Little Women LA


A reality TV show about five friends and their lives together and apart.
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S7E17 - Beauty and the Bo..

Elena takes a huge step toward opening her own beauty salon; with ju..

S7E16 -Kicking and Scream..

After weeks of preparing for weight-loss surgery, Christy finally go..

S7E15 - Sideways in Solvang

Terra goes on damage control for her part in Mika's prank on Tonya; ..

S7E14 -Welcome to Solvang

While on a bonding weekend in Solvang, Calif., Jasmine has a terrify..

S7E8 - Sundae Funday

Terra and Joe finally get their son's genetic test results; Jasmine ..

S7E7 - Sober Celebration

Christy celebrates eight years of sobriety, but not everyone is in a..

S7E6 - Backstabbing Beaut..

Terra holds a focus group for her controversial wine label; Tonya qu..

S7E5 - Injections and Rej..

Christy throws a Botox party to regain her self-confidence; Elena sh..

S7E4 - Sour Grapes

After getting off to a rough start with the girls, Mika proposes a w..

S7E3 -The Blame Game

Christy and Todd are caught off guard when Autumn decides she wants ..

S7E1 -Lucky 7

Lucky #7 symbolizes a big shift in the lives of all of the women. To..

S07E00 – “A Little Fe..

The ladies tear into both the wrapping paper and each other as they ..

S6E30 - Couples Retreat: ..

As the retreat draws to a close, two couples plan to renew their wed..

S6E29 - Couples Retreat: ..

Emotions run high as Jazmin pushes David past his comfort zone and a..

S6E28 - Couples Retreat: ..

The couples face a challenge to let go of the past; things get heate..

S6E27 - Couples Retreat: ..

After a partner swap, Matt tries to make amends with the group; Chri..

S6E26 - Couples Retreat: ..

Chris calls out Matt for crossing the line; Tonya and Kerwin admit t..

S6E25 - Couples Retreat: ..

A private argument at breakfast quickly turns public and heated. Lat..

S6E24 - Couples Retreat: ..

Christy and Todd open up and share things they've never told each ot..

S6E23 - Couples Retreat: ..

After getting engaged to Kerwin, Tonya organizes a couples' retreat ..

S6 ReunionPart 2

Conclusion.The reunion continues when Stephania joins the group to r..

S6 ReunionPart 1

Part 1 of 2. Host Kevin Frazier brings the ladies together to discus..

S6E20 - '80s Prom

In the Season 6 finale, Terra and Elena are left questioning their f..

S6E19 - Crazy in Love

After hearing Matt's confession, Briana is yet again at a crossroad ..

S6E18 - Interventions and..

Jasmine and Elena feel that Terra is out of control and decide it's ..

S6E17 - Alaska Adventure

Briana finds out about Terra's latest sneaky business move, which co..

S6E16 - Warrior Dash

Jasmine fears that her and Chris have become more like roommates; Te..

S6E15 - Fierce Fight

Christy is shocked to hear that Terra has been showing off a scandal..

S6E13 - Fractured Friends..

Terra meets with Elena to apologize for exploding at the twin's bapt..

S6E12 - Baptism Blowout

Terra receives terrifying results from her mammogram, and is faced w..

S6E11 - Shady Business

Terra's dream of writing a book becomes a reality as she meets with ..

S6E10 - Model Behavior

Mary holds runway auditions for her London fashion show, where Elena..

S6E9 - Bringing Sexy Back

Terra belittles Briana in front of the gals. Elena criticizes Mary's..

S6E8 - March Madness

Terra and Tonya rally at the LA Women’s March, but Briana bails be..

S6E7 - Big Little Lies

The genetics results to determine if Elena's twins have dwarfism are..

S6E6 - Vision Quest

Terra throws a vision board party and confronts Briana about rumors ..

S6E5 - The Girl Who Cried..

With limited help from husband Todd, and a lack of concern from her ..

S6E4 - On Thin Ice

After months of dealing with a tough pregnancy, Jasmine's de..

S6E3 - Things Fall Apart

Briana worries she might be suffering from Postpartum Depression. Af..

S6E2 - Tough Crowd

Terra has made it to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, but ..

S6E1 - Ballroom Blitz

The ladies feel that Terra has changed since she began competing on ..


The men discuss the new arrivals to their families; Christy bring fr..

S5E18 - Reunion (part 1)

Host Kevin Frazier and the women recap Season 5 of the series; Matt ..

LA S5 E17

In the Season 5 finale, the ladies find themselves at an emot..

S5E16 - Playing with Fire

With Christy's Casino Night blowing up in her face, she apologizes a..

LA S5 E15

Terra fights with Joe about the name of their new son; Christ..


No description

S5E6 - Tough As Nails

Tonya tries to prove to Kerwin that her ex-boyfriend means nothing t..

S5E4 - Twins And Tears

Jasmine hosts Briana's baby shower; Christy contemplates her friends..


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S4E100 - LA

No description

S4E17 - Matt & Briana Par..

Briana allows Mat to take her daughter to a school dance, creating f..

S4E16 - Matt & Briana Par..

After learning the extent of her husband Matt's infidelity, Briana t..


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S4E12 - Ride or Die Wedding

Fresh from the social media craze caused by the altercation between ..

S4E11 - Media Frenzy

Christy ends up in the hospital after a dramatic confrontation with ..

S4E9 - The Party Continues

As Briana's bachelorette party continues, Briana questions which lad..


The women head to Mexico for Briana's belated bachelorette party; El..


Jasmine offers to throw a bachelorette party for Jasmine on the cond..


Christy brings all the girls together for a fun day of pizza making ..


Jasmine throws a couples party in hopes of pleasing Elena; Tonya fee..


Kerwin visits Tonya in Los Angeles; Christy struggles with Todd bein..


Briana's family reaches out in hopes of reconciling, but Matt insist..

S4E2 - Beauty Brawl

Elena has a preview party to test her new beauty products, but Jasmi..

S4E1 - MotoCrossed

In the Season 4 premiere, Jasmine hosts a party for the women to sha..

S3E13 - Big Vow Renewal

Trouble brews while the group is in Hawaii; Tonya considers the futu..

S3E12 - Hawaiian Couples ..

Friends and family travel to Elena and Preston's vow renewal in Hawa..

S3E11 - Truth and Lies

The women are hurt by Briana's lies; Elena waits for her family to a..

S3E10 - Bachelorette or B..

The women break out bikinis and booze to celebrate Elena's upcoming ..


No description


No description

S3E7 - Friendships on the..

The women gather at Jasmine's family restaurant; Briana confronts Te..

S3E6 - Working Girls

Briana gets the opportunity to sign with a music agent; Christy is r..

S3E5 - Love and War

Brittney flirts with a man who has boyfriend potential; Briana takes..

S3E4 - A Group Divided

Christy and Todd's anniversary party turns sour; Elena reveals detai..

S3E3 - Seattle or Bust

Briana takes Jasmine to Seattle to meet Matt; Christy and Todd strug..

S3E2 - Big Secrets

Jasmine wants to win the girls over by hosting an extravagant party,..

S3E1 - LA Safari

Season 3 begins with the ladies going on a wine safari tour that qui..

S2E16 - Reunion SpecialPa..

Part 2 of 2. The cast revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments..

S2E15 - Reunion SpecialPa..

Part 2 of 2. The cast revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments..

S2E14 - Friendtervention

Terra, Tonya and Traci take it upon themselves to do a background ch..

S2E13 - Friendtervention

Terra, Tonya and Traci take it upon themselves to do a background ch..

S2E12 - Friendtervention

Terra, Tonya and Traci take it upon themselves to do a background ch..

S2E11 - New OrleansNew En..

While in New Orleans, the group anticipates the arrival of Terra's b..

S2E10 - Little WomenBig E..

Christy tries to make peace by bringing the entire group to New Orle..

S2E9 - Home Wreckers

Christy and Todd explore IVF, and realize they have large decisions ..

S2E8 - Into the Woods

Terra treats the gang to a weekend on Catalina Island; the ladies go..

S2E7 - Pain in the Butt

The women try to pick up the pieces of their friendship after a nast..

S2E6 - The Ex-Files

Christy and Todd receive unfortunate news; Elena decides to have an ..

S2E5 - Baby Bump

Christy and Brianna question Terra's motivations and friendships wit..

S2E4 - A Little Fired Up

Traci and Tonya begin to question Terra's loyalty; Briana takes a ch..

S2E3 - Baby Bump

Christy and Brianna question Terra's motivations and friendships wit..

S2E2 - Mama Drama

Tonya learns that Brianna and Trevore have been talking behind her b..

S2E1 - Baby On Board

Season 2 begins with the ladies embarking on a booze cruise but it's..

S1E9 - Here Comes the Bride

Christy finalizes last minute wedding details; Terra and Joe discuss..

S1E8 - Sinner Takes All

The ladies celebrate Traci and Christy's bachelorette parties in Las..

S1E7 - Miss-Conception

Traci and Christy argue; Elena discusses the possibility that her ba..

S1E6 - She's Booty-ful

Elena considers breast implants; Terra asks the ladies to star in he..

S1E5 - Movin' on Up

Terra and the ladies attend a cooking class; Christy and Todd go on ..

S1E4 - The Ex-Factor

Christy discovers that she may be pregnant; Briana confronts her ex-..

S1E3 - Who Do You Think Y..

Christy and Traci's bridal battle intensifies when Christy steals Tr..

S1E2 - Little WomenBig Dr..

Christy shops for an engagement ring, even though Todd hasn't yet pr..

S1E1 - The M Word

The lives of a group of girlfriends who happen to be little people a..