How to cure a hangover

So let’s be honest. We’ve all tried the numerous hangover treatment methods and medications in a desperate attempt to be able to drink risk free. Most don’t work and instead just waste your time, money and effort. Hangovers are vulnerable states for people, a method of treating them and preventing them is long sought after as everyone clambers to try and ensure that they won’t wake up feeling like death. Well there are many, many tips and methods out there, most of which don’t work. This article aims to narrow down the treatments and will only list the tried and tested solutions.




No, I’m not going to recommend any “hangover treatment” pills or anything. There is no such thing and you should never buy them. There are several things you can eat and drink that will help you to get over your hangover and be feeling back in tip-top shape again. None of them will definitely release you of your hangover but all have been confirmed and tested to vastly lessen the effects you will feel.


Water: Of course, you all knew this was going to be the first suggestion. It is a well known fact that alcohol causes you to frequently visit the bathroom and will leave you plenty dehydrated the next morning. This means that water is an absolute must if you want to reduce your effects of a hangover. It is recommended that you drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink to balance out the fluids and keep you hydrated as you go. Though, this is not always an option or you simply forget and drinking a nice big glass before bed will still be helpful whilst not as effective.


Coffee: This one is entirely circumstantial and will depend on the kind of person you are. Some find that waking up to a hot cup of coffee will make them feel more alert and awake, decreasing the headache whilst some may find that it in fact makes their headache worse. Be careful when deciding to drink coffee to help yourself as it is not certain to help you, though you may find it does. Ensure this is accompanied by water too as caffeine can cause you to get more dehydrated.


Bread and crackers: Making yourself a couple slices of toast or a few crackers can certainly help when you wake up to the effects of a hangover. Eating something plain and high in carbohydrates will always help any kind of sickness or illness, being no exception for hangovers. These high carbohydrate foods can help bring up your blood sugar levels and thus contribute to reducing your headache and sickness rather quickly. A night of drinking will lower your blood sugar levels a lot and so will need replenishing either in the night or when you wake up, making a nice breakfast of toast and coffee to be quite useful.


Medication: I know I previously stated I wouldn’t recommend any medication that will miraculously cure your hangover and I stand by that statement. I’m still not going to recommend that. Though, there are pills you can take which will help reduce the effects which aren’t specifically intended for the job. Anti-inflammatory pills can help reduce the effects of a headache over time and are worth popping a couple just to help ease the pain. Combine this with copious amounts of water and you should be feeling ripe in no time.


The definitive cure


There is only one true cure to entirely prevent hangovers that has been tested and proven to work 100% of the time.


Limiting yourself: Next time you decide to have a couple of beers with your friends, make sure you keep it at a couple of beers. If you really don’t want a hangover then don’t drink enough to cause one. Drinking large amounts at once is asking for it. On average, you shouldn’t be drinking more than 2 beers a day and if you do, make sure to drink slowly. Don’t down 4 beers within half an hour, take it slow and make your drinks last around an hour each. This gives the body time to metabolize your drink and won’t make your blood sugar levels plummet. If you do drink too much however, try and follow the “one beer, one water” rule. This is the only certain way to ensure that you won’t be waking up tomorrow with a pounding headache and feeling sick.


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