How can I reduce a hangover

Are you hungover last night and going through the hardships by head ache and dehydration etc.,?

Don’t worry, if you’re looking to have a pleasant morning instead of rough morning with vomiting, head ache and dizziness after hangover last night then you’re in the place because you can find some perfect measures here that are going to work pretty well and can overcome hangover. So check carefully.

Reduction measures

We have both preventive and curing methods to overcome hangover.

Preventive measures helps you from getting hungover whereas curing measures helps you overcome hangover or dizziness.

So, first let’s take a look at some of the preventive measures to reduce hangover.

Preventive measures

Drinking water

It is very obvious that drinking water eradicates many health problems. In the same way by drinking water hangover can also be reduced. So it is better to drink a glass of water between drinks like, if you’re a having a drink so try to guzzle a glass of water in between, one per hour so if you follow this rule of having one glass of water per hour between drinks can probably reduce your hangover easily. And also drink two glasses of water before going to bed so that you wouldn’t have a rough morning. Most of the doctors recommend to drink a lot water because it boosts the appearance of your skin and also eliminates stomach problems etc.,

Eating a lot

Another preventive measure which really helps is eating food. So, try to have greasy foods like burger, pizza and snacks while having a glass water and also in between the drinks so that there is something in your stomach that can soak up the alcohol. So eating food and snacks may help you to reduce the possibilities of hungover.

Mixing drinks

Most of the people want to try different type of drinks like beer, vodka, tequila and shots but, they don’t know that if they drink different type of drinks it leads to hungover. So, try not to switch between drinks and try to be moderate by having only one variety of drink so that you can be acquainted from hangover.

Making up your mind

If you have been hungover before and had suffered a lot by it and you never want to get hungover again. Then, it is best to prepare your mind before going to party that you need to drink less so that you never get hungover again.


Charcoal pills

Another effective measure is having charcoal pills. It is like, you just need to take 4 charcoal pills before having drink or drinks. So, after drinking you don’t feel any hungover or dizziness because charcoal observes all the toxins from the alcohol so that it doesn’t cause nosiness. So, charcoal pills are best to use for reduction of hangover. These charcoal pills are available anywhere at medical stores near your locality.

Curing measures

Vitamin drinks

When you wake up the next morning you feel like spinning and also you will probably feel sick too so you can have lots and lots of water and try not to drink that is too cool or hot. It is better to drink normal water with room temperature so that it doesn’t aggravate your stomach because your stomach is very precise at this point. Also have Gatorade and some vitamin drinks like vitamin water, vitamin b-complex, Vitamin B or C so that these help with settling up your stomach.


After waking up in the morning if you feel like sick and dizzy with hangover then you need have proper medication so that you can feel better. Sometimes if you drink too much you will have terrible head ache the next morning due to hangover. So, try to have medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen so that you can have some rest without any problems. Don’t take acetaminophen because acetaminophen and alcohol doesn’t go well with your stomach and can cause any damage to your liver. So, it is better not to take acetaminophen.


Another best measure to reduce hangover is to have sufficient sleep and rest because even after taking proper medication if you still feel sick or suffering with head and stomach ache, it is better to have sufficient rest and sleep so that you can  overcome hangover easily and make your refresh and active.

So these are some preventive and curing measures. I hope these can help you to overcome hangover so that you people can be healthy and active.

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