Marvels Spider-Man


An insecure but courageous and intelligent teen named Peter Parker, a new student of Midtown High, is bitten by a radioactive spider and given powers. He becomes a hero named Spider-Man after the death of his uncle and he must adapt to this new way of life.
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S2E2 -Take Two

Spider-Man is excited to start his second year as a superhero and as..

S2E1 -How I Thwipped My S..

Peter Parker struggles to balance the best summer vacation ever and ..

S1E25 -The Hobgoblin: Par..

Spider-Man must find a way to stop Hobgoblin, who seems completely b..

S1E23 - Spider-Island: Pa..

To cure the spider-monster population of Manhattan, Spider-Man must ..

S1E22 - Spider-Island: Pa..

Peter and Harry must battle through an island of spider monsters to ..

S1E21 - Spider-Island: Pa..

Peter must find a way to cure Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn after the..

S1E20 - Spider-Island: Pa..

Everyone in Manhattan manifests spider powers; Spider-Man and Spider..

S1E19 -Spider-Island: Par..

Spider-Man tracks a new villain with spider powers who steals his ex..

S1E14 - Screwball Live

Spider-Man is targeted by a new costumed figure named Screwball for ..

S1E13 - Venom

The symbiote has escaped the Avengers Compound and attached itself t..

S1E12 - Spider-Man on Ice

Spidey must stop a low-level villain who has acquired some impressiv..

S1E11 - Halloween Moon

On Halloween night, Spider-Man must team up with the incredible Hulk..

S1E10 - Kraven's Amazing ..

Kraven the Hunter does a live broadcast of his hunt for Spider-Man.

S1E9 - Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles Morales is bitten by an experimental spider and gains spider p..

S1E8 - Stark Expo

Ghost hijacks the Stark Expo and Spider-Man must unleash the symbiot..

S1E7 - Symbiotic Relation..

Spider-Man uses his new black costume but it wants to destroy him.

S1E6 - Sandman

Spider-Man meets Sandman and helps him reunite with his estranged da..

S1E5 - Party Animals

Harry returns to Horizon High, and Max decides to throw the first e..

S1E4 - A Day in the Life

As Peter tries to get through his normal life, he contends with Blac..

S1E3 - Osborn Academy

Norman Osborn creates the Osborn Academy for Geniuses as a way of sa..

S1E2 - Horizon High (2)

The Scorpion is wreaking havoc at the museum and it is up to Spider-..

S1E1 - Horizon High (1)

Peter is accepted into Horizon High, a school for geniuses, where hi..