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This show focuses on electronic games in console, computer and handheld formats. There are interviews with game designers and related personnel, game reviews, game hints and related items of interest to video game enthusiasts.
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S5E3 - Diablo 2! / Crimso..

Victor Lucas heads to Microsoft and gets a look at Crimson Skies for..

S5E2 - Spider-Man!! / Com..

EP Season 5 continues with some crazy cool comicbook chaos! Tommy Ta..

S5E1 - Mark Hamill! / Fea..

The Electric Playground welcomes you back to a very busy Autumn in t..

S4E13 - Deus Ex's Harvey ..

Season 4 of The Electric Playground wraps up with a bang! Victor Luc..

S4E12 - Buffy! / Deus Ex!..

Time for a classic Electric Playground! Victor Lucas, Tommy Tallaric..

S4E11 - Max Payne! / Star..

The Year 2000 is Calling! Just press that Play Button! Victor Lucas ..

S4 - E10 - Oni! / Mario T..

Welcome back dear traveler, the year 2000 missed you! Victor Lucas a..


MEANWHILE BEFORE LOOTBOXES... Tommy Tallarico gets the info on CONKE..

S4E8 - Banjo Tooie! Messi..

Welcome to a rockin’ classic episode of The Electric Playground!!!..

S4E7 - Jet Grind Radio! /..

Great games and a great ROTR squabble in this classic EP! Zoe Flower..

S4E6 - Clumsy Jedi! / Spa..

Ready for some time travel!? Tommy Tallarico checks out Star Wars Ob..

S4E5 - NFL 2K Mo-Cap! Gar..

Victor Lucas visits Bioware for MDK 2! Zoe Flower talks with the one..

S4E4 - Shenmue! / Diablo ..

Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas grab their lightsabers and head to ..

S4E3 - Perfect Dark! / Bl..

Tommy gets stealthy with Nintendo's Perfect Dark from the creators o..

S4E2 - Kobe and Shaq! NHL..

Everything you want to know about Nintendo's Pokémon Stadium and th..

S4E1 - The Sims! GDC 2000..

Tommy takes a beating with Crazy Taxi for Sega Dreamcast, and Jackie..

S3E13 - Perfect Dark! Sid..

In our jam-packed final episode of season 3 we have something for ev..

S3E12 - Omikron! Drakan! ..

Back to 1999 for more awesome classic EP! Tommy Tallarico explores D..

S3E11 - Indiana Jones! / ..

Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas find out about NBA Showtime and pla..

S3E10 - Dino Crisis! / Ko..

Zoe Flower finds out about TrickStyle for the Dreamcast! Victor Luca..

S3E9 - NFL Blitz/Knockout..

Let’s travel back in time for another classic Electric Playground ..

S3E8 - Rainbow 6 / Tomorr..

Time for another Electric Playground time travel session! Season 3, ..

S3E7 - Spyro 2 / Grand Th..

Victor Lucas checks out Hydro Thunder for the Dreamcast! Tommy Talla..

S3E6 - Tony Hawk Pro Skat..

Reviews on the Run: Mario Golf on Nintendo 64, Um Jammer Lammy on PlayStation, Drakan on PC, Soul Calibur on Dreamcast! ">Victor Lucas checks out the now infamous Sonic Adventure! Zoe Flower..

S3E5 - Braveheart/Quake I..

The Electric Playground returns from the year 1999 with the fifth ep..

S3E4 - Unreal Tournament/..

The Electric Playground's fourth episode of Season 3 (1999) features..

S3E3 - Half-Life Intervie..

Welcome back to 1999, where Half-Life is a critical darling and Zoe ..

S3E2 - Convention Special..

The Electric Playground's GDC, E3 and the Classic Gaming Expo 1999 S..

S3E1 - Star Wars: The Pha..

Remember when everyone was excited for The Phantom Menace? In the fi..

S2E13 - Dune 2000 / Giant..

Step this way back to 1998, where Victor Lucas puts on Tommy's shirt..

S2E12 - Ion Storm! / Zeld..

This episode originally aired in 1998.">Victor Lucas heads to Dallas and visits John Romero and his colleagu..

S2E11 - Grand Theft Auto!..

Welcome back to 1998! Where Victor Lucas talks with a very young Cli..

S2E10 - Metal Gear Solid!..

In this ridiculously stuffed episode from 1998, Tommy Tallarico talk..

S2E9 - Gran Turismo Revie..

Tommy Tallarico checks out Crystal Dynamics' (long before Tomb Raide..

S2E8 - Banjo Kazooie / To..

In this star-studded episode of The Electric Playground, Tommy Talla..

S2E7 - E3 1998 / Pokémon..

Join Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas as they take a trip back to on..

S2E6 - Vigilante 8 / Davi..

Tommy Tallarico interviews David Perry about his career and his new ..

S2E5 - Kobe Bryant / Bliz..

Tommy Tallarico takes over 3DO and has a chat with founder (and the ..

S2E4 - Nolan Bushnell / 1..

Victor Lucas wears a goofy hat and finds out about 1080 Snowboarding..

S2E3 - Game Boy Pocket Cr..

Tommy Tallarico visits PlayStation to talk with game industry vetera..

S2E2 - Madden Bowl '98 & ..

Tommy Tallarico hits Madden Bowl '98 with Morris Chestnut, Coolio an..

S2E1 - Tekken 3 / MDK / S..

Yes, we've finally started uploading the second season of Electric P..

S1E13 -

Here it is, the thirteenth and final episode of Electric Playground:..

S1E12 -

Here's the twelfth episode of Electric Playground, first aired on De..

S1E11 -

Here's the eleventh episode of Electric Playground, first aired on N..

S1E10 -

Here's the tenth episode of Electric Playground, first aired on Nove..

S1E9 -

Here's the ninth episode of Electric Playground, first aired on Nove..

S1E8 -

Here's the eighth episode of Electric Playground, first aired on Nov..

S1E7 -

Here's the seventh episode of Electric Playground, first aired on No..

S1E6 -

Here's the sixth episode of Electric Playground, first aired on Octo..

S1E5 -

Feeling like a fifth wheel? Here's the fifth episode of Electric Pla..

S1E4 - Tomb Raider Visit ..

Get ready to break the fourth wall! Here's the fourth episode of Ele..

S1E3 - Goldeneye Preview ..

Third time's the charm. Here's the third episode of Electric Playgro..

S1E2 - Diddy Kong Racing ..

Sit back and watch the second episode of The Electric Playground, wh..

S1E1 - The First 3 years ..

Here it is folks, the very first episode of Electric Playground!