Set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, the new drama revolves around a 40-year-old superstar Rayna Jaymes, whose star begins fading. She is forced to team up with Juliette Barnes on tour in order to maintain her label's support for her latest record, whose sales have been underwhelming.
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S6E14 -For the Sake of th..

Deacon and the girls grow worried when Gideon starts leaving the hou..

S6E13 -Strong Enough to B..

Scarlett tries to help Sean, but he doubts her motives. Deacon deals..

S6E12 -The House That Bui..

A visitor from the past comes into Deacon's life his father, a very..

S6E11 -No Place That Far

Juliette discovers that Darius Enright’s Movement is not the happy..

S6E10 - Two Sparrows in a..

As Brad's country music singing competition begins, he and a singing..

S6E9 - Pick Yourself Up

After his collapse while performing at the late night show, Will rec..

S6E8 -Sometimes You Just ..

Daphne seeks to establish her career and auditions for a country mus..

S6E7 -Can't Help but Wond..

Daphne and Jake perform at school. Deacon and Jessie run into Brad. ..

S6E6 - Beneath Still Waters

Daphne struggles to accept Deacon and Jessie's relationship; the new..

S6E5 - Where the Night Goes

Deacon and Jessie's relationship deepens. Darius invites Juliette to..

S6E4 - That's My Story

Darius helps Juliette unlock a dark truth about her past; Daphne and..

S6E3 - Jump Then Fall

Daphne struggles with the idea of Deacon dating. Juliette introduces..

S6E1 -New Strings

After a public meltdown, Juliette seeks to change her life from an u..

S5E22 - Reasons to Quit

With Deacon and the artists of Highway 65 taking a stand, Zach sends..

S5E21 - Farther On

Juliette shoots a mascara commercial but takes issue with the direct..

S5E20 - Speed Trap Town

Gunnar visits his hometown and faces the ghosts of his past. Maddie ..

S5E19 - You Can't Lose Me

Juliette takes great pains to keep Maddie from learning the truth. D..

S5E18 - The Night Before ..

Juliette's injuries continue to plague her; Avery gets a taste of in..

S5E17 - Ghost in This House

Scarlett confronts the journalist Mackenzie Rhodes face-to-face. Wil..

S5E16 - Not Ready to Make..

Juliette has it out with Avery over Hallie's sound; Maddie learns th..

S5E15 - A Change Would Do..

A huge fallout results from the video of Maddie and the police offic..

S5E14 - (Now and Then The..

Maddie and Clay get pulled over by a police officer; Juliette search..

S5E13 - 'Til I Can Make I..

Juliette suffers a bout of anxiety about her upcoming first major pe..

S5E12 - Back in the Saddl..

Deacon helps Daphne with a school project, but Daphne feels unmotiva..

S5E11 - Fire and Rain

Juliette helps Maddie navigate the wave of attention she receives af..

S5E10 - I'll Fly Away

A legal dispute threatens to break apart the family. Juliette demand..

S5E9 - If Tomorrow Never ..

After her life-changing experience, Rayna scrambles to write one mor..

S5E8 - Stand Beside Me

Rayna and Deacon take precautions as Hockney tests the limits of the..

S5E7 - Hurricane

Rayna and Deacon struggle to write their album. Maddie and Daphne cr..

S5E6 - A Little Bit Stron..

Rayna and Deacon beef up their home security after Rayna's encounter..

S5E5 - Love Hurts

The Exes make a music video. Scarlett and the director, Damien Georg..

S5E4 - Leap of Faith

Rayna receives a stunning offer from Zach Welles. Juliette seeks adv..

S5E3 - Let's Put It Back ..

Maddie starts an internship at a recording studio and meets a stree..

S5E2 - Back in Baby's Arms

Rayna approaches Deacon about making a concept album together; Scarl..

S4E19 - After You've Gone

Rayna makes a last-ditch effort to protect her oldest daughter from ..

S4E18 - The Trouble with ..

Rayna and Deacon fight to regain the trust of a determined Maddie as..

S4E17 - Baby Come Home

Rayna and Deacon try everything they can think of to reunite with Ma..

S4E16 - Didn't Expect It ..

Maddie runs away from home, leaving Rayna and Deacon distraught; Ave..

S4E15 - When There's a Fi..

The Exes go out on the road with Autumn Chase; Maddie's closeness wi..

S4E12 - How Does It Feel ..

Luke asks his old pal Riff Bell to accompany him on tour. Meanwhile,..


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S4ESpecial: On the Record 3

Episode Special: On the Record 3


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S3E9 – “Two Sides to ..

Rayna does a Christmas show with Luke and the kids from her home, bu..


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S3E6 – “Nobody Said I..

Rayna is nominated for several CMA Awards, but she and Luke are riva..


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S2E22 - On The Other Hand

As Will Lexington’s album climbs the chart with the help of Jeff F..


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S2E16 - Guilty Street

After performing her manifesto song at her Opry induction, major pop..


A powerful and successful producer hears Juliette's new song and wan..


Juliette's new song catches a high-powered producer's ear; Rayna tak..


Juliette decides not to apologize for her behavior during her Grand ..

S2E12 - Just for What I Am

Scarlett's career soars as she duets with Zac Brown, but the stress ..

S2E11 - I'll Keep Climbing

Death changes lives forever as a mystery arises; Scarlett and Gunnar..

S2E10 - Tomorrow Never Co..

Juliette headlines Teddy's music festival, but she's shocked by the ..

S2E9 - I'm Tired of Prete..

Maddie seeks bonding time with Deacon, which Teddy finds upsetting. ..

S2E8 - Hanky Panky Woman

Deacon confronts Rayna about putting too much pressure on Scarlett; ..

S2E7 - She's Got You

Maddie feels lost as Teddy and Peggy's wedding day approaches; Julie..

S2E6 - It Must Be You

Rayna sets the record straight during an interview with Robin Robert..

S2E5 - Don't Open That Door

Scarlett struggles when Jeff Fordham wants his new artists to cultiv..

S2E4 - You're No Angel

Rayna cancels the remainder of the tour; Teddy proposes to Peggy and..

S2E3 - I Don't Wanna Talk..

Rayna and Teddy embark on new paths as they divorce becomes final; P..

S2E2 - Never No More

Edgehill's new chief, Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson), is determined to..

S2E1 - I Fall to Pieces

Deacon awaits his pending jail sentence as Rayna is in a coma; Teddy..

S1E100 - The Whole Story

A clip show spotlighting major story lines from the first part of Se..

S1E21 - I'll Never Get Ou..

Brad Paisley performs with Rayna and Deacon.

S1E20 - A Picture From Li..

Lamar turns out to be an unexpected ally for Rayna; Jolene tries to ..

S1E19 - Why Don't You Lov..

Edgehill Records throws a party for Rayna and Juliette when they are..

S1E18 - Take These Chains..

Liam offers Rayna a chance to escape and finish her album. Meanwhile..

S1E17 - My Heart Would Know

A personal crisis forces Rayna to head back to Nashville and miss a ..

S1E16 - I Saw the Light

Rayna brings her kids and sister on tour, but doesn't like the effec..

S1E15 - When You're Tired..

Rayna tries to set the record straight about her failed marriage dur..

S1E14 - Dear Brother

Juliette plans a surprise birthday party for Deacon; as Teddy and Ra..

S1E13 - There'll Be No Te..

Rayna is comforted by an old friend; Juliette reinvents herself; Ave..

S1E12 - I've Been Down Th..

As Rayna settles into the tour, she learns that Deacon has joined Ju..

S1E11 - You Win Again

To celebrate the success of ``Wrong Song,'' Edgehill records throws ..

S1E10 - I'm Sorry for You..

Rayna and Juliette prepare for their first concert together in San D..

S1E9 - Be Careful of Ston..

Rayna and Juliette are locked for their tour. When Rayna suggests ta..

S1E8 - Where He Leads Me

Rayna examines her priorities after listening to Teddy explain his s..

S1E7 - Lovesick Blues

Marshall Evans continues to pressure Rayna and Juliette to collabora..

S1E6 - You're Gonna Chang..

Rayna wants to change her sound and seeks out the help of a highly successful music producer, Liam McGuinnis, played by Michiel Huison ("Treme"); Juliette goes on a sham date with a squeaky-clean NFL quarterback as a PR move for her tarnished image; meanwhile, Lamar's plan to delay Coleman with a police traffic stop on his way to an important photo op for both candidates works too well, and Scarlett's relationship with Avery gets rocky">Rayna wants to change her sound and seeks out the help of a highly s..

S1E5 - Move It on Over

Rayna considers moving on after Deacon starts to set boundaries in t..

S1E4 - We Live in Two Dif..

Rayna's marriage faces a challenge when a woman from Teddy's past su..

S1E3 - Someday You'll Cal..

Rayna immerses herself in her kids' lives and her husband's campaign..

S1E2 - I Can't Help It (I..

Teddy's mayoral campaign is moving ahead and Rayna reluctantly endur..

S1E1 - Pilot

Rayna's record label asks her to take a backseat role and open for r..