Hit the Floor


Hit the Floor
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S4E1 -Slay

The more things change, the more things stay the same. New Devil Gir..

S3E10 - Possession

Derek's hiding a secret and Ahsha's world will never be the same; Sl..

S3E9 - Loss

Devils Nation suffers a loss; Lionel's actions reverberate throughou..

S3E8 - Upset

Chase returns with an agenda; Ahsha loses control; Derek and Kyle fe..

S3E7 - Killer Crossover

Ahsha and Sloane race against time and each other; Jelena gambles; T..

S3E6 - Carrying

Tensions between Ahsha, German and Derek reach a breaking point; Jel..

S3E5 - Lockout

Ahsha, Derek, German, Zero, Jude and Pete face the consequences of t..

S3E4 - Good D

Lionel plans a big opening day; Ahsha tries to resist Derek; German ..

S3E3 - Fake Out

Jelena and Terrence throw a masquerade party; Jude and Zero's relati..

S3E2 - Blocked

Jelena is forced to play nice with Vanessa; German must answer to Ah..

S3E1 - Power Play

In the Season 3 premiere, the Devils get ready for their championshi..

S2E12 - Winner Takes All

The team pushes to the title in the Season 2 finale. Also: The polic..

S2E11 - Sudden Death

The Devil Girls invade the enemy; German and Ahsha get closer; Jelen..

S2E10 - Steal

Jelena makes a decision; Ahsha gets the opportunity of a lifetime; L..

S2E9 - Unguarded

Fallout from past behavior impacts Ahsha, Jude, Jelena and Pete. Els..

S2E8 - Playing Dirty

Sloane and Raquel's investigation is stalled; Ahsha targets Jelena; ..

S2E7 - Isolation

Jelena gets an ultimatum from Zero; Ahsha and Derek struggle with th..

S2E6 - Blow Out

Jelena takes aim at Sloane. Meanwhile, Pete and Lionel bond.

S2E5 - Shattered Glass

A storm blows in just as Jelena and Kyle must face unwanted visitors..

S2E4 - Full-Court Press

Ahsha's position with the Devil Girls is put in jeopardy, but an unl..

S2E3 - Behind the Back

A stunning development marks Sloane's investigation. Meanwhile, Jele..

S2E2 - Passing

Ahsha and Derek try to keep their relationship a secret. Elsewhere, ..

S2E1 - Game Changer

Romantic sparks fly between all-star Ahsha and Derek in the Season 2..

S1E10 - Turnover

There is a personnel change in the organization; Ahsha and Derek gro..

S1E9 - Benched

Kyle hooks up with a fan; Olivia suggests that Ahsha should reveal m..

S1E8 - Fast Break

Olivia sidelines Jelena and Ahsha gets the chance to shine; German a..

S1E7 - Moving Screens

Ahsha is a rising star; Kyle engages in non-sanctioned Devil Girl be..

S1E6 - Lights Out

Ahsha is trapped in an elevator with Derek; Pete tells Raquel a secr..

S1E5 - Keep Away

The Devil Girls perform on the Santa Monica Pier; Jelena tries to cr..

S1E4 - Rebound

Pete and Sloane confront their past. Meanwhile, Jelena plots Ahsha's..

S1E3 - Out of Bounds

Ahsha receives shocking news, to Jelena's enjoyment; Kyle dodges the..

S1E2 - Game On

Jelena targets Ahsha while engaging in a power struggle with Olivia;..

S1E1 - Pilot

Ahsha Hayes tries out for the L.A. Devil Girls dance team against he..