Escape to the Country


The property show that helps prospective buyers find their dream home.
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S18E42 - Devon

Jules Hudson is in rural Devon with an ambitious couple looking for ..

S18E35 -Kent

Nicki Chapman is on a house-hunting mission in the Kent countryside ..

S18E33 - Northern Ireland

Nicki Chapman heads to Northern Ireland with a husband and wife who ..

S18E32 -Cotswolds

Margherita Taylor heads to the Cotswolds with a house-hunting couple..

S18E22 - Kent

Alistair Appleton is in the Kent helping a dynamic international cou..

S18E21 - Peak District

Nicki Chapman is rural property shopping in the Peak District with a..

S18E20 - Yorkshire Dales

Alistair Appleton is in the Yorkshire Dales helping a fitness enthus..

S18E19 - Herefordshire

Jules Hudson is in Herefordshire with an exuberant house-hunting cou..

S18E18 - Northumberland

Jonnie Irwin is house hunting in the Northumberland countryside with..

S18E17 -South Devon

Alistair Appleton is on a house-hunting mission in the South Devon c..

S18E11 -Shropshire

Jonnie Irwin is in Shropshire with a military couple armed with a £..

SE - Somerset

Love is in the air on a house hunt full of surprises as Nicki Chapma..

S18E7 - Hampshire

Jules Hudson is in Hampshire with a dynamic couple who love the outd..

S18E6 - Devon

In Devon, the pressure is on for Margherita Taylor as she helps a ha..

S18E5 - Norfolk

Ginny Buckley is helping a house-hunting couple with a £900,000 b..

S18E4 - North Yorkshire

Ginny Buckley is house-searching in rural North Yorkshire with a cou..

S18E3 - Wiltshire

Jonnie Irwin is in Wiltshire helping a couple with a £650,000 bud..

S18E2 - Northumberland

Ginny Buckley is in Northumberland with an adventurous couple of emp..

S18E1 - Wye Valley

Jonnie Irwin's property search is in the Wye Valley, where he helps ..

S17E25 - Welsh Borders

Property series. Margherita Taylor helps a couple who have ú500,000..

S17E24 - Dorset

Property series. Nicki Chapman helps a married house-hunting couple ..

S17E23 - Cornwall

Property series. Nicki Chapman heads to Cornwall on a property searc..

S17E21 - Cheshire

Property series. Jules Hudson helps a couple with a budget of ú400,..

S17E3 - South Somerset

Property series. Ginny Buckley travels to the Somerset countryside t..

S17E2 - Cambridgeshire

Property series. Nicki Chapman is in Cambridgeshire helping a couple..

S17E1 - Dorset

Property series. Sonali Shah is down on the Dorset coast with a coup..

S14E10 -Norfolk

Alistair Appleton helps a couple who want to improve their work-life..