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  • Just awful

    Ok you make money from the steaming sites, so many hits per upload and they pay out. Is it really necessary for a million popups that no one would visit. The porn is a really nice treat for my daughter to see... Get some class and leave the porn to google
    Very shameful

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    hey bro, the popups are on the video players themselves, not the website. i mean, i have adblock plus, tampermonkey blocking scripts, anti-adblock killer, all working to stomp out popups so i don't see them on any of the pages i click on this website, when i click on like, streammango i get 2 popups that i can ctrl+W to close right away, and streamplay has like 4 popups to get to the video, but other players don't have so many popups or any at all. it happens when you use the internet, so invest in the tools to stop the popups. if porn (what is most likely a "are you a boy or a girl" page with a picture of some graphic video game) pops up, you can add it to your filters under adblock plus and that URL will no longer show up, ever. you might get another pop up for something else but... problem solved. just a tip of how you can use tools on the internet to assist you, rather than complaining about a free website that lets you pirate millions of shows or movies. you're teaching your daughter to steal now? how classy is that. anyways, the smallest bit of knowledge would fix all your problems if this is the thing you chose to complain about.