Marshal Matt Dillon keeps the peace in the rough and tumble Dodge City.
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S7E15 - The Do-Badder

Harvey Easter tries to reform Dodge. He convinces two saddle tramps,..

S7E14 - A Man a Day

Outlaws want Matt to leave Dodge so they can steal from the bank or ..

S7E13 - Marry Me

Orkey Cathcart is looking for a wife and sets his sites on Miss Kitty.

S7E12 - Nina's Revenge

Nina Sharkey has been miserable everyday she's been married to Lee, ..

S7E11 - Apprentice Doc

Doc is awakened in the middle of the night, chlorophormed, kidnapped..

S7E10 - Indian Ford

Mountain man Gabe Trumbull reports to Matt that he saw a young, ""fa..

S7E9 - Milly

To escape her poverty and abusive, drunken faher, 17 year old Milly ..

S7E8 - Chesterland

Chester smitten by love takes up farming, to provide for his betroth..

S7E7 - The Squaw

Widower Hardy Tate lost his wife over a year earlier and feels he's ..

S7E6 - LongLong Trail

Sarah Drew arrives in Dodge City hoping to find someone to escort he..

S7E5 - All That

Shanks is evicted from his rented ranch, loses his cattle and wife t..

S7E4 - Harper's Blood (AKA

Sarah Cooley, dying of a heart attack, confesses to her husband, Gip..

S7E3 - Miss Kitty

Kitty is the mystery woman of the day. She rides off in the night un..

S7E2 - Old Yellow Boots

Frank Cassidy is a thief and murderer that stops at Beulah Parker's ..

S7E1 - Perce

Matt runs into Perce McCall on the prairie and they decide to camp t..

S6E30 - Minnie

Rough and rowdy Minnie comes to Dodge Cith and sets her designs on D..

S6E18 - Unloaded Gun

When 2 outlaws shoot and kill a storekeeper and his young employee, ..

S6E15 - Old Fool

A scheming woman (Else Hedgepath), who is after the money and wealth..

S6E13 - The Wake

Gus Mather comes into Dodge and throws a big wake for a man named Or..

S6E9 - The Badge

While Marshall Matt Dillon is pursuing two fugitives from justice, h..

S6E8 - The Worm

A buffalo hunter (Spadden) and his partner Ritchie come to Dodge Cit..

S6E5 - Shooting Stopover

While Matt and Chester are transporting a prisoner on a stage coach ..

S6E4 - Say Uncle

Martin Nagel is a hard working store owner that has plans to build u..

S6E2 - The Blacksmith

German immigrant and town blacksmith, Emil Wolhter and his German ma..

S5E39 - Cherry Red

No description

S5E37 - Old Flame

No description

S5E32 - The Lady Killer

While Grant Lucas is in Dodge to testify in court against Cy Welch, ..

S5E31 - I Thee Wed

After Sam Lackett physically beats his wife on the streets of Dodge,..

S5E30 - The Ex-Urbanites

While Doc and Chester are traveling on the prairie, Doc is shot by s..

S5E29 - Colleen So Green

Chester a">A southern belle named Colleen comes to Dodge and charms her way thr..

S5E28 - Crowbait Bob

When the greedy relatives of a dying man ()learn that he might be dy..

S5E27 - Where'd They Go

When Jonas accuses Clint Dodie of robbing his store, Matt and Cheste..

S5E24 - Kitty's Killing

When an older gentlemen, Jacob Leech, comes into the Dodge jail hous..

S5E22 - Doc Judge

While Matt is away on business, Doc gets threatened by an ex convict..

S5E21 - Hinka Do

When she opens the saloon, she lets the Dodge cowpokes know that she is very handy with a gun and will use that gun on any trouble makers in her saloon.
At first M">The new rootin tootin owner of ""The Lady Gay"" (Mamie)comes to Dod..

S5E18 - Big Tom

No description

S5E10 - The Boots

No description

S5E8 - Saludos

Matt and Chester find a young Indian woman (Sochi) on the prairie su..

S5E5 - Kangaroo

When a crazy man and his two songs whip a cowboy with a bullwhip al..

S5E4 - Johnny Red

No description

S5E3 - Horse Deal

No description

S5E2 - Kitty's Injury

After Miss Kitty is injured from falling from a horse, Matt seeks he..

S5E1 - Target

No description

S4E39 - Cheyennes

No description

S4E38 - Blue Horse

No description

S4E34 - The Choice

No description

S4E33 - Buffalo Hunter

When a Buffalo hunter dies from injuries from burning led, Matt and ..

S4E29 - Fawn

No description

S4E28 - Wind

No description

S4E27 - The F.U. (aka Al ..

When Onie Becker is shot down on the streets of Dodge after quarreli..

S4E26 - The Coward

No description

S4E25 - The Bear

No description

S4E24 - Doc Quits

When another Doctor shows up in Dodge promising lower Doctor's fees ..

S4E23 - Sky

While Chester is teaching Miss Kitty guitar playing and singing tech..

S4E22 - Kitty's Rebellion

An old friend of the family comes to Dodge looking for Kitty, but wh..

S4E21 - Jayhawkers

No description

S4E18 - Marshal Proudfoot

Matt goes along with a hoax when Chester's aging Uncle Wesley arrive..

S4E17 - Young Love

No description

S4E15 - Snakebite

When two town troublemakers kill Poney Thompson's dog , Poney goes a..

S4E13 - The Cast

Shell Tucker is normally a friendly and peaceful sort of a man.

S4E12 - Grass

No description

S4E9 - Land Deal

No description

S4E8 - Lost Rifle

No description

S4E5 - Letter of the Law

When Matt is forced to serve an eviction notice on farmer Brandon Te..

S4E4 - Monopoly

No description

S4E3 - Gunsmuggler

When renegade Pawnee Indians attack some local ranchers, Matt and Ma..

S4E2 - The Patsy

After a young man is shot in the back, people think it was young Fly..

S4E1 - Matt for Murder

Matt resigns as Marshall after Tom Samples accuses Matt of killing a..

S3E37 - Carmen

No description

S3E28 - Bottleman

No description

S3E25 - Dirt

Nat Seiber and Polly Troyman are to be married.
When Polly's y..

S3E24 - The Cabin

No description

S3E23 - Wild West

No description

S3E21 - Ma Tennis

No description

S3E20 - Claustrophobia

Ollie Ridgers is a free spirited man who hates towns and lives free ..

S3E17 - Joe Phy

No description

S3E15 - Kitty Lost

An eastern dude asks Kitty if she'd like to take a midnight drive, b..

S3E13 - Cows and Cribs

When a young couple dies of the fever out on the prairie , Doc, Matt..

S3E12 - How to Kill a Woman

When a man is murdered on a stagecoach, the stagecoach driver thinks..

S3E11 - Fingered

No description

S3E10 - Never Pester Ches..

When Matt sends Chester out to handle a rowdy couple of cow pokers, ..

S3E9 - Romeo

No description

S3E6 - Jesse

No description

S3E5 - Potato Road

No description

S3E4 - Kitty's Outlaw

Doc, Chester, and Matt suspect Kitty of helping a bank robber when s..

S3E3 - Blood Money

After Harry Spencer's life is saved Matt receives a wanted poster fo..

S3E2 - Gun for Chester

Chester believes Asa Ledbetter is out to kill him. After Chester is ..

S3E1 - Crack-Up

Matt learns there is a hired killer in Dodge City, the hired killer ..

S2E39 - Jealousy

Matt wonders how Cam is doing after not seeing him in a few days, Ma..

S2E38 - Liar from Blackhawk

A drunken man tries to beat Shinn to the draw (with his gun) but the..

S2E37 - The Man Who Would..

A former Army Officer wants Matt Dillon's job. Matt then takes Mr. E..

S2E36 - Daddy-O

Kitty's father, Wayne Russell, arrives in Dodge to meet his daughter..

S2E35 - Uncle Oliver

After Chester & Matt meet , Chester feels uneasy after Viney suggest..

S2E34 - Who Lives by the ..

Joe Delk causes trouble at The Long Branch after shooting two men wh..

S2E33 - Moon

After Charlie Brewer is found dead, Jack Salter who was a friend of ..

S2E32 - Cheap Labor

Matt meets Fos Capper, who wants to marry Flora Stancil. Flora's bro..

S2E31 - What the Whiskey ..

Matt goes inside The Long Branch and meets Wilbur Hawkins a whiskey ..

S2E30 - Big Girl Lost

Philip Locke is looking for Laura Simmons, but she doesn't want him ..

S2E29 - Wrong Man

Sam Rickers comes to the Marshal's Office asking to see Matt. Chest..

S2E28 - The Photographer

Dodge City meets a Photographer who shows the residents how a camera..

S2E26 - Last Fling

Matt fills out a report on Chester after he is believed to have shot..

S2E25 - Bureaucrat

The west gets law & order.

S2E24 - Cain

A rancher comes to terms with his past.

S2E23 - Sweet and Sour

Rena Decker, a new dance hall girl, purposely gets her admirers into..

S2E22 - Skid Row

Hank Groat bothers Kitty. Chester comes to her rescue. Ann Cabot a..

S2E21 - Bloody Hands

Matt Dillon begins having nightmares due to a gunfight in which Matt..

S2E20 - Gone Straight

A man comes into Dodge City looking for Jim Glass, Matt believes Jim..

S2E19 - Executioner

A young gunfighter, Tom Clegg, forces farmer Abe Curry into a duel a..

S2E18 - Kick Me

Harry Bent and Fred Myers just robbed the bank in Wichita. Harry an..

S2E17 - Sins of the Father

Mr. Dobie, the hotel owner, wants Matt to quiet Big Dan Daggit's wif..

S2E16 - The Cover Up

Kitty's been riding in her riding skirt. Hoffer says he's gonna kil..

S2E15 - Pucket's New Year

Ira Pucket was abandoned on the prairie in subfreezing weather by hi..

S2E14 - Cholera

Chester worries about bugs & sees Billy messing with a wagon. Matt ..

S2E13 - Poor Pearl

Willie Calhoun's in town for a bath and a haircut, in preparation to..

S2E12 - Spring Term

Matt talks to a wounded man who was shot with a bullet meant for him..

S2E11 - No Indians

Sam tells matt the Pawnees killed and scalped a family. Matt and Ch..

S2E10 - Greater Love

Doc is sick and tired of working day and night and being paid off in..

S2E9 - The Mistake

Kitty is in her cowgirl outfit. She's just return from a morning ri..

S2E8 - Legal Revenge

Doc rides up to the Tibbs house to say his services are available. ..

S2E7 - How to Cure a Friend

Matt's getting his haircut. The barber tells about a couple of Tex..

S2E6 - Indian White

At Fort Dodge, home of the third cavalry, Mrs. Mary Cullen tells the..

S2E5 - Young Man with a Gun

After gunman, Sam Kercher is killed by Matt, his 16-year old brother..

S2E4 - The Round Up

Matt closes up shops to a group of drunken cowboys, which causes tro..

S2E3 - Custer

Matt refushes to turn Joe Trimble a rustler over to Major Banker for..

S2E2 - Brush at Elkader

After his friend Ben Williams is shot down by Lou Shippen, Matt trav..

S2E1 - Cow Doctor

After he is summoned unknowingly by Ben Pitcher to treat one of his ..

S1E39 - Alarm at Pleasant..

While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester discover a homstead..

S1E38 - Unmarked Grave

On a stage heading for Dodge Sheriff Darcy has a heart attack while ..

S1E37 - Mr. and Mrs. Amber

Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. She was set..

S1E36 - Cara

Doc tends , who slashed her forearm, to make it look like a suicide ..

S1E35 - The Guitar

Augie Shart and Gene Tyler a couple of drunks try to hang Weed Pindl..

S1E34 - Chester's Mail Or..

Chester's drinking a lot at the Long Branch. A buffalo hunter, Nate..

S1E33 - Prairie Happy

Chester and Matt are out riding when they get shot at by a boy. His..

S1E32 - Dutch George

Matt's Childhood hero, is now the leader of a notorious gang of hor..

S1E31 - How to Die for No..

Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus. Matt ..

S1E30 - The Preacher

Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer.

S1E29 - Doc's Revenge

Clem Maddow rides into Dodge. Doc tells Chester I'm gonna kill a ma..

S1E28 - The Killer

Charles Bronson guest stars as a cowardly gunslinger who only goes a..

S1E27 - Cooter

brings Mr. Ben Sissell, a gambler, a drink. A kid accuses Ben of de..

S1E26 - Hack Prine

, a friend of Matt's rides into Dodge. However he is there as a gunm..

S1E25 - The Big Broad

Big Lena Wave and her man, diminutive Emmett Fitzgood ride into Dodg..

S1E24 - The Pest Hole

Doc is using the jail to quarantine people as they fall ill. The com..

S1E23 - Indian Scout

Twenty-three soldiers died a the hands of the Comamches at Cold Cree..

S1E22 - Tap Day for Kitty

An old sodbuster comes to town and decides he wants to marry Kitty. ..

S1E21 - Helping Hand

A would-be tough guy picks on the wrong man in an attempt to make a ..

S1E20 - Reunion '78

Belle Archer recognizes Jerry Shand and hides her face. Jerry has a..

S1E19 - 20-20

Troy Carver, an aging ex-lawman gets off the stage. Matt calls to h..

S1E18 - Yorky

, a white boy who was brought up by Arapahoes, is victimized by hors..

S1E17 - Robin Hood

Victims won't testify against John Henry Jordan at his trial for rob..

S1E16 - Reward for Matt

Matt kills a man and his widow posts a $1,000 reward for his death. ..

S1E15 - No Handcuffs

When a dishonest Deputy Sheriff takes a prisoner from Matt's jail wi..

S1E14 - Professor Lute Bone

Doc is so angered by a traveling medicine man and his opium elixir t..

S1E13 - Reed Survives

Lucy also professes her love for handsome Booth Rider, and concocts ..

S1E12 - Magnus

Chester is embarrassed when his mountain man brother comes to town ..

S1E11 - General Parcley S..

Old-timer Smith is a former Army officer considered a butcher. He ar..

S1E10 - The Queue

After two bullys cut off Chen's pig-tail (queue), the man vows venge..

S1E9 - The Hunter

A buffalo hunter, Jase Murdock, is warned by Ross the storekeeper to..

S1E8 - Kite's Reward

Andy Travis shoots a guy. Matt tells him you're real good with the ..

S1E7 - Smoking Out the No..

Clay Young is trying to evict Josh Nolan. Josh tells Matt he paid C..

S1E6 - Night Incident

Little Timmy Wyatt witnesses a series of bizarre murders. He has a ..

S1E5 - Obie Tater

Two outlaws seek an old prospector's hidden fortune. They drag him ..

S1E4 - Home Surgery

When returning to Dodge, Chester and Matt are confronted by Holly Ha..

S1E3 - Word of Honor

Hank Worth, son of wealthy rancher Jake Worth, is kidnapped and held..

S1E2 - Hot Spell

Matt intercedes on behalf of ex-con Cope Borden, when Rance Bradley ..

S1E1 - Matt Gets It

Dan Grat, a gunman hunted by Texas authorities, seeks refuge in Dodg..