Expedition Unknown


An archeologist travels around the world for the unknown and missing artifacts through time.
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S5E5 -Mahogany Ship

Josh goes down under to search along Australia's infamous Shipwreck ..

S5E3 - Nazis in Argentina

Josh ventures to Argentina, where many Nazi SS officers escaped to a..

S5E2 - Legend of the Snak..

Lost City of El Mirador.

S5E1 - Legend of the Snak..

Archaeologist Dr. Richard Hansen joins Josh and his team to venture ..

S4E9 -Secrets of Brother ..

Josh Gates attempts to uncover a treasure left behind by the Aquaria..

S4E8 - Egypt's Lost Queens

Josh Gates continues his journey through Egypt to unearth the secret..

S4E5 - Butch Cassidy's Lo..

Josh immerses himself in Wild West lore on a quest to find Butch Cas..

S4E3 - Origins of Stonehe..

Josh travels to his ancestral home of Great Britain to explore the o..

S4E2 - Vikings In America

Josh traces the Vikings' westward expansion from the volcanic landsc..

S4E1 - Viking Secrets

From Denmark and Iceland to the United States and Canada, Josh Gates..

Fact or Fiction

Josh Gates reveals footage of six legends from around the world. Lat..


A panel consisting of Josh and his crew discuss the information and ..

S3E106 - Global Game Show..

Josh Gates plays his humorous traveling trivia game in Greece. In th..

S3E102 - Hunt for the Yet..

The hunt for the Yeti continues as Josh Gates' quest takes him from ..

S3E101 - Hunt for the Yet..

In part two of his hunt for the elusive Yeti, Josh Gates ascends hig..

S3E100 - Hunt for the Yet..

Beginning in Kathmandu, Josh Gates heads high into the Himalayas of ..

S3E19 - Hunt for Extrater..

Josh's journey continues on remote Easter Island, where ancient alie..

S3E18 - Hunt for Extrater..

Josh begins his search for extraterrestrial life with a once-in-a-li..

S3E17 - Lost Spanish Fort..

Josh Gates travels down to the coast of Florida and to the recently ..

S3E15 - Italy's Barbarian..

To find the plundered riches of the Roman Empire, Josh Gates must lo..

S3E14 - Corsica's Nazi Tr..

Josh Gates hunts for the hidden treasure of Erwin Rommel, a Nazi gen..

S3E13 - England's Vanishe..

Josh Gates goes on a quest to find the legendary lost treasure of Ki..

S3E12 - The Ark Of The Co..

Josh Gates follows in the footsteps of Indiana Jones as he searches ..

S3E11 - Africa's Cursed L..

Josh Gates journeys to the wilds of Namibia to embark on a treachero..

S3E10 - Captain Kidd's Tr..

Josh Gates retraces the footsteps of the legendary Captain Kidd in t..

S3E9 - Tracking Tasmania'..

Josh Gates ventures to Australia's island state of Tasmania to inves..

S3E8 - Lasseter's Gold

Josh Gates sets off deep into the Australian Outback, following the ..

S3E7 - Cracking the D.B. ..

Josh Gates sets off on an expedition to crack the mystery behind the..

S3E6 - Journey To The Ice..

Josh retrieves bone samples from the massive Batagay crater and gets..

S3E5 - Cloning The Woolly..

One of the most iconic creatures of the Ice Age, the Woolly Mammoth,..

S3E4 - The Lost Colony of..

Josh Gates joins leading archeologists as they investigate America's..

S3E3 - The Vanished Empire

Josh travels to Greece to explore Europe's first superpower and how ..

S3E2 - The Lost Tomb of ..

Josh encounters three separate archaeological teams looking f..

S3E1 - Plummer's Gold

Josh Gates heads to Montana, the Gold Rush territory to search for t..


No description

S2E20 - Hitler's Atomic S..

Josh Gates travels to Austria to expose the secrets of the Third Rei..

S2E19 - Nazi Gold Train

Josh Gates travels to Europe to expose the last secrets of the Nazi ..

S2E18 - Incan King's Mummy

Josh Gates ventures into the mysterious cloud forests of Ecuador's r..

S2E17 - Lost Mexican City

Josh Gates searches Mexico for clues behind the mysterious rise and ..

S2E15 - Search for Shangr..

The show features an investigation into the mythical paradise of Sha..

S2E14 - Yamashita's Gold

Josh heads to the Philippines, searching for gold hidden by Japan in..

S2E13 - Kalahari Desert's..

Host Josh Gates travels to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa ho..

S2E12 - Africa's Gold Hoard

Josh searches for the Kruger Millions in the harsh wild of South Afr..

S2E11 - The Sultan's Heart

Josh Gates travels to Turkey and Hungary to find the heart of Suleim..

S2E10 - True Cross of Chr..

Josh journeys to Jerusalem and Istanbul to pursue the true cross of ..

S2E9 - Japan's Atlantis

Josh heads to Japan to explore the sunken ruins called Japan's Atlan..

S2E8 - Columbus Unearthed

In part 2 of a two-part special, Josh searches for the missing bones..

S2E7 - Secrets of Christo..

In part 1 of a two-part special, Josh visits Portugal & Haiti to dis..

S2E6 - Finding Fenn's For..

Finding Fenn's Fortune
A two-million-dollar treasure hidden d..

S2E5 - The Real Robin Hood

John travels the English countryside in search of the real Robin Hood.

S2E4 - Hunting Vampires

Josh explores the history of vampirism in Romania and Bulgaria.

S2E3 - Blackbeard's Hidde..

Josh dives for the lost treasure of the legendary pirate Blackbeard.

S2E2 - Genghis Khan's Tomb

The hunt for Genghis Khan's long-lost tomb brings host Josh Gates to..

S2E1 - The Quest for King..

In the Season 2 premiere, Gates travels to England, Wales and Scotla..

S1E12 - Curse of the Gold..

The ancient cursed Golden Bell of King Dhammazedi.

S1E11 - Lost Samurai Swor..

Josh Gates travels to Japan to track down a lost samurai sword that ..

S1E10 - Secrets of the Na..

Josh flies to Peru to investigate the giant geoglyphs drawn into ear..

S1E9 - Mayan Apocalypse

Unearthing human skulls and ancient Mayan sacrificial alters in the ..

S1E8 - Code to Gold

Josh scours the Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thom..

S1E7 - Captain Morgan'..

The search for treasure chests off the Panama coast.

S1E6 - Viking Sunstone

Josh tries to unlock the secrets to the fabled while traveling throu..

S1E5 - City of Gold

Josh Gates travels through Peru, searching for the legendary Inca lo..

S1E4 - The Legend of Jess..

Josh tries putting the legend of Jesse James' missing gold to rest, ..

S1E3 - World's 8th Wo..

The hunt for the Amber Chamber takes Josh from Russia to Germany as ..

S1E2 - Temple of Doom

Host Josh Gates travels to the jungles of Cambodia to investigate an..

S1E1 - Amelia Earhart Spe..

An explorer travels the globe searching for the truth behind the wor..