House Hunters International


Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in other countries.
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S93E26 - 01.22.2018 Charm..

Hardworking New Englanders are looking to rekindle their romance and..

S93E25 - 01.08.2018 Elvis..

A couple leaves Washougal, WA, to pursue his Elvis impersonator care..

S93E24 - Jan.01.2018 Hous..

Texans Colt and Brook have lived in a travel trailer for two years t..


A couple with three sons is tired of the Toronto rat race and decide..

S93E22 - Dec.20.2017 Vamo..

A couple looks to celebrate the completion of a massive renovation o..

S93E21 - Dec.13.2017 Dani..

A Texas couple wants to introduce their son to his heritage by buyin..

S93E20 - Dec.12.2017 Fres..

A Nashville couple that separated due to overwhelming lifestyles fel..

S93E19 - Dec.05.2017 Livi..

After months of treatment, a cancer survivor and his..

S93E18 - Dec.04.2017 Stud..

After putting in her days in a small college space as a PhD candidat..

S93E17 - Nov.24.2017 From..

A Minnesota couple is excited to find new adventures after following..

S93E16 - Nov.06.2017 Cous..

A mother wants to return to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to gi..

S93E11 - Oct.3.2017 Desig..

After 40 years of the daily grind as a designer in NYC, Fern is read..

S93E10 - Oct.02.2017 Beac..

A new job in Melbourne, Australia, is uprooting a Nashville family f..

S93E9 - Sept.22.2017 Sett..

World traveler Chris loves stand-up paddleboarding and dogs, so for ..

S93E8 - Sept.21.2017 Heal..

Fitness buffs Jeff and Carol are ready to leave freezing Pennsylvani..

S93E7 - Sept.18.2017 Seyc..

After deciding to work for herself, a woman chooses the remote Seych..