Kung Fu: The Legend Continues


Kwai Chang Caine was a priest at a Shaolin temple, where his son Peter also lived and studied. The temple was destroyed and father and son each thought the other had perished in the fire. ...
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S2E22 - Retribution

When a senator is killed at a Captain Blaisdell's reunion of his fo..

S2E21 - Enter the Tiger

Peter and Caine come to the rescue of an impassioned Chinese disside..

S2E20 - Sing Wah

An ancient enemy of the Shaolin, the Sing Wah, is in Chinatown hunti..

S2E19 - Dragonswing II

The Dalai Lama and Caine are kidnapped. Will Peter be able to rescue..

S2E18 - Sunday in the Mus..

George, an expert thief, returns to steal ancient Chinese treasures,..

S2E17 - The Gang Of Three

Three men upset about the decline in their neighborhood are pushed o..

S2E16 - Kundela

Aborigines are angry about a land deal made by a businessman who hap..

S2E15 - Aspects of the Soul

Caine is contacted by Clarence Choi, who seeks friendship and forgiv..

S2E14 - Magic Trick

A magician at a nightclub uses magic to hypnotize and kill wealthy v..

S2E13 - The Innocent

Caine is one of the jurors in a murder trial. He is the only juror ..

S2E12 - Warlord

To save his father who is dying, a Chinese warlord insists that Cain..

S2E11 - The Possessed

The Church is trying to exorcise a man who is possessed. However, so..

S2E10 - The Bardo

Peter is wounded in the line of duty, but he cannot be operated on, ..

S2E9 - Tournament

An industrialist, who holds a grudge against Caine, sponsors a marti..

S2E8 - Out of the Woods

Peter takes a few days off work, and he and his father go camping. T..

S2E7 - Only the Strong Su..

Peter goes undercover in a Kung Fu tournament to help save a little ..

S2E6 - Temple

Caine and Peter return to Braniff, wherein lies the temple were Pete..

S2E5 - Laurie's Friend

Peter enlists the help of a young girl, who is psychic, to help find..

S2E4 - Ancient Lottery

The Ancient wins the lottery with a ticket given to him as a goodwil..

S2E3 - Dragon's Daughter

Tan's daughter has returned to Chinatown and is stalking young men i..

S2E2 - May I Ride with You

Caine asks Peter if he can spend the day with him, wanting to see ho..

S2E1 - Return of the Shad..

The shadow assassin has returned to Chinatown to seek revenge agains..

S1E22 - Redemption (2)

Part two of a two-part episode. As Emporer-to-be Sing-Ling prepares ..

S1E21 - Redemption (1)

Part one of a two-part episode. Caine volunteers to protect the heir..

S1E20 - I Never Promised ..

When a student of Caine's disappears, Peter and his father try to fi..

S1E19 - Shaman

Caine helps a Native American tribesman who is opposing the building..

S1E18 - Dragonswing

Peter is asked to help Kyle, an old friend, whose girlfriend has bee..

S1E17 - Reunion

One of Caine's former students, Valerie, seeks his protection after ..

S1E16 - Straitjacket

Caine goes undercover in a psychiatric hospital to protect a patient..

S1E14 - The Lacquered Box

While sitting at the bedside of an injured Peter, Caine reflects upo..

S1E13 - Blind Eye

When Peter's blind stepmother is attacked, it is up to Caine to help..

S1E12 - Dragon' Eye

Caine only has a few hours to find a rare herb that is needed to sav..

S1E11 - Secret Place

Peter tries to free a busload of students and a teacher which is bei..

S1E10 - Rain's Only Friend

Peter thinks about leaving the force, after he shoots an innocent by..

S1E9 - Disciple

One of Caine's students has become involved in a fight ring. When Th..

S1E8 - Challenge

Tan, a chinatown crimelord and the renegade Shaolin monk who destroy..

S1E7 - Pai Gow

Caine and Peter go undercover to investigate several murders that ar..

S1E6 - Force Of Habit

Peter's new partner is physically abusing his wife,so Peter sends he..

S1E5 - Sacred Trust

Peter must clear his fathers's name when Caine is wrongly charged wi..

S1E4 - Sunday at the Hote..

Peter and Caine attend the wedding of Peter's sister,Carolyn,at the ..

S1E3 - Shadow Assasin

Caine helps author Elliott Cooper,who has been marked for death for ..

S1E2 - Initiation (2)

This is the second part of the series.Caine is reunited with his son..

S1E1 - Initiation (1)

This is the first part in a two part episode. Caine returns to China..