The Mike Tyson Mysteries


Black comedy about retired boxing champion Mike Tyson, his smart adopted Asian-American daughter, a friendly if wimpy gentleman ghost, and a perverse mean-spirited talking pigeon solving weird mysteries together.
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S3E17 - Mike Tysonland

Mike Tyson visits some land he owns in New Mexico.

S3E13 -Thy Neighbor's Life

Mike and the team are invited to a neighbor's house for dinner.

S3E12 - At the Car Wash

The team gets the Mystery Mobile a regular car wash for $9.99.

S3E11 - Spring Break

Yung goes to Miami on Spring Break. The team sort of tags along by a..

S3E10 - A Dog's Life

A woman believes her husband has been reincarnated as her dog.

S3E9 - Mystery on Wall St..

The group investigates if something evil is manipulating the stock m..

S3E8 - Ring of Fire

A husband fears his wife's reaction to the loss of his wedding ring.


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S3E1 - Life Is but a Dream

The team help a woman in a coma.

S2E19 - The Farmer's Daug..

In the half-hour season finale, the Mystery Mobile breaks down in fa..

S2E18 - Save Me!

Yung joins a Christian Youth Group.

S2E17 - The Bard's Curse

Macbeth's curses surfaces and appears to hit a theater director.

S2E16 - Mystery For Hire

The team is hired by a savings and loans company.

S2E15 - Unholy Matrimony

Mike helps a wealthy family who don't trust the man their youngest d..

S2E14 - Yves Klein Blues

Mike wants a new tracksuit for the summer.

S2E13 - Losin' It

Mike Tyson gets asked by a severely overweight young man to help him..

S2E12 - Unsolved Situations

The team find out that Snoop Dogg also has a mystery solving crew.

S2E11 - Life Is but a Dream

The team set out to assist a woman in a coma and end up as ghosts th..


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S2E8 - Tent Revival

After discovering a termite infestation, Mike's house must be tented.

S2E7 - A Plaintive Wail

A popular restaurant's new location may be cursed.

S2E6 - Jason B. Sucks

When the team gets a negative online review, Mike Tyson finds the as..

S2E5 - Old Man of the Mou..

Mike helps a brother and sister who struggle to care for their elder..

S2E1 - What's That Gnoise?

In the season premiere, the gang help a soccer mom who is disturbed ..

S1E10 - Ty-stunned

Mike and the gang take on the most dangerous mystery yet - a murder ..

S1E9 - Night Moves

Mike must make a difficult choice when Yung Hee's new boyfriend turn..

S1E8 - House Haunters

Mike and the gang are plunged into the terrifying world of real esta..

S1E7 - Kidnapped!

When Pigeon can’t pay off a gambling debt, Gregor the gangster tak..

S1E6 - A River Runs Throu..

A businessman wants Mike's help in winning over jungle-dwellers who ..

S1E5 - Mite Tyson

Mike tells Bird he needs to move out when he discovers that he's inf..

S1E4 - Is Magic Real?

When an old wizard seems to have lost faith in the existence of magi..

S1E3 - Heavyweight Champi..

Mike travels to the moon after an error from his auto insurer.

S1E2 - Ultimate Judgment ..

Someone at a well known computer company needs Mike Tyson’s help, ..

S1E1 - The End

Mike Tyson is asked to help Cormac McCarthy finish his latest novel,..