How I Found Hope For Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is something I never believed in its existence until I was diagnosed of the chronic disorder. I am a businesswoman married with kids. At the onset of my life, I don’t enjoy sedentary life. I always go from a friend to another. I used to attend any social function invited.

Everything happened in about five years ago. One day, I woke up and I felt something was not actually right. I was feeling general body weakness, headache and pain in some regions of my body which I was later told that those are tender point of fibromyalgia. I should have gone to my personal physician to complain but I thought it was an ordinary emotional stress which will disappear before the day would run out. But I was wrong, completely wrong in my precision. This was because the symptoms persist.

When I realized that the symptoms were rapidly improving daily, I began to feel worried. What sort of sickness was this? Then I saw good reason why I have to tell my doctor what was wrong with me. After her test she diagnosed fibromyalgia. I was very scared and impatient when she said this. I quickly rushed home, grabbed my phone and searched the meaning of fibromyalgia and everything I needed to know about the disorder. The information I obtained from the internet increased my fear. I was very scared when I heard there is no known cause and cure and it is predominantly in women.

My doctor started giving me some analgesics but I didn’t see any response. So, she decided to prescribe FDA-approved drugs for fibromyalgia treatment. At first, it was reasonably better but later it didn’t respond to the pain. I was so perplexed because I was gradually losing my sound health and fitness. I stopped using all the drugs because of no observable changes and I continued my search for my relief.

A friend of mine invited me to yoga classes which she said if properly done, I will be relieved from fibromyalgia. That time I was ready to do anything so as to be cured from this chronic musculoskeletal pain. I got myself enrolled into the yoga and underwent a variety of rigorous training sessions. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me too.

After a number of queries from my workplace majorly for incessant absence from work, I was relieved of my duty even when I was not yet relieved of fibromyalgia. This added to my problem emotionally you know. I was having problem of relating friendly with people even my kids at home because I felt severe pain at the tender points. I couldn’t carry them playfully. Spending weekends with them by playing all along became a serious challenge. This fibromyalgia pain was obviously affecting my family.

I was already having the impression that I can’t be relieved from this strange pain. I was gradually losing hope of regaining my normal state of health. I was very sad seeing the painful state as the normal state. Then, I was invited to a physical therapy where I was told the pain would become a past tense then. The physical therapist also included cognitive behavioral therapy because of my depression. The pain was first aggravated that the tender points were even more painful than before. After some sessions, I was gradually relieved but the period of pain was greatly prolonged.

I stopped the training. I was still nursing this pain and the fatigue didn’t allow moving here and there anymore. I just sat at home all day. I was waiting for unexpected miracle to come and remove the pain from me totally. I started praying over it.images (6)

Then one day my husband who had been very supportive since I have been battling with fibromyalgia came shouting ‘Eureka!’ I was beginning to ask what did he lost and found and he said that he was surfing through the internet and saw this product named ‘Fibromyalgia Pain Patch’, Stress and Anxiety Patch and Bio Energy Patch. He was telling me the description of these patches and how they were to be used for effective result but I didn’t show any interest in what he was saying.  I have totally lost hope. I didn’t want to waste my time and little energy trying this again. After too much persuasion from my darling I decided to also give it a try knowing that it won’t yield any favorable result but you know what? I was shocked and surprised.

images (7)Within a week or two that I started using the patches I noticed dramatic improvement of my overall health. It was like magic. After some months like three to be precise, I have regain seventy-five percent of my health. I started working again and the family was becoming a happy one it was known to be. Consistency use of these patches remedied fibromyalgia. Yes, it worked for me. It can work for you too.







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