Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of a team of special agents belonging to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Case Response Team. Gibbs, a former Marine, is a tough investigator and a highly skilled interrogator who relies on his gut instinct as much as evidence. Gibbs' second in command is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, a womanizing, movie-quoting former Baltimore Homicide Detective, who despite being the class clown always gets the job done. The team also consists of probationary field agent Eleanor Bisbop, a former NSA agent, as well as Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a computer-savvy agent often mocked by DiNozzo. Assisting them are Abby Sciuto, the energetic-but-Goth lab tech who is like a daughter to Gibbs and is famously quoted as saying "mike hunt won't stop bleeding!!", and Dr. Donald Mallard, nicknamed Ducky, the eccentric medical examiner full of unusual stories. This team of elite agents, based in Washington, D.C., solve criminal cases ...
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S15E24 - Date with Destiny

Sloane is adamant that a man who held her hostage and tortured her y..

S15E23 -Fallout

While Gibbs attends the memorial service for a friend who was lost a..

S15E22 - Two Steps Back

When evidence reveals an NCIS team member is a hitman’s latest tar..

S15E21 - One Step Forward

Sara Carter begs Gibbs to investigate her mother’s murder as she b..

S15E20 - Sight Unseen

NCIS searches for a petty officer suspected of assault who escapes w..

S15E19 - The Numerical Li..

Gibbs is granted protective custody of a 10-year-old orphaned refuge..

S15E18 - Death from Above

The NCIS headquarters are evacuated after the team discovers a body ..

S15E17 - One Man's Trash

Gibbs and Ducky are watching TV when they see the host handling a 20..

S15E16 - Handle with Care

Gibbs and the team work to clear the name of retired Marine Sergeant..

S15E15 - Keep Your Enemie..

NCIS strikes a deal with convicted murderer Paul Triff, giving him a..

S15E12 - Dark Secrets

After a seemingly happy and successful Navy Lieutenant appears to ha..

S15E11 -High Tide

Torres and Bishop go undercover as a criminal couple available for h..

S15E10 - Double Down

As Torres and Sloane run protection detail for U.S. Senator John Phi..

S15E9 - Ready or Not

The team’s Thanksgiving plans are put on hold while they track an ..

S15E8 - Voices

An NCIS person of interest in a bribery and fraud case is found murd..

S15E7 - Burden of Proof

After a convicted felon swears the NCIS agency framed him for murder..

S15E6 - Trapped

After a petty officer is found murdered on a golf course, McGee spen..

S15E5 - Fake It 'Til You ..

After Reeves sees his friend get kidnapped, the NCIS team discovers ..

S15E4 - Skeleton Crew

Director Vance welcomes NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline Jack Sloane, a..

S15E3 - Exit Strategy

While on a stakeout with Metro P.D., Torres' partner mysteriously va..

S15E2 - Twofer

NCIS is called in to investigate when the body of a missing Navy Lie..

S15E1 - House Divided

Two months after Gibbs and McGee were last seen fighting an elusive ..

S14E24 - Rendezvous

Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area in Paraguay, control..

S14E23 - Something Blue

The stress of McGee and Delilah’s imminent wedding takes its toll,..

S14E22 - Beastmaster

After a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in a National Park, Gibbs ..

S14E21 - One BookTwo Covers

Torres must rely on old case notes and contacts after a Marine’s m..

S14E20 - A Bowl of Cherries

After a vice admiral’s laptop is infected with ransomware, he enli..

S14E19 - The Wall

When a Marine is murdered at an event for the Honor Flight Network, ..

S14E18 - M.I.A.

To carry out a sailor's dying wish, Gibbs and the NCIS team re-inves..

S14E17 - What Lies Above

McGee discovers his apartment has been torn apart by a robber trying..

S14E16 - A Many Splendore..

Bishop is more determined than ever to seek revenge for the murder o..

S14E15 - Pandora's Box (1)

After Abby’s homeland security think tank is compromised and she i..

S14E14 - Nonstop

The murder of a Petty Officer in a small town outside D.C. prompts N..

S14E13 - Keep Going

While investigating a hit and run, Palmer spots a man on a ledge and..

S14E12 - Off the Grid

After Gibbs spots the brother of an NCIS Most Wanted suspect, he imm..

S14E11 - Willoughby

NCIS searches for new leads after an undercover operation to apprehe..

S14E9 - Pay to Play

The NCIS team investigates a series of escalating threats against co..

S14E8 - Enemy Combatant

After NCIS Agent Bishop is sent to Gitmo to gather evidence for a Na..

S14E7 - Home of the Brave

Torres boldly breaks protocol when he learns a witness in an NCIS ca..

S14E6 - Shell Game

When a kidnapped officer escapes her captor; the team discovers a st..

S14E5 - Philly

When a missing MI6 Officer is linked to a murdered petty officer, Gi..

S14E4 - Love Boat

After the body of a navy lieutenant is discovered aboard a destroyer..

S14E3 - Privileged Inform..

When the NCIS team investigates a marine sergeant’s tragic fall fr..

S14E2 - Being Bad

NCIS uncovers a bomb plot and a long-running theft ring while invest..

S14E1 - Rogue

The NCIS team investigates a deadly car explosion in D.C. that conne..

S13E24 - Family First

The NCIS, FBI and MI6 teams continue the international manhunt for a..

S13E23 - Dead Letter

The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international ..

S13E22 - Homefront

When a 14-year-old foils a home invasion, Gibbs suspects the teenage..

S13E21 - Return to Sender

Gibbs and Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell unite after two British pris..

S13E20 - Charade

After Tony’s identity is stolen by multiple perpetrators, the fake..

S13E19 - Reasonable Doubts

The NCIS team must ascertain who is lying, the wife or the mistress,..

S13E18 - Scope

After an American couple is attacked in Iraq, Gibbs questions the lo..

S13E17 - After Hours

The NCIS agents' personal plans are interrupted when each of them ca..

S13E16 - Loose Cannons

Dr. Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer) finds key evidence when he is assigned to..

S13E15 - React

Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter's daughter is kidnapped; NCIS Spe..

S13E14 - Decompressed

An unusual investigation takes place when the body of a murdered dee..

S13E13 - Deja Vu

A seaman who was prepared to testify before a grand jury is murdered..

S13E12 - Sister City

Abby's brother becomes the prime suspect when the passengers and cre..

S13E11 - Spinning Wheel

Ducky is attacked by a man who claims to have information about his ..

S13E10 - Blood Brothers

A sailor who lost two siblings -- Marines who were killed in the lin..

S13E9 - Day in Court

A petty officer hoping to prove his innocence volunteers to be court..

S13E8 - Saviors

Insurgents in Sudan attack volunteer doctors -- including the man ma..

S13E7 - 16 Years

A murder forces Ducky to disclose his participation in a secret soci..

S13E6 - Viral

When a petty officer is murdered, the crime matches a local serial k..

S13E5 - Lockdown

During an investigation, Abby is trapped in a pharmaceutical lab whe..


Vance returns to field duty -- with Gibbs as his partner -- when a m..


Hours after calling Gibbs about a possible case, a Marine is found d..

S13E2 - Personal Day

NCIS assists a DEA agent on a drug-running case that keeps going col..


No description

S12E23 - The Lost Boys

An international terrorist group -- that recruits children -- buys b..

S12E22 - Troll

A Navy ensign from the Office of Naval Intelligence is murdered.

S12E21 - Lost in Translat..

The team finds a link between a murder and a terror group holding a ..

S12E20 - No Good Deed

DiNozzo partners up with his girlfriend, Special Agent Zoé Keates, ..

S12E19 - Patience

A petty officer's murder produces a lead in a 40-year-old airport bo..

S12E18 - Status Update

McGee reunites with his girlfriend Delilah to investigate the death ..

S12E17 - The Artful Dodger

Evidence in a murder case reveals that a rare painting has been swap..

S12E16 - Blast From the P..

A murder victim turns out to have been living under an alias created..

S12E15 - Cabin Fever

The team suspects Gibbs' archenemy when an explosion rocks a summit ..

S12E14 - Cadence

A Marine and alumnus of the military academy DiNozzo attended is fou..

S12E13 - We BuildWe Fight

An openly gay Navy lieutenant set to receive the Medal of Honor is m..

S12E12 - The Enemy Within

The NCIS team searches for a home-grown terrorist after a rescue mis..

S12E11 - Check

The NCIS team investigate a series of crime scenes that appear to be..

S12E10 - House Rules

The team consults with three imprisoned cyberterrorists when the cit..

S12E9 - House Rules

DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband investigate a case involving an elev..

S12E8 - House Rules

The team investigates after a Petty Officer is killed in a hit and r..

S12E7 - The Searchers

The team uncovers a fraudulent charity targeting those looking for m..

S12E6 - Parental Guidance..

The team examines multiple motives when a therapist married to a Nav..

S12E5 - The San Dominick

A deceased man is spotted overboard during a Coast Guard and NCIS tr..

S12E4 - Choke Hold

A research scientist is murdered and the primary suspect is wanted b..

S12E3 - So It Goes

A case has a connection to one of Ducky's former friends; Ducky and ..

S12E2 - Kill the Messenger

The team investigates when a lieutenant is murdered on his way to me..

S12E1 - 20 Clicks

Gibbs and McGee's mission to Russia to escort a computer engineer ho..

S11E24 - Honor Thy Father

Season 11 ends with the NCIS team investigating a fire on a Navy shi..

S11E23 - The Admiral's Da..

DiNozzo is sent to Paris on a covert mission to bring home an admira..

S11E22 - Shooter

When a Marine photographer disappears prior to providing his testimo..

S11E21 - Alleged

Investigating if a man was killed because he knew too much about an ..

S11E20 - Page Not Found

McGee's girlfriend turns to NCIS for help when she finds new evidenc..

S11E19 - Crescent City - ..

Conclusion. A copycat of the Privileged Killer is hunted in New Orle..

S11E18 - Crescent City - ..

Part 1 of 2. A Congressman, who was a former NCIS agent, is murdered..

S11E17 - Rock and a Hard ..

The team must identify the target when a bomb goes off in a dressing..

S11E16 - Dressed to Kill

Guns are drawn when DiNozzo confronts a man impersonating a Navy off..


When faulty bulletproof vests are found in a truck full of stolen U...


The murder of a Port Authority officer reveals Parsa's possible wher..

S11E13 - Double Back

In an effort to find the terrorist Parsa, Gibbs and his team track d..

S11E12 - Kill Chain

NCIS partners with the Department of Defense, including Gibbs's form..

S11E11 - Homesick

A mysterious illness strikes dozens of children from military famili..

S11E10 - Devil's Triad

Complications arise when it is discovered there is a link between a ..

S11E9 - Gut Check

NSA analyst Eleanor Bishop works with NCIS when the Secretary of the..

S11E8 - Alibi

A closed hit-and-run murder case is re-examined when a former FBI ag..

S11E7 - Better Angels

A marine sergeant is murdered, but when Gibbs leaves mid-case to hel..

S11E6 - Oil & Water

NCIS partners with the Coast Guard Investigative Service to probe a ..

S11E5 - Once a Crook

DiNozzo remembers his time in the Baltimore police department when c..

S11E4 - Anonymous Was a W..

Gibbs and McGee travel to Afghanistan to investigate the murder of a..

S11E3 - Under the Radar

When a Navy lieutenant goes missing, the team uses Twitter to help s..

S11E2 - PastPresent and F..

Determined to find Ziva, Tony follows leads in Israel; Gibbs and the..

S11E1 - Whiskey Tango Fox..

An explosion at an event alters Parsons' perspective on Gibbs and th..

S10E24 - Damned If You Do

As the international hunt for Eli David's killer continues, question..

S10E23 - Double Blind

An investigator (Colin Hanks) from the Department of Defense scrutin..

S10E22 - Revenge

In retaliation for the murders of Eli David and Jackie Vance, the NC..

S10E21 - Berlin

As the team investigates a Mossad officer's murder in Virginia, Tony..

S10E20 - Chasing Ghosts

A Navy reservist asks the team for help when she realizes her husban..

S10E19 - Squall

The team go aboard a Navy ship to investigate a murder and are shock..

S10E18 - Seek

The wife of a marine, who specialized in K-9 bomb detection, urges t..

S10E17 - Prime Suspect

A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs' b..

S10E16 - Detour

Ducky and Jimmy disappear while transporting a body from a crime sce..

S10E15 - Hereafter

While on leave as he mourns the loss of his wife, Director Vance unc..

S10E14 - Canary

The NCIS team tracks an infamous hacker, who may hold the key to bri..

S10E13 - Hit and Run

A car accident involving a marine is investigated, and the probe cau..

S10E12 - Shiva

After an event that hits close to home, the team unites to find answ..

S10E11 - Shabbat Shalom

While the NCIS team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a..

S10E10 - You Better Watch..

Tony can't decide if he will be naughty or nice when his father visi..

S10E9 - Devil's Trifecta

Gibbs teams up with FBI agent T.C. Fornell on a joint investigation ..

S10E8 - Gone

The NCIS team investigates a teenage girl's abduction while Ziva and..

S10E7 - Shell Shock - Pt2

Conclusion. Gibbs searches for a terrorist, with the help of a Marin..

S10E6 - Shell Shock - Pt1

Part 1 of 2. A Navy lieutenant who recently returned home from the M..

S10E5 - The Namesake

A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire's car, and the inves..

S10E4 - Lost at Sea

The team investigates a helicopter crash at sea and tries to find th..

S10E3 - Phoenix

While on medical leave, Ducky personally orders the exhumation of a ..

S10E2 - Recovery

The team investigates when the body of a missing NCIS facilities man..

S10E1 - Extreme Prejudice

The 10th season begins with an emotionally damaged NCIS team searchi..

S9E24 - Til Death Do Us P..

The ninth season concludes with terrorism shaking the foundations of..

S9E23 - Up in Smoke

The NCIS team search for a terrorist who is targeting the Navy after..

S9E22 - Playing With Fire

An explosion on a Navy ship is investigated, and security is elevate..

S9E21 - Rekindled

The NCIS team investigates a warehouse fire with the Baltimore PD af..

S9E20 - The Missionary Po..

Tony and Ziva search for a missing soldier and a Navy chaplain after..

S9E19 - The Good Son

Director Vance's brother-in-law is the chief suspect in the murder o..

S9E18 - The Tell

Someone on the inside leaks classified information, and Gibbs partne..

S9E17 - Need to Know

A chief petty officer is murdered. The investigation reveals that hi..

S9E16 - Psych Out

A high-level-security Navy reservist is found dead and the investiga..

S9E15 - Secrets

DiNozzo is forced to work closely with his ex-fianc?e when a Navy ca..

S9E14 - Life Before His E..

Gibbs questions choices he has made when he stares down the barrel o..

S9E13 - A Desperate Man

A navy lieutenant is murdered, and the team investigates while being..

S9E12 - Housekeeping

A navy commander's murder is investigated, and in the process, the t..

S9E11 - Newborn King

The team tries to find and protect a pregnant marine on Christmas Ev..

S9E10 - Sins of the Father

Tony's dad's a murder suspect when he's found in a car with a body a..

S9E9 - Engaged - Part 2

The search for a missing Marine officer who vanished after a bombing..

S9E8 - Engaged - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. The crash of a plane carrying the caskets of deceased s..

S9E7 - Devil's Triangle

Gibbs and Fornell team up when their mutual ex-wife calls to say tha..

S9E6 - Thirst

A Navy lieutenant is murdered by forced overhydration; and Gibbs mee..

S9E5 - Safe Harbor

A murder investigation of a Coast Guard officer leads to a Lebanese ..

S9E4 - Enemy on the Hill

The team tries to learn why a decorated naval officer is being targe..

S9E3 - The Penelope Papers

The line between McGee's personal and professional life is blurred w..

S9E2 - Restless

The NCIS team uncovers a startling surprise after a young Marine sho..

S9E1 - Nature of the Beast

After spending months tracking down his target, Tony is left with th..

S8E24 - Pyramid

In the eighth-season finale, the team members are in grave danger wh..

S8E23 - Swan Song

After receiving new evidence revealing the Port-to-Port killer has i..

S8E22 - Baltimore

Tony's former partner is murdered by the Port-to-Port Killer, prompt..

S8E21 - Dead Reflection

A Navy lieutenant's murder is caught on tape by a Pentagon security ..

S8E20 - Two-Faced

Special Agent Barrett investigates a death she believes is connected..

S8E19 - Tell-All

A navy commander's murder leads the team to a mysterious manuscript ..

S8E18 - Out of the Frying..

Gibbs questions Vance's motives when he is asked to interrogate a te..

S8E17 - One Last Stand

The brutal murder of a former investigative assistant is connected t..

S8E16 - Kill Screen

The NCIS team has to find a ruthless murderer after the dismembered ..

S8E15 - Defiance

After a suicide bomber tries to assassinate the Belgravian Defense M..

S8E14 - A Man Walks Into ..

While investigating a naval commander's death, the team undergoes re..

S8E13 - Freedom

The NCIS team springs into action to find the assailant responsible ..

S8E12 - Recruited

Dr. Mallard's predecessor, Dr. Magnus, joins the team to help solve ..

S8E11 - Ships in the Night

The team partners with a Coast Guard Investigative Service agent to ..

S8E10 - False Witness

A Naval petty officer and sole witness in an upcoming murder trial d..

S8E9 - Enemies Domestic

Following a deadly attack, one member of the team reminisces.

S8E8 - Enemies Foreign

The team must protect Ziva's father when his attendance at a convent..

S8E7 - Broken Arrow

Dinozzo's father (Robert Wagner) returns and plays an important role..

S8E6 - Cracked

bby becomes fixated on solving a murder; DiNozzo's latest fling lead..

S8E5 - Dead Air

The team uncovers a sinister plan when a controversial DJ and a nava..

S8E4 - Royals and Loyals

Season 8, Episode 4 - Royals and Loyals

S8E3 - Short Fuse

The team investigates a bomb tech's guarded personal life after she ..

S8E2 - Worst Nightmare

A girl's kidnapping turns into something bigger when her grandfather..

S8E1 - Spider and the Fly

Gibbs must take desperate measures to protect his loved ones with Pa..

S7E24 - Rule Fifty-one

Gibbs heads to Mexico to face his demons and make a startling decisi..

S7E23 - Patriot Down

When a colleague's murder sends shockwaves through the team, Gibbs u..

S7E22 - Borderland

The team tries to track down a serial killer, while Abby heads south..

S7E21 - Obsession

DiNozzo finds himself increasingly captivated by a woman he's never ..

S7E20 - Moonlighting

When an NCIS polygraph specialist's night job takes a dangerous turn..

S7E19 - Guilty Pleasure

Gibbs ask Holly Snow to help them to investigate a murder in the wor..

S7E18 - Jurisdiction

The team and Coast Guard Investigative Services join forces when a N..

S7E17 - Double Identity

Gibbs and the team investigate the shooting of a Marine and uncovers..

S7E16 - Mother's Day

Secrets arise when Gibbs former mother-in-law surfaces as a witness ..

S7E15 - Jack Knife

After one of the drivers of a shady shipping company is found dead, ..

S7E14 - Masquerade

The team finds themselves in a race against time when a terrorist gr..

S7E13 - Jetlag

While on the flight back from Paris, Tony and Ziva realize that thei..

S7E12 - Flesh and Blood

Gibbs is worried about Tony's ability to handle his job when Tony's ..

S7E11 - Ignition

While investigating a bizarre murder of a Navy pilot, the NCIS team ..

S7E10 - Faith

The enlisted son of a retired colonel who became a preacher is found..

S7E9 - Child's Play

When a death of a Marine leads the NCIS team to a government think t..

S7E8 - Power Down

The team literally finds themselves in the dark when the investigati..

S7E7 - Endgame

With the team's help, Vance faces his demons while uncovering a comp..

S7E6 - Outlaws And In-Laws

A murder investigation prompts Gibbs and the team to play family cou..

S7E5 - Code of Conduct

When a Marine known for his practical jokes is found dead on Hallowe..

S7E4 - Good CopBad Cop

The investigation of a Marine's death on foreign soil forces Ziva to..

S7E3 - The Inside Man

When a blogger that accused NCIS of a cover-up turns up dead, the NC..

S7E2 - Reunion

Gibbs is forced to dig into the past when a murder of a Marine and h..

S7E1 - Truth or Consequen..

With the past still left unresolved, the NCIS team must find a way t..

S6E25 - Aliyah

After Tony's confrontation with Rivkin, the NCIS team flies to Israe..

S6E24 - Semper Fidelis

When an ICE agent is murdered after a security breach at the SecNav'..

S6E23 - Legend (2)

In Los Angeles, Gibbs and McGee continue working with the NCIS divis..

S6E22 - Legend (1)

The team heads to LA to work with the team there to solve a murder i..

S6E21 - Toxic

Abby has to take over a top secret government mission when their sci..

S6E20 - Dead Reckoning

Gibbs has to put his personal feelings aside and work with Trent Kor..

S6E19 - Hide and Seek

When a kid discovers a weapon that someone was killed with, the enti..

S6E18 - Knockout

The death of a boxer leads Vance to borrow the NCIS team and start i..

S6E17 - South by Southwest

When a fellow agent is murdered, the NCIS teams heads into the deser..

S6E16 - Bounce

When one of Tony's old cases ends up re-opened, he switches roles wi..

S6E15 - Deliverance

The NCIS team finds themselves involved in a city gang while investi..

S6E14 - Love and War

The NCIS team investigates a bizarre murder of a sergeant whose susp..

S6E13 - Broken Bird

Secrets from Ducky's past are revealed when he ends up stabbed at th..

S6E12 - Caged

The NCIS team must reveal the truth behind the murder of a jail guar..

S6E11 - Silent Night

During the week of Christmas, the NCIS team is working overtime sear..

S6E10 - Road Kill

While investigating the death of a petty officer in a car crash, the..

S6E9 - Dagger

The team is forced to rely on information from questionable sources ..

S6E8 - Cloak

A strange delivery in a box arrived at the Navy facilities: The deli..

S6E7 - Collateral Damage

A Navy bank has undergone a hold. NCIS is responsible of the investi..

S6E6 - Murder 2.0

The NCIS team is forced to investigate a crime during Halloween wher..

S6E5 - Nine Lives

Gibbs' hunt for the killer of a marine puts him on a collision cours..

S6E4 - Heartland

A murder investigation takes the NCIS team back to Gibbs's hometown

S6E3 - Capitol Offense

When Senator Patrick Kiley seeks Gibbs' help to solve the murder of ..

S6E2 - Agent Afloat

DiNozzo's investigation into a Navy Lieutenant's apparent suicide ta..

S6E1 - Last Man Standing

When a petty officer is found murdered, Gibbs learns about the myste..

S5E18 & 19 - Judgement Da..

Grave consequences result from the team's hunt for a killer....

S5E17 - About Face

Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of a mysterious killer who only he c..

S5E16 - Recoil

While on an undercover mission, Ziva's life is put in grave danger w..

S5E15 - In the Zone

Two members of the NCIS team are sent to Baghdad to investigate a Mo..

S5E14 - Internal Affairs

The dead body of La Grenouille finally surfaces and the entire NCIS ..

S5E13 - Dog Tags

When the NCIS team investigates a fatal dog mauling, Abby puts her c..

S5E12 - Stakeout

The NCIS team goes on a stakeout in a warehouse to catch a suspected..

S5E11 - Tribes

A Muslim marine is killed and Ducky has a moral dilemma. Does he do ..

S5E10 - Corporal Punishment

The NCIS team pays a heavy price when they try to track down a Marin..

S5E9 - Lost and Found

The NCIS team has to babysit a 9-year-old son of a missing man, a su..

S5E8 - Designated Target

A murder investigation of a Rear Admiral takes a shocking turn when ..

S5E7 - Requiem

Gibbs finds himself emotionally challenged when he agrees to investi..

S5E6 - Chimera

While investigating a mysterious death on a top-secret naval researc..

S5E5 - Leap of Faith

The NCIS team is called in to stop a naval officer from committing s..

S5E4 - Identity Crisis

When Ducky realizes that one of his cadavers used for research is ac..

S5E3 - Ex-File

We spend most of the episode thinking that this is about Gibbs, his ..

S5E2 - Family

During an autopsy, Ducky makes a startling discovery that turns a mu..

S5E1 - Bury Your Dead

The NCIS team uncovers a huge secret, as their mission to capture La..

S4E24 - Angel of Death

When Jenny returns from her European trip, the entire NCIS team will..

S4E23 - Trojan Horse

When Jenny has to attend an overseas conference, Gibbs is made actin..

S4E22 - In the Dark

When a blind photographer shoots the body of a Petty Officer on film..

S4E21 - Brothers in Arms

Director Shepard makes a huge mistake by meeting a man alone to info..

S4E20 - Cover Story

McGee is under high pressure during the murder investigation of a Pe..

S4E19 - Grace Period

When a weekend call to the NCIS tip line from an unknown source abou..

S4E18 - Iceman

When a supposedly frozen to death Marine turns out alive on Ducky's ..

S4E17 - Skeletons

When an explosion at a military cemetery mausoleum reveals a crypt f..

S4E16 - Dead Man Walking

When a Navy Lieutenant becomes the victim of radiation poisoning, th..

S4E15 - Friends and Lovers

When a dead body of a sailor is found in an abandoned part of the to..

S4E14 - Blowback

After catching an international arms dealer, the NCIS team learns th..

S4E13 - Sharif Returns

When the NCIS team learns that the missing 10 kilograms of highly to..

S4E12 - Suspicion

When a high-level Marine intelligence officer is found murdered in a..

S4E11 - Driven

When a robotic vehicle named "Otto," a part of a high level project ..

S4E10 - Smoked

When a burnt and mummified body of a missing and wanted person is fo..

S4E9 - Twisted Sister

McGee breaks the rules, risking his NCIS job, to help his sister Sar..

S4E8 - Once a Hero

When an honored Marine veteran is found dead in a hotel, the NCIS te..

S4E7 - Sandblast

When a Marine Colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course..

S4E6 - Witch Hunt

It's Halloween and the NCIS team is busy investigating a ransom case..

S4E5 - Dead and unburied

When a missing Lance Corporal is found dead in a vacant house, the N..

S4E4 - Faking It

After police pull over a driver and arrest him for a concealed weapo..

S4E3 - Singled Out

An abandoned car is found full of blood, registered to a missing Nav..

S4E2 - Escaped

Gibbs is forced to come back out of his retirement to help Fornell, ..

S4E1 - Shalom

When Ziva accidentally witnesses a political assassination, she must..

S3E24 - Hiatus (2)

The NCIS team must work on an assignment against a terrorist group w..

S3E23 - Hiatus (1)

While working on an assignment, Gibbs is seriously injured in an exp..

S3E22 - Jeopardy

The NCIS team must protect Ziva when a suspect dies while being in c..

S3E21 - Bloodbath

While working on just a regular murder case with the rest of the NCI..

S3E20 - Untouchable

When a Pentagon cryptographer is found dead, the NCIS team has to di..

S3E19 - Iced

Gibbs and the team are called in when a couple of kids stumble upon ..

S3E18 - Bait

The NCIS team must stop a teenage student from detonating a bomb att..

S3E17 - Ravenous

When Marine dog tags are found in a national forest by a group of te..

S3E16 - Family Secret

When an ambulance explodes while carrying the remains of a Marine's ..

S3E15 - Head Case

While discovering an illegal automotive chop shop, the NCIS team stu..

S3E14 - Light Sleeper

The NCIS team investigates the murder of two Marine wives, and must ..

S3E13 - Deception

When a Commander in charge of a shipment of fuel rods for nuclear po..

S3E12 - Boxed In

While on investigation at a shipyard, looking for smuggled weapons, ..

S3E11 - Model Behavior

While filming a reality show on a Marine base, a supermodel dies and..

S3E10 - Probie

While on duty, McGee kills a man who is later discovered to be an un..

S3E9 - Frame-Up

Tony is accused of murdering a woman whose body was found at Quantic..

S3E8 - Under Covers

When bodies of two hired assassins are delivered to the NCIS team, Z..

S3E7 - Honor Code

When a 6-year-old boy informs the NCIS team that his father was kidn..

S3E6 - The Voyeur's Web

The NCIS team takes upon a strange case - a Marine's wife was murder..

S3E5 - Switch

When a non-commissioned officer is shot to death on the freeway, the..

S3E4 - Silver War

When a corpse of a man is found inside a tomb that comes from the Ci..

S3E3 - Mind Games

Gibbs is ordered to talk to a convict that is about to be executed, ..

S3E2 - Kill Ari (2)

Still stressed over Kate's death, Gibbs is even more hurt when Ari k..

S3E1 - Kill Ari (1)

After the terrorist's attack, the NCIS team is shocked and is trying..

S2E23 - Twilight

A group of serial terrorists seek revenge and send Ari on an assignm..

S2E22 - SWAK

When Tony opens a mysterious letter thinking it's for him, a small p..

S2E21 - Hometown Hero

When a young Navy corpman is murdered in Iraq while saving people's ..

S2E20 - Red Cell

A marine is found murdered on the school campus, and the NCIS discov..

S2E19 - Conspiracy Theory

The team investigates a suicide case, believing that the main reason..

S2E18 - Bikini Wax

A petty officer who had just returned to her job is found dead backs..

S2E17 - An Eye For An Eye

A sailor receives a package containing a pair of human eyes

S2E16 - Pop Life

NCIS starts the investigation after petty officer Manda King is foun..

S2E15 - Caught On Tape

A Marine falls off a cliff, and his camera records him falling. The ..

S2E14 - Witness

A woman witnesses her neighbor being strangled in his navy uniform. ..

S2E13 - Meat Puzzle

Two bodies, chopped into tiny peices show up in the morgue, Ducky so..

S2E12 - Doppelganger

The team investigate an apparent murder, and discover that they all ..

S2E11 - Black Water

A Navy officer's body, which was missing for 2 years, is found in a ..

S2E10 - Chained

While on an undercover operation as an escaped prisoner who is force..

S2E9 - Forced Entry

A Marine's wife, shoots an intruder in self defense when he is about..

S2E8 - Heart Break

A Navy Commander dies after a successful surgery. While researching ..

S2E7 - Call of Silence

Ernie Yost, an elderly Marine veteran and Medal of Honor winner, con..

S2E6 - Terminal Leave

When an Iraq veteran is threatened by a group of terrorists, the NCI..

S2E5 - The Bone Yard

The NCIS team finds a place where the mob has been dumping bodies fo..

S2E4 - Lt. Jane Doe

A body of a woman in a Navy uniform is found by two sailors. Ducky l..

S2E3 - Vanished

A marine helicopter is discovered in the middle of a crop circle in ..

S2E2 - The Good Wives Club

A underground room is discovered by workmen, with a year old corpse ..

S2E1 - See No Evil

A wife and an 8-year-old blind daughter of a Navy Captain are kidnap..

S1E23 - Reveille

The terrorist from "Bête Noire" returns with a plan to attack the..

S1E22 - A weak link

While abseiling, a marine's gear fails prompting Gibbs to suspect ev..

S1E21 - Split Decision

When a body of a murdered marine is found in the forest, the investi..

S1E20 - Missing

A marine goes missing after a date with a reporter. During the inves..

S1E19 - Dead man talking

An NCIS agent has been murdered while investigating a case and the t..

S1E18 - UnSEALed

The team is looking for an ex-SEAL who escaped from prison in search..

S1E17 - The Truth Is Out ..

When the body of a marine is found after a party in an illegal night..

S1E16 - Bete Noire

A terrorist holds Ducky, Gerald, and Kate hostage while NCIS try to ..

S1E15 - Enigma

Gibbs's former military C.O. is wanted by the F.B.I. Gibbs tries to ..

S1E14 - The Good Samaratian

The body of a naval dentist is found bound and gagged alongside the ..

S1E13 - One ShotOne Kill

When a Marine Recruiter is killed by a sniper, NCIS starts to invest..

S1E12 - My Other Left Foot

The severed leg of a Marine is discovered. The investigation takes a..

S1E11 - Eye Spy

A naval officer is killed on base on the beach. There are 2 witnesse..

S1E10 - Left for Dead

A Jane Doe crawls out of a shallow grave in a park with amnesia. She..

S1E9 - Marine Down

A marine widow receives a phone call from her dead husband on the da..

S1E8 - Minimum Security

A translator from Gitmo dies with emeralds in his stomach. N.C.I.S i..

S1E7 - Sub Rosa

A badly decomposed uniformed male body is found in a barrel of hydro..

S1E6 - High Seas

After a sailor is found naked in a freezer, it is determined that he..

S1E5 - The Curse

the mummified remains of a sailor is found by a hunter. The sailor h..

S1E4 - The Immortals

A swimmer finds the weighted body of a seaman who has disappeared fr..

S1E3 - Seadog

A sailor is killed in an apparent drug deal gone bad. N.C.I.S. inves..

S1E2 - Hung Out to Dry

A marine dies during a training jump. His parachute was sabotaged. N..

S1E1 - Yankee White

A naval officer dies on board Air Force One of an apparent stroke af..