NASA's Unexplained Files


A look is taken at exclusive NASA footage and firsthand accounts of mysterious fly objects from astronauts and scientists are presented.
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S5E8 - Saturn's Death Star

A mysterious object is orbiting Saturn, and it looks just like the D..

S5E7 - The Moons Strange ..

The last humans to walk on the Moon discover something strange on th..

S5E6 - CIA's Secret Revenge

When the Soviet Union unveils its own space shuttle, the CIA hatches..

S5E3 -The Sun's Evil Twin

Neil Armstrong enters an unexplained spin; an Apollo 17 photo seems ..

S5E2 - Curse of the Gas G..

Scientists wonder why Jupiter is hotter than it should be; the Curio..

S05E01 – “JFK UFO Con..

A declassified letter written by President Kennedy demands the CIA s..

S4E6 - Did Earth Have Two..

A theory of Earth's abiogenesis may have started in the clouds of Ve..

S4E5 - Curse of the Full ..

Cosmonauts are trapped in a capsule in a frozen lake; a NASA scienti..

S4E4 - The Earth Next Door

Astronomers notice a planet in Earth's vicinity capable of supportin..

S4E3 - A President's Clos..

The discovery of geysers on a moon; NASA's mission to detect life; a..

S4E2 - Rise of the Planet..

A mars mission captures an image of a strange structure on the plane..

S4E1 - Pluto's Stranger T..

Evidence of alien technology around a distant star; speculation abou..

S3E8 - Attack of the Thun..

Astronauts evacuate when a mystery object hurtles toward the ISS; a ..

S3E7 - Red Storm Rising

Two astronauts are trapped in the vacuum of space; the first close u..

S3E6 - Curse of the Red P..

Three cosmonauts mysteriously die as they re-enter Earth's atmospher..

S3E5 - The Moon that Disa..

Recently discovered documents show NASA's secret plan B for failure ..

S3E4 - Ghosts on a Comet

An Apollo 17 photo seems to show a US military outpost on the Moon..

S3E3 - Rise of the Ice Cr..

Neil Armstrong goes into an unexplained spin. He needs to figure out..

S3E2 - Return of the Moon..

Apollo 12 astronauts bring back something alive from the moon; NASA ..

S3E1 - Pluto Under Pressu..

Lost tapes show that Apollo astronauts heard unexplained transmissio..


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S1E5 - US UFO & The Satur..

U.S. UFO: Capitan Gordon Cooper sends two camera men to the area to ..

S1E4 - Interstellar Gold ..

Apollo 12 Follower: Shortly after Apollo 12's launch the ship is str..

S1E3 - Black Knight Rises

Cold Warrior: December 1998 - NASA astronauts begin construction of ..

S1E2 - Alien Death Ray

STS - 115 Triangle: September 20, 2006 - Space Shuttle Atlantis prep..