A loving (but immature) father with a larger-than-life personality is committed to co-parenting his two kids with his very-together ex-wife but for Marlon family really always does come first - even if he's the biggest kid of all.
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S2E10 -Funeral Party

Marlon goes all out for his 43rd birthday and decides to throw himse..

S2E7 -Homecoming

Marlon, Stevie, Yvette and Ashley all attend homecoming weekend at H..

S2E6 - Man Code

Marlon and Stevie see Yvette's fiancé, Demetrius, cheating on her a..

S2E5 - Keepin' It 100

Marlon decides to buy the house he has been renting since the separa..

S2E4 - Divorce Counseling

Marlon and Ashley go to see strong-willed relationship therapist Kam..

S2E3 - Sisters

When Marlon’s sisters come to town, he convinces Ashley to pretend..

S2E2 - Wingman

Marlon offers to be Ashley’s wingman during a night out at a club...

S2E1 - Model Parent

Marlon convinces Ashley to let Zack model for a kids' athletic line ..

S1E10 - End of the Road

In the Season 1 finale, the first wedding anniversary since their di..

S1E9 - Appropriate Marlon

Marlon believes he can act appropriately to help Ashley get into an ..

S1E8 - Coach Marlon

Marlon's lack of boundaries leads Ashley to ask for his key to her h..

S1E7 - Hospital Party

Marlon and Ashley have very different ways of coping when Zack needs..

S1E6 - Surprises

Marlon is stunned to learn that Ashley is treating herself to breast..

S1E5 - Project Kids

Feeling that Marley and Zack don't appreciate everything they have, ..

S1E4 - Exes With Benefits

Marlon and Ashley contemplate whether to have no strings attached 'e..

S1E3 - Boys Only Want One..

Marlon struggles to come to terms with his daughter bringing home a ..

S1E2 - Cleaning Out the C..

Ashley is shocked to learn that Marlon has a storage unit crammed fu..

S1E1 - Pilot

Exes Marlon and Ashley try a friendly divorce for their children's s..