No More Hangover

Have you ever partied to an extent forgot the next day was work, and you wake up with an intense feeling like your head will explode if you dare try to get out of bed? The alarm sounds like a jet engine pulling up right over your head, and you feel the lights burning through your eyelids. From that moment, you can already tell that you are hungover and your day is already starting in a disrupted manner. Well, there is no other worse feeling in the morning like knowing you will not be able to get yourself together before it’s time for work. I will share some of the remedies I had to employ after waking up the morning after a huge party feeling all messed up and after these therapies, and I was finally ready to start my day. Although some took almost the whole day before I could place where my head was, for the sake of this article I would share all of them.

What They Call The Hangover Drink

Coffee! A large pot of coffee was my first remedy to employ when I tried to get over a hangover. If I managed to get off the bed after a long period of struggle, I would barely set up the coffee maker, get some large cup and fill it up and drink as much as I can. Then I lay back down and try to rest till the coffee can take its effect and help me feel better. Some days I will just sleep off and wake up later in the day still feeling a little bit light-headed, I will then take some pain killers and try to start my day. The morning after a hangover in those days wasn’t comfortable in any way.

Make Sure You Eat Before Drinking

Well after I learned that having food in your stomach before going out to drink helps prevent the effects of the alcohol, I decided I would make sure eat well before stepping out to party any night. Still, after the heavy partying of drinking wine and several glasses of beer, I still feel crappy in the morning when I try to wake up. The food helped as I could feel my feet and I have a little more strength to move around the house and locate pain killers and take them with water. On some days, I would throw up, and more than half of the food will go out with the puke leaving me defenseless against the effects of the drinks.

I also tried relaxing but on days I had to work, that wasn’t much of a remedy. And then I came across the BioEnergy patch, designed to replenish the nutrients being lost from the effects of drinking alcohol. My first night out to party with the No Hangover patch, I applied it to a part of my shoulder 45minutes before I stepped out, drinking a lot of water too because it helps to stay hydrated before consuming alcohol and even after. I partied hard like always that night, can’t remember how I got home but surprisingly when I woke up in the morning other than the fuzzy feeling; there was no headaches or nausea. The No Hangover patch worked. I took some more water and a cup of coffee, showered and was on my way to work like nothing happened.


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