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How long can you be Hungover

Hangover mostly lastly for about 24 hours is what people say and is also true in most cases. But despite that fact, it depends mainly on the amount of alcohol taken by an individual which proportionate to the Trouble Hangover is bringing for you for the next day! And if at all, you have been experiencing the pain for more than one day then the following reasons can be the most probable reasons for extended Hangover period.



Alcohol is diuretic, meaning alcohol dehydrates the water percentage in the body and making us to stand in line multiple times to go to the bathroom, this is the reason, the Bar Restrooms are always engaged. So this is mainly because our Pituitary glands stop producing vasopressin, which is anti-diuretic element that controls and maintains water level in the body. And it is believed for every 100 ml of Alcohol consumed we lose 850-1000 ml of liquid from our body, so that is the reason our body parts try to steal water from the Brain, and the brain contracts when the water get shrinked, this is the reason we get a massive headache which is intolerable and very dangerous. And also while drinking this is the reason, we go to restrooms more often and then the next morning when the Water percentage in the body goes down and you completely dehydrate, you will be sick and restless, and feel dizzy ultimately you will be having Hangover for the longer time than expected.


Over-Drinking or Over Consumption of Alcohol

When you drink moderately or in good and decent amounts of Alcohol is consumed only a small amount of acetaldehyde is released into stomach, and this is eliminated by the peptide released by liver called Glutathione, which basically eliminates acetate from the body. But if you don't stop with small amounts and continue overloading your body with alcohol, the liver stops producing Glutathione and that results in increase of Acetate and also acetaldehyde and including HCL (Hydrochloric acid) quantity in body and it takes for the liver forever to metabolize all the contents mainly alcohol from the stomach and moreover excess amounts of the alcohol in the body causes adverse symptoms like Vomiting and also nausea. So over consumption of alcohol and their presence inside the body, results in very high and lengthy process to get rid of Hangover, and it entirely depends on time, As long as the busy liver completes its process to metabolize the Hangover persists.


The byproducts of fermentation of different Alcohol types and the chemical impurities are known as Congeners. Alcohol products like Whisky, Tequila, Red Wine, Brandy, have more impurities or more congeners. Hence this causes more or severe Hangovers, which last longer than expected. So once you drink alcohol with more congeners, you are likely to experience the more adverse and also more time taking Hangover.


Possible measures

And when it comes to the possible solutions or measure, as the proverb goes "Prevention is better than cure", In this case, Prevention is better than remedies. Everyone even the afflicted knows that as long as the Alcohol in him melts or the Liver of his/her completes the metabolism of the alcohol which takes about 60 minutes for each 100 ml of alcohol, the Hangover part is never going to leave the consumer. So, He/She should wait and possibly follow the methods like

And the ultimate and best Prevention is to drink moderately or don't drink at all to not undergo any sorts of Hangover at all. After all, Hangover is to depict or indicate you, what your body doesn't like to do!



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