At the site of his father's murder, Eli King discovers a mysterious crystal which imbues him with an array of special powers. As he tries to deal with the death of his father and find the men responsible, Eli must also grapple with the powers of the crystal and how it will indelibly alter the course of his life. What Eli doesn't know is that the men he is hunting have crystals of their own and need Eli's stone to fulfil an ancient and devastating prophecy which will threaten the lives of millions. And caught up in the middle of everything is Eli's best friend, Kay, and the love of his life, Maya.
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S1E8 -Battle

It’s a battle not just between good and evil, but for the fate of ..

S1E7 -Mission

Eli has no choice but to take on the prophecy at great risk to himse..

S1E6 -Plan

Eli and Kay are brought into a covert world where nothing is what it..

S1E5 -Gone

After receiving devastating news, Eli and Kay set out to hunt down B..

S1E4 -Closer

After discovering that the police and a covert agency are investigat..

S1E3 -Hunt

As Eli’s hunt for his father’s killers intensifies, he discovers..

S1E2 -Discovery

As Eli searches for answers to his father’s death, he begins to ex..

S1E1 -Origin

After his father is abducted and then murdered, Eli’s world is thr..