Murder Comes to Town


A sudden, brutal murder will traumatize any community, but when it strikes in a small close-knit town, the effect is devastating. From the rural backwaters of Appalachia to the lonely desert climes of the southwest, MURDER COMES TO TOWN uncovers the shocking murder mysteries that haunt small town America and the dark secrets that lie just beneath the surface of even the most idyllic community. Following the first person accounts of investigators and townsfolk, each hour-long episode unravels the wild rumors and terrifying truths behind an unthinkable crime and the dark legacy it leaves behind. Illustrated through moody, cinematic recreations, MURDER COMES TO TOWN follows police as they put together each clue and attempt to bring the perpetrator to justice.

S5E6 -The Dangers of Succ..

Awakened by noises, a couple's worst nightmare becomes a reality as ..

S5E5 -Tragedy Comes in Pa..

Lightning strikes twice in the desert town of Socorro, N.M., where C..

S5E4 -Friendly Foes

In Galax, Va., the double homicide of a young woman and her 21-month..

S5E2 -No Witnesses

When two young women fail to return home after a run to the local dr..

S5E1 - Trailing the Devil

A nightmare wreaks havoc on the village of Armada, Mich., where 14-y..

S4E9 - The Cost of Compet..

In Resaca, Ga., the home of carpet company owner Buddy Parker is rak..

S4E8 - Who Killed Miss Br..

In Clewiston, Fla., 21-year-old Erica Vassell disappears after a Sup..

S4E7 - Say it Ain't So

In Poteau, Okla., the proprietor of a saloon goes missing, leaving b..

S4E5 - Answering the Call

When a brush fire is reported in rural Winchester, Tenn., first resp..

S4E4 - Who's Missing Now

When beloved young waitress Zilpha Lowery goes missing, foul play is..

S4E3 - Coal Miner's Slaug..

A respected businesswoman in the placid town of Madisonville, Ky., i..

S4E2 - Open Door Policy

The brutal murders of Mike and Terri Greene hits close to home in Gr..

S4E1 - Wicked Witness

What begins as a frantic 911 call to help an assaulted neighbor ends..

S3E10 - Last Walk to Bad ..

The discovery of the bullet-riddled bodies of Skyla Whitaker and Tay..

S3E9 - Prints of Darkness

In Alma, Ga., Michael Augustson returns home to find his wife, Melis..

S3E8 - Lookin' for Souls ..

In Juliette, Ga., two college students are gunned down while parked ..

S3E7 - The Night Stalker ..

When Cindy Borton is found brutally stabbed to death in her home, au..

S3E6 - The Nightmare Afte..

Rumors fly in the small town of Auburn, New Hampshire after well-kno..

S3E5 - Mom Makes Four

When Carla Fuqua vanishes after a night out with friends, her family..

S3E4 - MommyPlease Come H..

The tiny town of Glendive, Montana is paralyzed with fear when mothe..

S3E3 - The Message in Red

When a couple is gunned down, a scrawled message leads police to sus..

S3E2 - Who Killed the Mus..

After John Tarwacki Sr. discovers the bodies of his son, John, and h..

S3E1 - A Place She'd Call..

Police are baffled after Melissa White is found murdered in the back..

S2E10 - My Dearest Diary

The case of mother and daughter Angela and Ashley Hyke who went miss..

S2E9 - Lord of the Rockies

The New Year's Eve 2000 murders of Carl and JoAnna Dutcher and their..

S2E8 - Cowboys from Hell

The July 1999 murders of Diana Algar and her friend Jose Molina. Thr..

S2E7 - Secrets of a Count..

The deaths of Alabama country store owner Billy Triplett and his wif..

S2E6 - Friend or Foe

The case of 66-year-old Sharron Erickson, who was raped and murdered..

S1E6 - End of an Era

When a beloved local business owner is murdered while minding his st..

S1E5 - No Average Trouble..

When teenager Bridgett Frisbie sneaks out of her Katy, TX home one n..

S1E4 - Mr. & Mrs. Fantastic

When elderly couple Charles and Grace Lewis vanish from the family f..

S1E3 - All-American Sweet..

Eighteen-year-old Kelly Eckart disappears one night after finishing ..

S1E2 - The Devil Wears Sn..

A tight-knit Illinois farming town is rocked when a family of five i..