Deadliest Catch


A documentary series chronicling the real-life high-sea adventures of the Alaskan crab fishermen. This is the most deadly profession in the world.
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S14E13 -Bering Sea Triangle

The The Bering Sea Triangle evokes fear in captains and crewman alik..

S14E12 - Winter's Fury

The Winter season brings 40 knot winds and 20 foot waves. As acciden..

S14E11 - 11

A blackout leaves the Saga close to disaster in unfamiliar waters; u..

S14E10 - Winter's Curse

A massive tidal surge threatens Josh and Monte as they chase their b..

S14E8 - Becoming Captain

On the edge of failure, Josh Harris discovers secret fishing grounds..

S14E7 - Clash Of Kings

Jake makes a devil's bargain, huge crab for hidden perils, until his..

S14E5 - Collision Void

As a flooding collision void threatens to sink Keith, he fights to k..

S14E4 - Salt Wounds

Sig takes heads off the grid on a daring midnight mission to shake h..

S14E3 - Dead in the Water

Wild Bill risks it all on a new bait and fish strategy hoping it wil..

S14E2 -First Blood

Bering Sea draws first blood in a daring Coast Guard rescue. Jake st..

S14E1 - Battle Lines

Sig and Jake have a massive falling out, leading to new strategies a..

S14E00 – “Captain vs ..

The legendary John Hillstrand is retiring after a storied 37 years. ..

S13E19 - Last Damn Arctic..

In the wake of the Destination tragedy one last storm bears down on ..

S13E18 - Lost At Sea

The U.S. Coast Guard desperately searches for a missing crab vessel ..

S13E17 - Hillstrand's Las..

Two old friends race to finish their seasons, but one hopes to cap a..

S13E16 - Man Down

When Mother Nature stirs up the Bering Sea, Sean is set on a collisi..

S13E15 - Respect Earned

After suffering chest pains, Sig waits in the hospital for some news..

S13E14 - 450 Mile Storm

Sig, Johnathan and Jake attempt to run from a second arctic hurrican..

S13E13 - Dead-Stick

Sig's stress takes a toll. Sean tries to dock in a hurricane. Keith ..

S13E12 - Arctic Mega Storm

An Arctic mega-storm rocks the fleet. Sig plays cat-and-mouse with t..

S13E11 - Hurricane Alley

When the Arctic opens up its winter wrath, the first of multiple bac..

Back to the Killing Season

Sig returns to the season that nearly killed him. After a tough star..

S13E9 - The Russian Line

Competition doubles when the quota is cut in half. Three captains ar..

S13E6 - Hail MaryFull Of ..

A massive leak fills the Time Bandit. A fistfight tests Jake's resol..

S13E5 - Bad Moon

Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand fish together for the last time. Keith..

S13E4 - Crushing Blows

Wild Bill finds out the truth about Nick McGlashan's terminal illnes..

S13E3 - Down in Flames

Rising sea temperatures test the fleet. Toxic smoke engulfs the Saga..

S13E2 - Seismic Shift

The fall season begins with some uncertainty. A seismic shift in sea..

S13E1 - Uncharted Territory

The crabs have vanished, which ignites a grueling hunt to save the f..


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S12E18 - The Widowmaker: ..

Sig fights to survive a massive heart attack. Bill learns a dark sec..

S12E17 - The Widowmaker: ..

Intense weather and more damage to his already battered boat take a ..

S12E16 - Life or Death De..

A rogue wave forces Zack to make a life or death decision. Going aga..

S12E15 - Blood & Guts

Blood is shed on the Time Bandit, a fight breaks out on the Wizard, ..

S12E14 - Fire at Sea (2)

Captain Sig and crew fight for their lives against an engine room fi..

S12E13 - Fire at Sea (1)

The Northwestern catches on fire alone on the water and days from la..

S12E12 - Settling the Score

Big weather hits the fleet again. Captain Sean Dwyer is forced to en..

S12E11 - Raw Deal

Keith and Johnathan test the boundaries of partner fishing; Captain ..

S12E10 - Proving Grounds

In the final throes of the season's first arctic storm, capta..

S12E9 - Into the Gale

The winter crab season is here and brings with it this year's bigges..

S12E8 - Winter is Coming

Hurricane-force winds and monster seas lash against the fleet..

S12E7 - Cold War

Captain Edgar Hansen is losing control of the Northwestern with a mu..

S12E6 - 100% Injury Rate

The season's worst storm yet batters the fleet. Freshman skipper Sea..

S12E5 - Million Dollar Bet

Jake Anderson attempts a treacherous short cut with only one engine...

S12E4 - Swedish Twins

Josh Harris is forced to take over the Cornelia Marie. Sean Dwyer ge..

S12E3 - No Good Deed...

Wild Bill risks his biggest lead in history to bail Josh Harris out ..

S12E2 - First Timers

Captain Sean Dwyer and his crew prepare for their first crab season ..

S12E1 - Ticking Bomb

An adrenaline packed new season brings a new face, 23 year old Sean ..

S11E100 – “Legend of ..

Josh Harris learns what it takes to be a boat owner. Also, the story..

S11E18 - We Have Not Yet ..

When polar ice descends, the skippers must choose to stay or flee; t..

S11E17 - I'm the Captain

The polar ice pack descends, threatening the season; Jake leads his ..

S11E16 - Beastmode

The crew of the Cornelia Marie hatches a plan to watch the Seattle S..

S11E15 - New BloodOld Wou..

Wild Bill makes the call for a medical evacuation during an emergenc..

S11E14 - Bite the Hand

A second storm hits the fleet. Jake attempts to reach out to Sig Han..

S11E13 - 5-Year StormPart 2

Alaskan crab fishermen battle the elements on the Bering Sea.

S11E12 - 5-Year StormPart 1

A storm move in on the fleet; a wave rips steel and timber on the Ca..

S11E11 - New Captain on t..

The remainder of the fleet arrives in Dutch Harbor; Jake prepares to..

S11E10 - Lunatic Fringe

Three boats hit the grounds early; Johnathan struggles with a rogue ..

S11E9 - Hell's Bells

Alaskan crab fishermen battle the elements on the Bering Sea.

S11E7 - Heavy Lies The Cr..

Jake gets a Whiplash-style captaining lesson from Sig; a prank threa..

S11E6 - Wasted Talent

Elliot Neese makes a life-changing decision aboard the Saga while Ja..

S11E5 - Super Typhoon Par..

The fishing grounds are engulfed by the typhoon; Josh's weaknesses a..

S11E4 - Super Typhoon Par..

With Super-Typhoon Nuri closing in, the captains make hard choices t..

S11E3 - The Ultimatum

Huge waves test Josh's mettle; a mutinous crew faces off against Cap..

S11E2 - Prodigal Son

An additional 15 million dollars in crab sends the fleet into a fish..

S11E1 - A Brotherhood Tes..

The Emmy Award winning series is back! King Crab season kicks off wi..

S10E14 - Sabotage

A saboteur creates trouble for the Cape Caution; Josh and Casey stru..

S10E13 - Shut-Out

A blown prop causes trouble on the Time Bandit.

S10E12 - Women Drivers

Sig puts Mandy at the helm; Josh is threatened by a rebellion.

S10E11 - Blonde Ambition

Mandy receives training from the Northwestern crew.

S10E10 - Fisherman's Daug..

A major hydraulic leak on the Time Bandit causes problems in the eng..

S10E9 - Skipper Harris in..

A brutal storm on the Bering Sea causes injuries on the Cape Caution.

S10E8 - Cornelia Marie Blue

The fabled Cornelia Marie returns; Mandy Hansen attempts to convince..

S10E7 - Lost at Sea

A career is threatened; a captain struggles to check in to rehab.

S10E6 - Falling Down

An alleged felon is trapped at sea.

S10E5 - On the Rocks

Edgar takes a big risk; a sinking ship prompts a rescue attempt.

S10E4 - Out of Bounds

The King fleet heads toward the finish line; the Wizard's strategy i..

S10E3 - Darwin's Law

Mechanical malfunctions and severe weather test the captains' resolve.

S10E2 - Family Affair

The fleet is behind schedule following the shut down and an arctic s..

S10E1 - Careful What You ..

With a shortened season, the fleet works harder to make the market d..

S9E16 - The Final Battle

The younger generation is put to the test as they race to finish the..

S9E15 - Man Overboard

Deckhands on the Wizard are unable to lasso a walrus carcass, Freddy..

S9E14 - Ship of IronMen o..

Three weeks left in the Opilio season and the fleets prepare for the..

S9E13 - So You Wanna Be a..

Midway through the season the Bering sea takes its toll; a polar ice..

S9E12 - Listing Lovers

One of the hardest Opillio seasons on record; catastrophic breakdown..

S9E11 - We're Not Gonna T..

The fleet weathered the storm but the crab are still not biting; the..

S9E10 - Sleeping With the..

The fleet battles an arctic storm; Junior takes a risk; two greenhor..

The Storm of the Season

A massive storm causes headaches for the captains.

S9E8 - Kicking Off with a..

The Opilio season is opened with chaos; an accident on the Time Band..

S9E7 - Goodbye Jake

Jake leaves the Northwestern; Josh plans to buy his father's old boat.

S9E6 - Fist to the Face

A dark secret is revealed; tempers flare on the Saga and the Seabroo..

S9E5 - Judgement Day

Change is in the air and on the Bering Sea; everyone is on the hunt ..

S9E4 - The Crooke & the T..

Sig makes a tough decision; a showdown between the Saga and the Seab..

S9E3 - Blood in the Morning

Brutal competition leads to more deceit among the captains. Meanwhil..

S9E2 - Dagger in the Back

Keith and Junior form a secret alliance; the Northwestern crew faces..

S9E1 - Mutiny on the Beri..

The captains eye comebacks in the Season 9 opener.

S8E16 - The BitterBloody ..

A deckhand makes a mistake as the opilio-crab season ends in the Sea..

S8E15 - Release the Beast

A dire situation manifests itself for two brothers; ice hampers the ..

S8E13 - Landlocked

Ice creates problems on the opilio-crab grounds, prompting some capt..

S8E12 - Collision Course

The captains have a decision to make when polar ice encroaches on th..

S8E10 - Rise and Fall

Northerly winds, polar ice and flaring tempers complicate crabbing e..

S8E9 - Nowhere to Go But ..

A deckhand quits and two brothers fight at the start of the opilio-c..

S8E8 - The Aftermath

Poor hauls and quarrelsome crews vex the fleet near the end of the k..

S8E7 - I Don't Wanna Die

The collapse of a greenhorn on the Wizard prompts a call to the Coas..

S8E6 - Vital Signs

An emergency situation develops after a deckhand collapses on the Wi..

S8E5 - Alien Abduction

The crews make equipment repairs halfway through the king-crab season.

S8E4 - The BitterBloody End

A deckhand makes a mistake as the opilio-crab season ends in the Sea..

S8E3 - Weak Links

Injuries and mental mistakes mount; the Time Bandit bids farewell to..

S8E2 - Turf War

A veteran returns to the red grounds while a captain's wager plays o..

S8E1 - The Gamble

A slashed quota for crabs forces the captains to make choices about ..

S7E17 - Mohawks & Madness..

The Seabrooke captain fights an agonizing illness.

S7E16 - I Smell a Nightmare

Two exhausted crewmen on the Time Bandit nearly come to blows. The s..

S7E15 - The Island

Waters of St. Paul Island make offloading crab a terrifying necessit..

S7E14 - Pirate School

A bait shortage starts a feud on the Cornelia Marie; a soft-spoken g..

S7E13 - It's Not All Mai ..

A loose pot turns into a half-ton wrecking ball on the Kodiak, while..

S7E12 - BirdsBones and Bl..

As another winter storm rips through the crab grounds, the Ramblin' ..

S7E10 - Deadliest Catch: ..

Spotlighting the greenhorns and the trials they face on the Bering S..

S7E9 - Sea Change

Opilio crab season begins; a new captain skippers the Cornelia Marie..

S7E8 - Graduation Day

The King Crab season ends with an arctic storm; the Time Bandit crew..

S7E7 - Thick as Thieves

A confrontation on the Cornelia Marie brings the police; a deckhand ..

S7E6 - Exit Wounds

Mutiny on the Cornelia Marie; a rogue wave imperils the Time Bandit;..

S7E5 - A Wing and a Prayer

Two crew members almost get into a fight on the Northwestern; a deck..

S7E4 - Breaking Point

A greenhorn has a breakdown on the Seabrooke; an injury sidelines a ..

S7E3 - Old Age and Treach..

Jake Harris learns how to drive the Cornelia Marie; a dangerous situ..

S7E2 - Proving Grounds

Tensions run high when the fishing isn't great.

S7E1 - New Blood

The 2010 crab season begins with fresh blood in the fleet and two ne..

S6E18 - The BitterBloody ..

A deckhand makes a mistake as the opilio-crab season ends in the Sea..

S6E17 - Endless

Tension runs high on the Northwestern, as Edgar Hansen is fed up wit..

S6E16 - Endless

Edgar confronts Sig on the Northwestern; Josh Harris boards the Corn..

S6E15 - Valhalla

Capt. Phil Harris passes away while the fleet faces the biggest stor..

S6E14 - Redemption Day

The Time Bandit's deck disintegrates as Mike and Scott fight for the..

S6E13 - Cain and Abel

Drama dominates the crews of the fleet during the mid-season grind. ..

S6E12 - Empty Throne

Phil Harris is critically ill and is flown to Anchorage for medical ..

S6E11 - Blown Off Course

Trouble for Capt. Phil Harris on the Cornelia Marie; Capt. Johnathan..

S6E10 - The Darkened Seas

A dark secret is revealed on the Cornelia Marie; a Coast Guard helic..

S6E9 - Glory Days

The Coast Guard is summoned regarding a heart attack; the Time Bandi..

S6E8 - We're Not in Kansa..

Ice bashing takes its toll on the fleet; an exhausted crew tries to ..


No description

S6E6 - False Pass

A boat-crippling passage stands between the Time Bandit and its fina..

S6E5 - Arctic Quest

A storm stands between the Time Bandit and its final offload; the No..

S6E4 - Bering Sea Swim Club

Captain Sig and Captain Phil try to retrieve their junior deckhands ..

S6E3 - Sea Tested

Phil and Sig's experiment in trading junior deckhands comes to a clo..

S6E2 - Breaking 'Em In

A storm looms as the fleet catches its first haul of crabs; a greenh..

S6E1 - Slow Burn

The 2009 King crab season begins with tensions at an all time high. ..

S5E16 - Day of Reckoning

An arctic storm front menaces the fleet near the end of the Opilio-c..

S5E15 - Roughest and Toug..

The harshest moments at sea for the ``Deadliest Catch'' fleet.

S5E14 - Bitter Tears

Serious mistakes ensue as the fleet becomes fatigued, and one fisher..

S5E13 - Ends of the Earth

The skippers take their crews to the far north after hearing about g..

S5E12 - A Slap in the Fac..

The skippers must contend with frozen crabs, frozen gear and an icy ..

S5E11 - Lockout

An ice pack blocks the fleet from the St. Paul harbor, hampering the..

S5E10 - Sea of Misery

The third week of the Opilio crab season brings conditions that turn..

S5E9 - No Second Chances

The fleet reaches the Opilio fishing grounds, where the crews must c..

S5E8 - Payback Time

The 2009 Opilio crab (aka snow crab) season begins. While the hauls ..

S5E7 - Down To The Wire

The king crab season is down to the wire and skippers are desperate ..

S5E6 - Deadline

A new deadline is set: an upcoming drop in the price of king crab ha..

S5E5 - Long HaulShort Fuses

Crab pots continue to come up empty and the skippers are out of idea..

S5E4 - Put Up or Shut Up

It's week four of king crab season. Seven souls have perished, but t..

S5E3 - Stay Focused or Die

The fleet is still dialing into the crab, and already a typhoon has ..

S5E2 - Red Skies in the M..

t's week 2 of the season, and boats are hunting down the elusive Kin..

S5E1 - Everything on the ..

The 2008 King crab fleet faces huge stakes - before boats even cast ..

S4E16 - The Final Hour

As the Oppie season drawls to the end the captains race to catch the..

S4E15 - As Catch as Catch..

The Arctic ice pack descends on the fleet as they make their final r..

S4E14 - Changing Tides

The Northwestern fights the ice pack. The Wizard sets off with tempe..

S4E13 - Fresh Blood

When Capt. Phil heads for the hospital for the treatment of his spit..

S4E12 - Mortal Men

Massive storm waves tear up the decks of the Early Dawn, North Ameri..

S4E11 - Big WeatherBig Tr..

On the Time Bandit, Capt. Johnathan joins the deck crew and promptly..

S4E10 - Blow Up

A routine Coast Guard rescue becomes a battle against nature. The Co..

Storm Season

The Opilio season begins. A dual storm system challenges a patched C..

No Sfor Old Men

As the king crab season comes to an end, a totally exhausted crew fi..

S4E7 - Seeking The Catch

As the King Crab season draws to a close, a mass amounts of stinging..

S4E6 - Racing The Clock

With the king crab season nearly over, everyone's feeling the pressu..

S4E5 - No Mercy

The seas are rough and they'll only get rougher.The Time Bandit has ..

S4E4 - Unsafe and Unsound

As the king crab season endures cracks on the boats are starting to ..

S4E3 - A Numbers Game

The King crab season is well under way, but ships and people are alr..

S4E2 - Striking Out

Everyone ships looking to get some good crab numbers this season, bu..

S4E1 - Get 'Em Back Safe

It's the beginning of a new king crab season and everyone's looking ..

S3E12 - A Frozen Finish

The 2007 Opilio season has been long, cold, dangerous, and filled wi..

S3E11 - Ice and Open Water

The 2007 Opilio Crab season continues to march on despite the danger..

S3E10 - Trial of the Gree..

Several greenhorns are put to the test as the Bering Sea's harsh win..

S3E9 - Crossing the Line

Forced back to port because of a blown engine, the Northwestern, a w..

S3E8 - Caught in the Storm

A couple of days into the Opilio crab season a major storm system hi..

S3E7 - New Beginnings

The boats head back out on the dangerous Bering Sea as the Opilio cr..

S3E6 - The Last Lap

The 2006 King Crab season has come to a close, so the Captains head ..

S3E5 - Bearing Sea Salvat..

The bright light at the end of the 2006 King Crab season is upon the..

S3E4 - Cheating Death

Despite the tragedies, fatigue, equipment problems, and weather the ..

S3E3 - Pain and Payback

The Bering Sea is relentless this season, claiming one life after an..

S3E2 - The Unforgiving Sea

Fishing is put on hold for boats in the area of where a fellow vesse..

S3E1 - A Tragic Beginning

The 2006 Crab season is underway in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Fishing ve..

S2E12 - Cashing In

The end of the Opilio season is upon the fleet, and crews push hard ..

S2E11 - Race Against the ..

The Rollo and the Maverick have off loaded their crab, a miscalculat..

S2E10 - Pribilof Stare

he freezing weather and the dangerous icing takes its toll on board ..

S2E9 - On the Edge

The fleet reaches the Opilio fishing grounds, where the crews must c..

S2E8 - Man vs. Ice

Fights break out on the Maverick and the Rollo, due to fact of fray ..

S2E7 - Smoke on the Water

With the fierce arctic storm continuing, the Time Bandit pushes thro..

S2E6 - A New Hunt Begins

A new crab season beings and this time its the Opilio Crab season. A..

S2E5 - Friends and Rivals

The fate of the Aleutian Ballad is relived after being slammed by th..

S2E4 - The Finish Line

The crew of the Northwestern makes a profit at Akutan Island. They m..

S2E3 - On the Crab

With Mother Nature in full force, crews decide to stick it out in se..

S2E2 - Batten Down the Ha..

With the weather calm on the Bering Sea the fleet takes full advanta..

S2E1 - Heading out to Sea

Back out on the Bering Sea, the crews set sail for this round of cra..

S1E10 - The Final Run

This Opilio season has been a deadly one, with the deaths of the Big..

S1E9 - The Clock's Ticking

Opilio crab season is eighty-four hours old, and the hunt for â€..

S1E8 - Good Fishing

With calm seas and unusually warm weather three days of record catch..

S1E7 - High Hopes

The Bering Sea has claimed the lives of six fishermen less than a da..

S1E6 - Man Overboard

One boat is sunk and the crew is missing, there are Good Samaritan b..

S1E5 - Dead of Winter

For Opilio crab season 171 boats come out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska to..

S1E4 - Beat the Clock

Time is ticking away, and crews race the clock to get all the crab t..

S1E3 - Lady Luck

Plagued with problems for various boats, they crews are working nons..

S1E2 - Long Sleepless Nig..

After the crews spent the night baiting and setting crab pots, they ..

S1E1 - Greenhorns

The Deadliest Job in America is claimed to be crab fishing on the Be..