Goodnight Sweetheart


Gary Sparrow lives in the 1990s with his wife but has a route back to the 1940s where he has a mistress. Gary has a tough time keeping his double-life a secret from the two women as he ...
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S6E10 - Accentuate the Po..

With the war coming to an end, there are surprises in store for Gary..

S6E9 - Flash Bang Wallop

Gary must take drastic measures to ensure that a compromising photo ..

S6E8 - Something Fishie

Gary and Phoebe have to deal with a protection racket, while Yvonne ..

S6E7 - How I Won the War

A trip to northern France to entertain the troops forces Gary to pla..

S6E6 - Just in Time

When a workman arrives from the far future to mend a hole in the spa..

S6E5 - The 'ouses in Betw..

Yvonne sells Nature Boy cosmetics for a multi-million sum. Gary trav..

S6E4 - Grief Encounter

Phoebe loses her patience when Gary backs out of a part in NoÃÂ..

S6E3 - California Dreamin'

Gary has to think fast when both his wives decide it's time to move ..

S6E2 - All About Yvonne

Yvonne throws Gary out of their Thameside penthouse apartment, which..

S6E1 - Mine's a Double

A stormy night in the forties turns Gary's world upside down. The pr..

S5E10 - My Heart Belongs ..

Phoebe wants to make a career of singing, and she wants Gary to writ..

S5E9 - Love the One You'r..

Yvonne is signing copies of her just published autobiography. Meanwh..

S5E8 - Have You Ever Seen..

Gary is very unsettled after his French adventure, and he feels like..

S5E7 - ... But We Think Y..

Gary realises that he is only being used as a ploy to fool the Germa..

S5E6 - We Don't Want to L..

Yvonne continues to travel for Nature Boy Cosmetics. Gary takes Phoe..

S5E5 - Pennies from Heaven

When Gary runs short of money, he decides he must break his own rule..

S5E4 - Mairzy Doats

Ron takes advantage of the new ability to use the time gate, and as ..

S5E3 - When Two Worlds Co..

Ron signs up with a dating agency. Yvonne makes a date with Gary, bu..

S5E2 - London Pride

Gary is moving up the social ladder in both eras, though not smoothl..

S5E1 - A Room with a View

An unexpected wartime bomb hits Ducketts Passage and blows Gary and ..

S4E11 - The Bells Are Rin..

Phoebe doesn't think Gary should be at the birth. Yvonne is about to..

S4E10 - Careless Talk

Gary is rapidly running out of money.

S4E9 - Heartaches

Will Gary be on time for his wedding to Phoebe?

S4E8 - Come Fly with Me

Can Gary cope with two stag nights?

S4E7 - Easy Living

Yvonne swaps careers, Phoebe plans the wedding and Reg's domestic pr..

S4E6 - How Long Has This ..

Gary is preparing for Yvonne's return from Korea, but an unexpected ..

S4E5 - The Leaving of Liv..

Gary is in wartime Liverpool with Phoebe, where Ron's grandfather wa..

S4E4 - And Mother Came Too

Yvonne's absence isn't making Gary's life any easier as Ron needs hi..

S4E3 - Out of Town

Gary plans to go on holiday with Phoebe while Yvonne is away on Kore..

S4E2 - In the Mood

It seems that Gary may not be the only one who can go back to 1942.

S4E1 - You're Driving Me ..

With both his ladies expecting babies, the demands on Gary's time be..

S3E10 - Let's Get Away fr..

Both Yvonne and Phoebe want to move house, but moving is the least o..

S3E9 - The Yanks Are Coming

Gary is put out when the Americans arrive at the Royal Oak. As Gary ..

S3E8 - Someone to Watch O..

Having missed the interview that Yvonne had arranged for him, Gary p..

S3E7 - There's Something ..

Yvonne pressures Gary to take a sensible job with her new company, a..

S3E6 - Turned Out Nice Ag..

The famous entertainer George Formby arrives at the Royal Oak wantin..

S3E5 - Goodnight Children..

Phoebe's young orphaned relatives Sally and Peter return to live wit..

S3E4 - Change Partners

The Ron and Stella saga continues. All seems well with both Phoebe a..

S3E3 - It's a Sin to Tell..

Gary helps Yvonne with her OU work with a WW2 tale of a Nazi spy and..

S3E2 - One O'Clock Jump

Gary is having some success with his shop, but this makes the unempl..

S3E1 - It Ain't Necessari..

When Gary returns from the skiing holiday, he goes to see Phoebe, bu..

S2E11 - Between The Devil..

The new development of Ducketts Plaza blocks Gary's route back to 19..

S2E10 - Don't Fence Me In

Phoebe is told that the brewery have another tenant for the Royal Oa..

S2E9 - Let Yourself Go

Gary gets scared when Yvonne thinks they are going to become parents..

S2E8 - Nice Work If You C..

Gary goes back to 1941 to give a concert in Palmer's Green, but only..

S2E7 - Would You Like to ..

Yvonne becomes an amateur actress and lands a lead role, while Gary ..

S2E6 - ...As You Wave Me ..

Gary realises that life in 1941 is not what he expected. The water s..

S2E5 - Wish Me Luck

When it looks Yvonne may be promoted at work, she wants them to move..

S2E4 - Who's Taking You H..

Phoebe invites Gary for a meal, and Yvonne makes plans with him. How..

S2E3 - Just One More Chance

In 1941, Gary faces a court appearance after a drinking bout. It see..

S2E2 - I Got It Bad and T..

In 1995, Yvonne is thinking about having a family, and wants to move..

S2E1 - Don't Get Around M..

Gary returns to the 1940s to try to make a fortune using his knowled..

S1E6 - In the Mood

Gary decides to make another visit to 1940, following an ultimatum f..

S1E5 - I Get Along Withou..

Wanting to improve their marriage, Yvonne decides to share an intere..

S1E4 - The More I See You

Gary asks Ron, who is a printer, to forge him some 1940s identity pa..

S1E3 - Is Your Journey Re..

Gary & Yvonne argue about her preoccupation with her OU degree cours..

S1E2 - Fools Rush In

Ignoring Yvonne's advice, Gary goes for a promotion interview but do..

S1E1 - Rites of Passage

Lost in the East End of London, TV repairman Gary Sparrow walks down..