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  • 07/04/2018

    1) Beachfront Bargain Hunt seasons 14,15 no links available
    2) Breaking Homicide 1x6 added
    3) 'anon2798: why is freddys-dead-the-final-nightmare-1991 in catagory of actor Johnny Depp? anyone know? he is not in this according to the list of actors in it.' - if you check on Imdb he is in it as the Guy on TV (as Oprah Noodlemantra)
    4) The Philanthropist no links available
    5) Family Tree 1x1 updated
    6) Cabin Fever 2 Spring Fever (2009) updated
    7) The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal (2018) no links available
    8) Intervention 13x4 only Vidzi links available atm
    9) How to Be a Latin Lover (2017) updated
    10) Black Ink Crew Chicago there was no new episode
    11) The Shape of Water (2017) English subbed link added
    12) Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis (2018) acording to Imdb it will be out on July 29 so no links at least until then
    13) Restaurant: Impossible season 3 no links available for the missing episodes
    14) Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) updated
    15) Game Of Thrones 4x4 updated
    16) Frankie Boyles New World Order 2x7 added
    17) RuPauls Drag Race 10x1 updated
    18) Luke Cage 1x1 updated
    19) Angels in America 1x1 no other links available but Vidzi. Clear cache and press the Darelite button maybe the link will work better
    20) '@CthruU: Trying to rewatch the older episodes of The Expanse and theres a problem with S2E2. The first couple links are the complete wrong show, and all the rest of the links are showing S2E1 for some reason. ' - I've checked some links from 2x1 and it seems that is a double episode since it has 1 hour and 26 minutes. In any case I cleaned up 2x2 and left a link that seems to be episode 2. If there are any problems please let me know
    21) The 100 5x9 will air on July 10
    22) State Fair (1962) no links available
    23) Outcast (2016) 1x9 updated
    24) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018) no links available atm
    25) 13 Reasons Why 2x1 updated
    26) RuPauls Drag Race 3x11 updated
    27) Shooter 2x5 updated
    28) Fred: The Godfather of British Crime no links available
    29) Love Island Aftersun 2x4 added
    30) 'anon8786: can we get at least one of the 47 links for luke cage episode like 8-12 or however many episodes there are? not a single link is working for anything' - of which season?
    31) Saving Grace (2000) is already on the site
    32) Recut Arrested Development season 4 no links available
    33) The Pacific updated. If the links arenot working for you press the Darelite button
    34) Masters of Horror 2x5 more links added
    35) Good Enough (2016) no links available
    36) Marvels Spider-Man 2x3 updated
    37) Wellington Paranormal 1x1 will air on July 11 according to Imdb
    38) 'anon0728: Please supply Vidlock Links For Buriedin the Backyard & A Wedding and a Murder. ty' - Vidlox links added where available
    39) In the Club season 1 updated. IF the links are not working for you press the Darelite button
    40) WWE Royal Rumble 1x3 updated
    41) The Expanse 3x12 some of the links are a double episode meaning they include episode 13
    42) Africa's Deadliest 1x3 updated
    43) Stella Blómkvist no links available
    44) Signed, Sealed, Delivered season 4 will be added as soon as it becomes available
    45) The Real Housewives Of Orange County 13x1 will air on July 16
    46) Believer KR (2018) no other links available atm
    47) Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo 1x1,3 updated
    48) Masters of Horror 2x10 more links added
    49) Carter 1x6 updated
    50) The Sinner 2x1 will air on August 1st
    51) Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma clear cache and try again
    52) Escaping Polygamy 4x4 updated
    53) First Reformed (2017) no links available atm
    54) Tully (2018) no links available atm
    55) Zama (2017) no links available
    56) 1776 (1972) updated
    57) Asia's Next Top Model 3x4 more links added
    58) The Virginian season 1 no links available
    59) The Bachelorette Canada no new episodes available atm
    60) Price of Duty 1x3,4 added
    61) Lost in Space (2018) 1x4 updated
    62) Escape the Night 3x3 added
    63) Hello Sister, Goodbye Life (2006) added
    64) Uncle Drew (2018) no links available atm
    65) A Quiet Place (2018) the English subbed links are labeled as such. There are three different links, choose the one that works best for you
    66) In Treatment 1x14 updated. If the links are not working for you press the Darelite button
    67) My Hero Academia season 3 added
    68) That Summer (2017) no links available