Mysteries at the Museum


The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.
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S19E9 -Great PanjandrumJe..

Don Wildman investigates a rocket-powered wheel that took on the Naz..

S19E8 -Titanic OrphansPlo..

Don Wildman investigates a mystery surrounding two young survivors o..

S18E103 – “Race to th..

The survival story of Sir Ernest Shackleton is featured

S18E102 - Reach for the S..

Don Wildman investigates an engineer’s mission to save a zeppelin,..

S18E00 – “Freaky Food..

Don Wildman investigates a new invention, a woman’s career through..

S18E00 – “Weird Scien..

Don Wildman examines plants with a sensitive disposition, an alchemi..

S18E00 – “Incredible ..

Don Wildman investigates the stories behind the world’s most infam..

White House Follies

Don Wildman investigates a president who saved his fellow sailors du..

S14E16 - Evel SpiritDawn ..

Don Wildman examines a hot-air balloon used in the first Atlantic cr..

S14E15 - Zip-Lining to Fr..

Don Wildman investigates an outrageous escape over an iconic wall, a..

S14E14 - RecklessThousand..

Don Wildman examines a hero horse who risked her life, a culinary my..

S14E13 - The Goliath Bone..

Don Wildman inspects a mysterious prehistoric bone, investigates an ..

S14E10 - Judy the POW Dog..

Don Wildman examines a dog collar belonging to the only canine POW f..

S14E9 - Mutually Assured ..

Don Wildman inspects a fighter jet from the cold war, examines an 18..

S14E8 - Amityville Haunti..

Don Wildman examines a piece of a ..

S14E7 - Terra Cotta Warri..

Don Wildman investigates the origi..

S14E6 - Clever HansBertha..

Don Wildman inspects a book about ..

S14E5 - Clever HansBertha..

Don Wildman inspects a book about ..

S14E4 - King NeptuneFrida..

Don Wildman examines a patriotic pig that helped fund World War II, ..

S14E2 - Cupid's Bulletthe..

Don Wildman examines a war-time surgery that was truly life or death..

S14E1 - Swamp PeopleWalki..

January 5, 2017
Don Wildman examines an enigmatic canoe that ..

S13E103 - Special Alcatra..

The real story behind the notorious prison break on Alcatraz Island ..

Special: Titanic: Mysteri..

Why exactly did the Titanic sink, and how could it have been avoided..

S13E13 - North Pole Exped..

Icy stories behind an eccentric expedition to the North Pole, a froz..

S13E12 - One Small Keystr..

Don Wildman investigates a near disaster in outer space, a man who s..

S13E11 - Titanic ViolinWi..

Don Wildman investigates an aged instrument's epic history, uncovers..

S13E10 - Michelangelo the..

Don Wildman examines a statue created by the world's best-known art ..

S13E5 - Lancelot the Unic..

Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a..

S13E4 - Buried Alive; Who..

Don Wildman examines one of the greatest mysteries of ancient histor..

S12E13 - When Twain Met S..

Don Wildman investigates the unknown story behind a literary legend,..

S12E12 - Tonya vs. NancyS..

Don Wildman examines a scorecard connected to a legendary figure ska..

S12E10 - Big EyesMagnetic..

Don Wildman examines a painting at the center of an art world scanda..

S12E7 - Man on WireBigger..

Included: a great high-wire stunt; Thomas Jefferson's above-and-beyo..

S12E6 - Death of the Ice ..

The mysterious death of a beloved Hollywood star is examined by host..

S11E13 - Flight of the Be..

Don Wildman examines a replica of America's most famous bell; inspec..

S11E12 - Flight of the Be..

Don Wildman examines a replica of America's most famous bell; inspec..

S11E11 - Flight of the Be..

Don Wildman examines a replica of America's most famous bell; inspec..


No description

S11E9 - Ben Franklin's Bo..

Don Wildman examines a set of mysterious bones found beneath Benjami..

S11E8 - Death of Michael ..

Don Wildman investigates the disappearance of one of New York's elit..


No description

S11E6 - World's Greatest ..

Don Wildman investigates a gambling geek, a golden experiment and a ..

S11E5 - The Father of the..

Don Wildman investigates a brave hero, a civil-rights pioneer and a ..


No description

S11E3 - Yellow Fever Fien..

Don Wildman investigates a bold mission, an urban revolution and a d..


No description


No description

S10E13 - Bobbed Hair Band..

Don inspects an elegant dress, a toxic powder and a giant plane.


No description


No description


No description

S10E9 - Great Baby RaceCi..

Don Wildman inspects tiles from a tunnel, a film reel and a doghouse.

S10E8 - A Father's Missio..

Don Wildman examines a death-defying escape, a legendary beast and a..

S10E7 - The Mysterious De..

Don Wildman examines a Van Gogh painting, a runner's dress and a pla..

S10E6 - The Legend of Wil..

Don Wildman examines a crossbow, a tell-all memoir and an arcade game.

S10E5 - Bizarre BreadWors..

Don Wildman inspects a deadly substance, a train and a legendary cre..

S10E4 - Sci Fi A BombFord..

Don Wildman examines postage stamps made by a group of pirate radio ..

S10E2 - Carnival of Naked..

Don Wildman inspects a velvet painting, a distorted skull and a vide..

S10E1 - Indestructible Mi..

Don Wildman examines an electric chair, a marble table and a yearbook.

S9E13 - Revolutionary Suf..

Inspecting a police notebook, an old microphone and an iconic sign.

S9E12 - Wild West RumbleS..

A porcelain wash basin used in a fight against a deadly disease; a C..

S9E11 - Dolly Madison; Ch..

Included: a whale tale; a truce game; and a first lady's bravery.

S9E10 - JFK Boat RescueSc..

Host Don Wildman inspects a presidential paperweight, jewelry, and a..


No description


No description


No description


No description

S9E5 - Alcoholic Antidote..

Don investigates a precious metal that reportedly cured alcoholism; ..

S9E4 - Forgotten Lindberg..

An odd glass medical devise invented by an aviator is inspected in C..

S9E3 - Alligators in the ..

Stories of alligators prowling New York City sewers are explored. Al..


No description

S9E1 - Cellini Heist; Rea..

Season 9 begins with host Don Wildman visiting a famous Renaissance ..

S8E13 - Crossword Code; A..

Season 8 ends with host Don Wildman learning about a puzzling crossw..

S8E12 - Sci Fi A Bomb; Fo..

A science fiction novel, a classic muscle car and the history of wat..

S8E10 - Cherry Sisters; P..

A painted wooden sign; a milk can from a famous White House cow.

S8E9 - Peeping Tom Butler..

A trinket symbolizing a holiday; a novel contraption saves wild beav..

S8E8 - Pike's Peak Pe..

A simple peanut fad; a trunk at the center of a standoff; shimmering..

S8E7 - Invention of Pop R..

A popular beverage transformed into an explosive candy; a pinball ma..

S8E6 - Erno Rubik's C..

A classic toy from a Hungarian genius; a delicate silk sample; a qui..

S8E5 - Birth of the Road ..

Host Don Wildman examines the invention of an unusual gas mask. Also..

S8E4 - Stolen StradFall F..

A concert program in the history of a music venue; a space capsule u..

S8E3 - Opera RiotGolfer B..

The show takes a look at the Great Mail Train Robbery.

S8E2 - Invention of the M..

Don explores an aeronautical device with a notorious claim to fame; ..

S8E1 - Cellophane StartEr..

Don examines a transparent roll of film that revolutionized the reta..

S7E12 - Dial M for Missin..

The disappearance of a writer; a Renoir painting; a police ledger.


No description

S6E13 - Son of a Gun; Wha..

Season 6 ends with the host examining a bullet that is connected to ..

S6E12 - Damascus Missile;..

The host examines pieces of jagged shrapnel from an explosion in Dam..

S6E11 - Annie Oakley; Pro..

The host explores a pistol's connection to Annie Oakley; and examine..

S6E10 - Baseball Stalker;..

A story of obsession that's linked to a baseball bat; and an examina..

S6E9 - Civil War Prostitu..

The host examines a glass vial filled with a silvery salve used to b..

S6E8 - Failed Assassinati..

The host investigates a plot to kill John F. Kennedy before he becam..

S6E7 - The Blonde Butcher..

A handcrafted doll linked to a criminal case; a glass bottle with a ..

S6E6 - The Cinder Woman; ..

The story of a woman who met a bizarre and combustible fate is exami..

S6E5 - Outlaw Marshall; 7..

The story of an unlikely outlaw from the Wild West is investigated d..

S6E4 - Funhouse Mummy; Pl..

A pistol from the Wild West era is traced back to a bizarre series o..

S6E3 - Psychic Horse; Str..

Don examines the story of a horse that purportedly had psychic abili..

S6E2 - Strangers on a Tra..

A black and white negative image; a wax figure of a revolutionary wo..

S6E1 - Miracle Car; Glass..

Season 6 begins with Don investigating a bright yellow car that some..

S5E16 - Unbelievable

Proof of alien intelligence; an antique fire truck; a damaged airpla..

S5E15 - Secrets of D.C.

An important US Postal Service mailbox; a set of brass knuckles; a c..

S5E14 - Spine Tingling

An antique cooking pot; a ragged childhood doll; a bizarre collar-li..

S5E13 - Pioneers

A vial of strange liquid used to stop a deadly outbreak.

S5E12 - Asylum Poisoning;..

Don Wildman investigates a pair of timeworn, everyday dining impleme..

S5E11 - Prison Experiment..

A tattered briefcase belonging to an eccentric doctor; a massive chu..

S5E10 - The Death William..

Ventriloquist dummies who may be witnesses to a crime; rudimentary e..

S5E9 - East River Blowout..

A mind boggling subterranean disaster; a strange substance in a glas..

S5E8 - Jack the Ripper in..

One of the world's most notorious killers; a century old 20 dollar b..

S5E7 - Margery The Medium..

A strange wooden box used in a ritual; a weather beaten oxygen tank;..

S5E6 - The Infamous Jerse..

A plaster cast of hoof prints made by a mythic beast; a colossal war..

S5E5 - Don Bolles' Qu..

A mangled car tells of an intrepid journalist's quest for the truth;..

S5E4 - The Dance That Sed..

At the Chicago History Museum, a pair of ostrich-feather fans tells ..

S5E3 - Squeaky FrommeHoda..

A weapon involved in a bizarre and twisted plot to assassinate a pre..

S5E2 - Operation Pastoriu..

A weapon that belonged to a secret network of spies operating on Ame..

S5E1 - Edison's Electric ..

A failed invention that helped create a multi-billion dollar industr..

S4E12 - Asylum PoisoningN..

Host Don Wildman investigates a pair of timeworn, everyday dining im..

S4E11 - Prison Experiment..

Don Wildman investigates a tattered briefcase belonging to an eccent..

S4E10 - The Death William..

Don Wildman investigates a set of tattered and chipped ventriloquist..

S4E9 - East River Blowout..

Don examines a piece of industrial machinery that played a part in a..

S4E8 - Jack the Ripper in..

Don investigates an aged dossier's connection to Jack the Ripper. He..

S4E7 - Margery The Medium..

Host Don Wildman investigates a strange wooden box used in a ritual,..

S4E6 - The Infamous Jerse..

Don examines a plaster cast of hoof prints allegedly made by the Jer..

S4E5 - Don Bolles' Quest ..

Don visits an exhibit devoted to investigative journalist Don Bolles..

S4E4 - The Dance That Sed..

At the Chicago History Museum, a pair of ostrich-feather fans tells ..

S4E3 - Squeaky FrommeHoda..

Don examines a transparent roll of film that revolutionized the reta..

S3E12 - Patience Worth; S..

Don explores a haunting story associated with a set of books in St. ..

S3E11 - The Conqueror's C..

Don explores a curse linked to a silk dress from a Hollywood film; a..

S3E10 - Santa Claus Heist..

Examining handcuffs that were used on an infamous bank robber in Tex..

S3E9 - Cleveland Tumor; L..

Featured: a presidential tumor at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia..

S3E8 - Sheppton Mine Disa..

Don examines a makeshift parachute harness used in a mine rescue; an..

S3E7 - St. Francis Dam; P..

Featured: a piece of concrete from the collapsed St. Francis Dam in ..

S3E6 - Buried Alive; Mauv..

Included: an antique doll; a fashion-related experiment; and a disas..

S3E5 - Leopold and Loeb; ..

The stories behind a plow, a primitive plane and a coin are explored.

S3E4 - Little Trunk of Ho..

A trunk's connection to a murderer is explored, along with debris th..

S3E3 - Prophet of Oak Rid..

Don explores the history of an antique trunk found in California's D..

S3E2 - MGM Fire; UFO Car;..

Included: a poker chip that remains from a Las Vegas disaster; a fin..

S3E1 - Railroad Heroine; ..

The season opener begins with the story of a lantern used by a teena..

S2E12 - Flying CarPrison ..

The host investigates a fire that decimated Dreamland amusement park..

S2E11 - Lotto ScamSomali ..

A lottery-fixing scam is discussed. Also: a look at a lifeboat that ..

S2E10 - AnthraxMarilyn Mo..

A look at a pill bottle that may shed light on the death of Marilyn ..

S2E9 - Outlaw ShoesAstroc..

A look at a miniature space suit worn by a chimp and an antique scro..

S2E8 - LA RaidBioterrorAu..

The host checks out a robot that helped save lives during a nuclear ..

S2E7 - Shrunken HeadsGree..

Don reads a handwritten journal detailing the ill-fated Greely Arcti..

S2E6 - American SpyBelle ..

Don checks out an ordinary USPS mailbox that played a key role in a ..

S2E5 - S.S. Eastland Disa..

Don visits Chicago's Eastland Disaster Historical Society, dedicated..

S2E4 - French ConnectionS..

The Area 51 Museum in Las Vegas is visited. The host also examines a..

S2E3 - Prison ExperimentB..

Included: a look at the remarkably well-preserved remains of two Ice..

S2E2 - Annabelle DollBrid..

Don visits the Warren's Occult Museum in Monroe, Conn., for a look a..

S2E1 - Siamese Twins; Ass..

In the Season 2 opener, Don Wildman visits Philadelphia's Mütter ..

S1E12 - Mysteries at the ..

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is visited for a look at the world's..

S1E11 - Mysteries at the ..

An old letter is discovered in Yale University's archives, and it ma..

S1E10 - Mysteries at the ..

A look at artifacts on display at the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Ra..

S1E9 - Mysteries at the M..

Dozens of mysteriously preserved bodies are on display at the Detroi..

S1E8 - Mysteries at the M..

A large primate tooth is on display in a Northern California museum,..

S1E7 - Mysteries at the M..

A look at U-505, a German submarine that was captured by Allied forc..

S1E6 - Mysteries at the M..

A look at the largest T. rex ever discovered, which is on display at..

S1E5 - Mysteries at the M..

A look at a primitive space suit on display at the National Museum o..

S1E4 - Mysteries at the M..

A Japanese balloon bomb from World War II is spotlighted during a vi..

S1E3 - Mysteries at the M..

A look at a vintage fire engine that survived the San Francisco eart..

S1E2 - Mysteries at the M..

JFK's Air Force One is on display at the National Museum of the Unit..

S1E1 - Mysteries at the M..

The series premiere explores the stories behind artifacts housed in ..