Masters of Horror


Anchor Bay has amassed some of the greatest horror film writers and directors to bring to you the anthology series...
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S2E13 - Dream Cruise

Jack, an American lawyer working in Tokyo, has fallen in love with t..

S2E12 - Masters of Horror..

After his grandmother's funeral, Mike finds out an artifact in her b..

S2E11 - The Black Cat

Edgar Allan Poe is a writer out of ideas and short on cash that's fo..

S2E10 - We All Scream for..

A long time ago, a prank by a gang of kids known as the West End Bun..

S2E9 - Right To Die

Her flesh has been burned and her body remains in coma but from a me..

S2E8 - Valerie on the Sta..

Rob Hanisee is a writer that has a strange apparition. Beautiful, na..

S2E7 - The Screwfly Solut..

Deadly virus infects the nation, that turns men into psychotic kille..

S2E6 - Pelts

is an erotic tale about stolen racoon pelts that take violent reveng..

S2E5 - Pro-Life

tells the story of a young girl trapped inside a clinic who discover..

S2E4 - Sounds Like

Episode Summary will be added when it becomes available

S2E3 - The V Word

A lone vampire punishes two teenage boys who make the poor decision ..

S2E2 - Family

A young couple moves into a new home only to find out that their nei..

S2E1 - The Damned Thing

is the apocalyptic tale of a mysterious creature that terrorizes a s..

S1E13 - Imprint

An American journalist in 19th century Japan is hoping to find the l..

S1E12 - Haeckel's Tale

Based on Clive Barker's short story. While on his way to see his sic..

S1E11 - Pick Me Up

This bloody tale will give you an interesting twist to hitchhiking. ..

S1E10 - Sick Girl

is a comedy thriller about an insect scientist and the fly in the o..

S1E9 - Fair Haired Child

A 13 year old is kidnapped and locked in a basement by a scary coupl..

S1E8 - Cigarette Burns

In this episode Jimmy Sweetman ventures out to locate a rare film pr..

S1E7 - Deer Woman

In this horror comedy, A set of peculiar murders leads sceptical det..

S1E6 - Homecoming

In this contemporary political satire, The living dead have been fou..

S1E5 - Chocolate

Jamie, a newly divorced man who creates artificial flavours for the ..

S1E4 - Jenifer

is a tale of a modern-day Lolita who with her good looks and charm d..

S1E3 - Dance of the Dead

This story revolves around a post-apocalyptic town where re-animated..

S1E2 - Dreams in the Witc..

Walter Gilman, a college student rents a loft in a building in the N..

S1E1 - Incident On and Of..

When Ellen's (Bree Turner) car breaks down on a deserted mountain ro..