who's violated a restraining order in taking his ..

S16E9 - Coast to Coast #49

Two suspects are arrested after officers smell marijuana in their ca..

S16E8 - Bad Girls #4

A show on “bad girls” includes a belligerent male suspect and hi..

S16E7 - Jersey Cop Specia..

A suspicious suspect is questioned and admits to possessing crack co..

S16E6 - Resisting Arrest #1

Incidents of resisting arrest include an inebriated suspect who prom..

S16E5 - Naked Cops #2

Incidents involving naked perpetrators include a reported male prowl..

S16E4 - Rescues #2

Civilians join officers in a human chain to rescue a man from a rive..

S16E3 - Rescues #1

A delirious suspect holds his wife hostage; a man is rescued from a ..

S16E2 - Bad Girls #3

At Mardi Gras in New Orleans, officers charge two women with public ..

S16E1 - Mardi Gras 2003

On patrol for New Orleans' 2003 Mardi Gras.

S15E36 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S15E35 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S15E34 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S15E33 - Taken Into Custody

Las Vegas officers question a young woman who appears to be involved..

S15E32 - Coast to Coast #31

A crash ends a high-speed chase of a suspect in a car-jacking that l..

S15E31 - Coast to Coast #48

A stabbing in a home; a late-night loiterer found with drugs; a susp..

S15E30 - Coast to Coast #47

A reverse drug sting in which officers pose as dealers to target buy..

S15E29 - Coast to Coast #46

A decoy vehicle is used in an undercover sting targeting car burglar..

S15E28 - Coast to Coast #45

A prostitution sting; three suspects with drugs and a weapon; a dome..

S15E27 - Coast to Coast #44

Suspects lead a car pursuit through a city park before bailing out o..

S15E26 - Coast to Coast #42

A pursuit ensues after a suspicious vehicle refuses to stop; men in ..

S15E25 - Coast to Coast #43

Three suspects are questioned about the attempted theft of a bicycle.

S15E24 - Coast to Coast #41

A hit-and-run suspect leads a pursuit that ends with the officers' ..

S15E23 - Coast to Coast #40

Officers respond after an elderly woman reports an unstable man ran ..

S15E22 - Coast to Coast #39

A suspect who ran an off-duty officer off the road claims it's a per..

S15E21 - Coast to Coast #37

Residents report cat killings by a neighbor's pit bulls; a suspect h..

S15E20 - Coast to Coast #36

A reported sexual assault on a teenage girl; a pursuit of a speeding..

S15E19 - Coast to Coast #35

A prostitution sting targets johns; a man appears to have difficulty..

S15E18 - Coast to Coast #34

Officers respond to a call regarding a stabbing and a kidnapping; an..

S15E17 - Coast to Coast #33

Incidents involving stun guns include a drunk-driving suspect who pi..

S15E16 - Domestic Disturb..

An episode focusing on domestic disturbances includes a couple who b..

S15E15 - Bad Girls #2

“Bad Girls 2” includes a trucker's claim that his truck was burg..

S15E14 - Coast to Coast #29

A loaded weapon is found on a man leaving a known drug house; a woma..

S15E13 - Coast to Coast #28

A suspect in a home-invasion robbery is shot in the leg after allege..

S15E12 - Coast to Coast #27

A stabbing suspect is found hiding in a back yard; a prostitution st..

S15E11 - Coast to Coast #25

A sting targets suspected drug dealers; car-theft and car-burglary s..

S15E10 - Coast To Coast #26

An accident involves a truck driven through a wall; a routine traffi..

S15E9 - Bad Girls #1

“Bad Girls” includes a prostitution sting; a female driver with ..

S15E8 - Coast To Coast #32

A car-theft suspect eludes a pursuit, only to be found later at a re..

S15E7 - Coast To Coast #30

An uncooperative suspect drives off after being maced; a woman compl..

S15E6 - Coast To Coast #38

A motorcyclist leads a wild pursuit; a gun is found in a car that av..

S15E5 - Shots Fired Special

Situations involving shots fired include a robbery suspect who pulls..

S15E4 - Children In Danger

A focus on crimes against children includes a stabbing victim report..

S15E3 - Grand Theft Auto #1

Chases involving stolen cars.

S15E2 - Mardi Gras 2002 #2

In Part 1 of two, New Orleans officers patrol during Mardi Gras and ..

S15E1 - Mardi Gras 2002 #1

Conclusion. New Orleans officers on patrol during Mardi Gras contend..

S14E36 - Street Patrol #3

Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop ..

S14E35 - Street Patrol #3

Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop ..

S14E34 - Coast to Coast #24

Suspected drug paraphernalia is found in a car after a chase; drugs ..

S14E33 - Naked Cops #1

A collection of incidents involving nudity includes cover-up warning..

S14E32 - Coast to Coast #23

An alleged assault victim declines to make a police report; an unrul..

S14E31 - Coast to Coast #22

A drug suspect becomes combative after being placed in a squad car; ..

S14E30 - Palm Beach Count..

Palm Beach (Fla.) officers pursue a car-theft suspect; try to lure a..

S14E29 - Palm Beach Count..

Officers stop robbery suspects, who are ID'd by the victim; respond ..

S14E28 - Palm Beach Count..

Palm Beach, Fla., officers arrest a man making threats at a car-rent..

S14E27 - Coast to Coast #21

Cocaine is found in a suspicious parked vehicle; officers search for..

S14E26 - Palm Beach Count..

Palm Beach officers respond to reports of a violent domestic dispute..

S14E25 - Coast to Coast #20

A suspect's brother assaults an officer at a call about a man with a..

S14E24 - Coast to Coast #19

Officers encounter an illegal drag race on a public thoroughfare; st..

S14E23 - Coast to Coast #17

Officers question a robbery victim; search for an armed and dangerou..

S14E22 - Coast to Coast #18

Officers chase a stolen vehicle; apprehend a driver who refused to p..

S14E21 - Coast to Coast #16

A burglary-in-progress call; a search for an alleged racist who thre..

S14E20 - Coast to Coast #15

A domestic dispute reportedly involves suspects with a knife and a p..

S14E19 - Coast to Coast #14

A car-theft suspect is arrested holding distinct tools of the trade;..

S14E18 - Coast to Coast #11

Marijuana is found in the back seat of a squad car after an arrest; ..

S14E17 - Coast to Coast #13

Officers chase a driver and passenger fleeing on foot from a stolen ..

S14E16 - Coast to Coast #10

Officers search for a missing 5-year-old; find crack cocaine in the ..

S14E15 - Coast to Coast #12

Car-theft suspects flee on foot after pulling over; a speeder admits..

S14E14 - Palm Beach Count..

In Palm Beach, a narcotics sting involves a cop posing as a drug buy..

S14E13 - Palm Beach Count..

In Palm Beach, a deputy finds a man holding a knife to another's thr..

S14E12 - Coast to Coast #9

An alleged speeder in Atlanta refuses to pull over; a male suspect i..

S14E11 - Palm Beach Count..

In West Palm Beach, Fla., a suspect crashes after fleeing from a rou..

S14E10 - Coast to Coast #8

A vehicle refuses to stop after leaving an area known for drug activ..

S14E9 - Coast to Coast #7

A stolen vehicle crashes into the side of a house; a speeding motorc..

S14E8 - Coast to Coast #2

Officers encounter a disturbed man who's nude and bloody; a motorist..

S14E7 - Coast to Coast #6

Chattanooga officers suspect marijuana smoke in a car stopped for su..

S14E6 - Coast to Coast #5

Officers arrest a man who allegedly hit his wife; apprehend a man wi..

S14E5 - Coast to Coast #4

An Atlanta speeder leads a high-speed pursuit through residential st..

S14E3 - Coast to Coast #1

A 911 hang-up call leads an officer to a woman who claims her boyfri..

S14E2 - AtlantaGA #12

Atlanta police respond to an alleged knife assault, make a drug arre..

S14E1 - Palm Beach County..

Sheriffs in Palm Beach respond to reports of a stolen van and a burg..

S13E10 - Pierce CountyWA ..

Seattle/Tacoma officers investigate a report of a theft from a vehic..

S13E9 - Pierce CountyWA #23

In Seattle/Tacoma, a suspect driving a stolen truck has several coll..

S13E8 - Pierce CountyWA #29

In Seattle/Tacoma, a high-speed chase results when the driver of a v..

S13E7 - Pierce CountyWA #22

“America's Most Wanted” host John Walsh rides with police in Tac..

S13E6 - JacksonvilleFL #6

Jacksonville officers target neighborhood drug activity; investigate..

S13E5 - JacksonvilleFL #5

Jacksonville officers question a witness whose vehicle was rammed by..

S13E4 - JacksonvilleFL #2

Jacksonville officers rescue an elderly woman locked inside a bank; ..

S13E3 - JacksonvilleFL #3

Jacksonville officers interview a shooting victim; encounter a man t..

S13E2 - JacksonvilleFL #4

Jacksonville officers conduct a car-theft sting; respond to a report..

S13E1 - JacksonvilleFL #1

Jacksonville, Fla., cops are joined by John Walsh of “America's Mo..

S3E39 - Las VegasNV 8

(5:45 PM Suspicious Activity) Metropolitan PD Northeast Area Command..

S3E37 - London Special

(Parade) A marching band parades in front of Buckingham Palace. Cops..

S3E35 - HoustonTX 5

(2:33 AM Street Patrol) Harris Co. Sheriff’s Dept. – Deputy Mont..

S3E34 - HoustonTX 4

(12:32 AM Traffic Stop) Sgt. Robert Jackson says he is from Detroit,..

S3E32 - HoustonTX 2

(10:08 PM Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Eugene Lancaster..

S3E30 - Riverside CountyC..

(3:32 PM Surveillance Operation) Sheriff's Dept - Detective Steve Br..

S3E24 -PittsburghPA 2

An officer answers a domestic violence call; homicide detectives inv..

S3E7 - Alaska 1

(State Troopers) Nome - Trooper Ike Lorentz & Sgt. Al Schadle check ..

S3E6 - MinneapolisMN 6

(3:13 PM Woman with a Gun Call) Officer Greg Hirsch says it's an int..

S2E32 - Mardi Gras 1990 p..

Conclusion. Patrolling Mardi Gras 1990 with the New Orleans Police D..

S2E31 - Mardi Gra 1990

Patrolling Mardi Gras 1990 with the New Orleans Police Department (P..

S2E30 - Los AngelesCA #12

The husband is the chief suspect in a stabbing investigated by Los A..

S2E29 - Los AngelesCA #11

Malibu deputies stop a person suspected of harassing neighborhood re..

S2E28 - Los AngelesCA #10

Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies stop an attempted murder at a motel; ..

S2E27 - Los AngelesCA #9

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy David Halm responds to a multiple shoot..

S2E26 - Los AngelesCA #26

Deputies stop a nightclub brawl and respond to an urgent call about ..

S2E24 - Los AngelesCA #6

Deputy David Halm responds to a 911 call; officers investigate a sho..

S2E20 - Los AngelesCA #2

Members of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Special Problems Unit go underc..

S2E19 - Los AngelesCA #1

The first program following the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department inc..

S2E18 - San DiegoCA #5

San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Hubbler responds to an "armed..

S2E17 - San DiegoCA #4

Dep. Gene Burch processes suspects at San Diego County's central jai..

S2E16 - San DiegoCA #3

A traffic stop results in a drug bust; a teenager is arrested on sus..

S2E15 - San DiegoCA #2

The San Diego County Sheriff's air unit evacuates a shooting victim;..

S2E13 - PortlandOR #13

Sgt. John Bunnell's task force busts a marijuana operation; a drunk ..

S2E12 - PortlandOR #12

Sgt. Caddy is involved in trying to save the life of a teenager; a c..

S2E11 - PortlandOR #11

A dying witness in a triple homicide gives testimony; Sgt. Loren Cad..

S2E9 - PortlandOR 9

(7:45 PM Gang Violence) North Precinct Roll Call - Officer Harry Jac..

S2E6 - PortlandOR #6

Surveillance by a burglary unit catches a suspect. Also: Off. Becky ..

S2E5 - PortlandOR #5

An agent's first undercover assignment involves a suspected heroin d..

S2E4 - PortlandOR #4

A suspected small-time drug dealer turns out to be a major supplier;..

S2E3 - PortlandOR 3

(9:45 PM Warrant Served) Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept. Narcotics ..

S2E2 - PortlandOR #2

A woman suspected of being a prostitute is unruly during her arrest...

S1E15 - Russia 1 Hour Spe..

The following program was taped over a 16 day period in Leningrad an..

S1E14 - Broward CountyFL ..

The deputies' investigations include prostitution; a hit-and-run; an..

S1E13 - Broward CountyFL ..

Officers are seen stalking a burglar; using a mobile home in a drug ..

S1E12 - Broward CountyFL 12

(8:07 PM Assault Investigation) District 9 Street Patrol Deputy Russ..

S1E11 - Broward CountyFL ..

A deputy must restrain a husband from injuring himself during a dome..

S1E10 - Broward CountyFL ..

A melee results when a suspected cocaine dealer is recaptured after ..

S1E9 - Broward CountyFL #9

Dep. Jim Fondo tries to help the family of a mother and daughter who..

S1E8 - Broward CountyFL #8

A fight is stopped; kids are removed from a drug environment; suspec..

S1E7 - Broward CountyFL 7

(Roll Call) District 1 - The captain plays a tape of a call from 1/1..

S1E6 - Broward CountyFL #6

An undercover officer must separate a child from a mother involved i..

S1E5 - Broward CountyFL #5

Cases include an armed man in a church, and a bomb threat in a resta..

S1E4 - Broward CountyFL #4

Two officers go undercover as prostitutes in a vice bust.

S1E3 - Broward CountyFL #3

Featured: segments on domestic problems, including a sibling brawl a..

S1E2 - Broward CountyFL #2

In Florida, Dep. Linda Canada responds to a domestic dispute; Sgt. R..

S1E1 - Broward CountyFL #1

Premire episode. Suspected drug traffickers are arrested at an airpo..