Craig of the Creek


Craig of the Creek follows a young boy, Craig, and his two friends, Kelsey and JP, as they go on adventures within a world of untamed, kid-dominated wilderness in the creek.
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S1E20 -Jpony

JP decides to follow his heart and tries to join the Horse Girls.

S1E14 - The Future is Car..

The kids meet an eccentric Cardboard Creator that invites Craig to h..

S1E13 - Lost in the Sewer

Craig agrees to help The Sewer Queen map the sewers, but he quickly ..

S1E3 - Jessica Goes to th..

When Craig and Jessica are locked out of the house, Craig has no cho..

S1E2 - You're It

An enjoyable day at the soda-bottle races is ruined when a game of t..

S1E1 - Itch To Explore

Discovering that there's an unmapped part of the Creek in the center..