There are limitless options that can be employed in the treatment of mental disorders especially depression.  The pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed much of the time take weeks or months, before changes can be observed by the patient. What is more is that sometimes, the antidepressants turn out to be severely addictive with numerous side effects that crop up once you quit taking them. Worst of all, antidepressant medications work for a limited few, about 1 in 3 persons who take antidepressant medications for depression do not find any relief.


Besides the regular antidepressant drugs, there are alternate ways of treating mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety and similar mood disorders. Since the inception of Medical Marijuana, there have been reports of cases of persons who have found relief from the administration of Cannabis. This relaxing effect has always been attributed to the compound THC, nevertheless, from further researches on CBD, a compound found in Cannabis, it has been discovered that CBD also has the effects which THC has, besides the psychoactive reactions, thankfully.

CBD can be likened to a miracle compound, due to the remarkable success rate it has shown in the treatment of depression and related illnesses. It is totally non-psychoactive Cannabinoid which works to counter the effects of THC and other psychoactive compounds. It now appears that CBD is an exceedingly effective depressant.


OBX mice are mice that have been modified surgically to act as stand in for testing depression medications. Studies done on these mice showed that when treated with CBD, there was a near instant positive change in their condition. This was about 30 minutes after the CBD injection was administered. Hyperactivity, which is a symptom of anxiety and depression in humans, had declined considerably in the mice. According to researches, CBD could represent a new quick antidepressant drug, through enhancing both serotonergic and glutamate cortical signalling via a 5HT1A receptor-dependent mechanism. Due to the Schedule I status of Cannabis, it has been quite hard to do any research on the issue of CBD and depression until recently. However, there could be a change in soon if the CARERS Act were passed by congress, de-enlisting Cannabidiol from the controlled substances act totally and rescheduling Cannabis from Schedule I to schedule II. This is a feat scientists, medical doctors and advocates of change have been hoping to see for many years.


There are millions of persons in the United States alone, who suffer from depression and anxiety, therefore, the news that CBD could be administered as a quick remedy for depression, and could proffer feelings of relief within minutes, is highly incredible and welcome.  Contrary to most antidepressants which could be dangerous, expensive and addictive, CBD oil is very safe and has a near instantaneous effect.


It definitely would not be long before some kind of human study is run on a set of depressed persons, whether controlled or purely observational on those already using CBD as medicine. If the results end up a success like the mice experiment, we would be having the best antidepressant ever.

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