Investigation Couple


Baek Beom has worked as a forensic doctor for 10 years, he is excellent with his work, but does not open his mind to other people. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor with a bright personality and she comes from wealth family background. The forensic scientist with a bad personality and a warm-hearted prosecutor must join forces in order to catch a serial killer.

S1E28 - Pandora’s Box

The body of Seong Hye Bin, a young woman, is found in the mountain b..

S1E27 - The Killer Returns

Prosecutor Do Ji Han firmly believes that the killer is the same kil..

S1E26 - Rain and Umbrella

While grilling some pork skin at a restaurant with Beom, Sol suddenl..

S1E25 - Pork Skin

It turns out that the amount of poison the late Yeom Sang Goo took w..

S1E24 - Blowfish

Dae Sik is taken into custody and is interrogated after being suspec..

S1E23 - Sudden Death

Yeom Sang Goo, a 76-year-old man, is found dead in his sleep. Althou..

S1E22 - Your Lies Have Co..

It turns out that the real murderer is actually a woman. Hyun confes..

S1E21 - Serial Murder Case

Eun Sol arrives too late and finds the body already in the process o..

S1E20 - We Found the Deci..

As all the evidence of the murder points to Beom, he is taken into c..

S1E19 - You Can’t Perfo..

Right when Beom is about to perform an autopsy on Seo Jeong Min, Kan..

S1E18 - I Am Sorry That I..

Sol remembers seeing many different pill containers on Sung Jae’s ..

S1E17 - My Son Wouldn’t..

Ma Do Nam becomes enraged when he hears that his late son, Sung Jae,..

S1E16 - Everyone’s Equa..

Do Nam and his wife mourn heavily over the loss of their son, Sung J..

S1E15 - Ma Do Nam’s Son

Kang Hyun meets Baek Beom while commemorating his late, older brothe..

S1E14 - Kang Yong’s Baby

While inside the autopsy room, both Sol and Beom start to feel sick...

S1E13 - You Killed with T..

While helping Beom with the autopsy of a man suspected of MERS, Sol ..

S1E12 - Car Accident

This time, Sol and Beom are faced with a car accident case. The driv..

S1E11 - First Case

It turns out that the killer is in fact Mi Rae’s boyfriend, Kim Jo..

S1E10 - You’re Still Ju..

All the evidence that they find point toward Soo Ho. Although he can..

S1E9 - Did You Do It Or N..

Soo Ho’s shoe is found at the house of Yeon Mi Rae, who has been f..

S1E8 - I Gave Birth to De..

All the wicked deeds that Choi Hwa Ja has done are revealed, and the..

S1E7 - Will You Take Resp..

Baek Beom finds Choi Hwa Ja’s fingerprints on the dead Byun Soo Ky..

S1E2 - Who Says That Dead..

Eun Sol, a newbie prosecutor, holds hands with Baek Beom and Cha Soo..

S1E1 - Every Contact Leav..

Baek Beom, a medical examiner, performs an autopsy on a young victim..