Free Rein


After befriending a mysterious horse during a summer in the English countryside, 15-year-old Zoe finds the strength to deal with issues she faces.
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S2E10 - Nationals

At Nationals, Pin does things his way, Becky cures Jade's fear of pe..

S2E9 - Road Trip

After Zoe and Pin miss the ferry to Nationals, they get a ride in Gr..

S2E8 - Gaby

Gaby secretly trains on Raven, but Zoe's kindness makes her feel gui..

S2E7 - Bob

A fire brings an unlikely hero to the rescue. Gaby reveals her painf..

S2E6 - Runaway

Zoe takes Raven to a private spot to win his forgiveness. Becky, Ben..

S2E5 - Sweet 16

At Zoe's 16th birthday bash, Gaby stirs up trouble between Pin and M..

S2E4 - Truth or Dare

At a beach party, a game of truth or dare forces Zoe to face her fee..

S2E3 - Maid of the Island

Things get out of hand during a jousting match at the annual Maid of..

S2E2 - Golden Boy

The gang sees Pin in a new light. On his last day, Marcus confesses ..

S2E1 - Rivals

When rival riding school Holloway steals Bright Fields' recently won..

S1E9 - The Search

Ben helps Rosie trick her dad into calling her mom. While leading th..

S1E8 - Pony Prom

Mia sabotages Zoe's plans for the barn dance. Becky sets a trap for ..

S1E7 - Emerald

Zoe learns more about Raven's mysterious origins. After finding what..

S1E6 - Horse Thief Hero

Zoe learns why her mom forbade her from riding. Jade uncovers a secr..

S1E5 - The Sleepover

Mia invites Rosie to a sleepover. Zoe and her friends find an engrav..

S1E4 - Pony Camp!

When Pin refuses to tell Zoe why he was stealing from the medical ca..

S1E3 - Spying On Pin

To investigate her suspicions, Zoe defies her mom and sneaks off to ..

S1E2 - Close Up

When Mia insists on mounting Raven for a photo shoot, Zoe must calm ..

S1E1 - Raven

When her sister Rosie goes missing after arriving at their grandfath..