Murder Calls


Base line reenactments of people being murdered while being on the phone with 911 services.
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S3E4 -The Silencer

With the help of a neighbor, an injured woman calls 911 saying an in..

S3E3 -No Good Deed Goes U..

A woman calls 911 to say she's found her son unconscious in his home..

S3E2 -The Slender Man

When a young woman is shot dead in front of her son, horrified witne..

S2E4 - Silent Witness

A panicked woman calls 911 to say a stranger forced his way into her..

S2E3 - If I Can't Have You

A man calls 911 screaming for help but is too terrified to give his ..

S1E6 - Hanging by a Thread

A man finds his wife with a cord around her neck and makes a heartbr..

S1E5 - Death At The Door

A former cop calls 911, struggling to explain he's been shot multipl..

S1E4 - The Dark Horse

A woman returns home to find her husband unconscious and bleeding on..

S1E3 - Down By The River

In a harrowing call, a terrified woman tries to give police clues: t..

S1E2 - Seeing Red

A series of bizarre 911 calls in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area featu..


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