The gritty details of life as a member of a New York City police unit.
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S12E18 - Lenny Scissorha..

Ortiz and Murphy arrived on the scene of a shooting, where tw..

S12E17 - Sergeant Sipowi..

The detectives arrive on the scene of shooting outside of a s..

S12E16 - Old Man Quiver

Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the home of an 80-year-old milli..

S12E15 - La Bomba

Sipowicz and Clark arrive on the scene of a car bombing. The..

S12E14 - Stratis Fear

The owner of a diner, Gene Stratis, has been stabbed to death..

S12E13 - Stoli with a Tw..

Ortiz is still working undercover at one of the AA meetings a..

S12E12 - I Love My Wives..

Faith Chandler, a hooker, was murdered in the apartment of a ..

S12E11 - Bale Out

The detectives are on the roof of a parking garage, where an ..

S12E10 - The Dead Donald

Sipowicz reports for the sergeant's exam and finds he is the ..

S12E9 - The 3-H Club

Sipowicz is still studying for the sergeant's exam. Medavoy'..

S12E8 - I Like Ike

Sipowicz is doing a little studying and Medavoy catches him; ..

S12E7 - My Dinner With A..

Sipowicz and Clark have dinner and a conversation. Clark doe..

S12E6 - The Vision Thing

On a city bus a man was stabbed in the chest in front of his ..

S12E5 - You're Buggin' Me

Sipowicz receives a late night phone call and he goes to the ..

S12E4 - Divorce Detectiv..

Clark leaves his latest encounter's apartment, hoping to make..

S12E3 - Great Balls of I..

The detectives are on the scene of ex-con Lester Byrd's homic..

S12E2 - Fish Out of Water

Sipowicz arrives at the scene of the homicide of a pregnant 1..

S12E1 - Dress for Success

After another late night out Clark arrives late at a crime sc..

S11E22 - Who's Your Daddy?

John meets Jennifer for breakfast, she appears to be on the road to ..

S11E21 - What's Your Pois..

Clark comes into the squad and tells Sipowicz he's been trying to fi..

S11E20 - Traylor Trash

Jones and Medavoy arrive on the scene of a shooting; meanwhile back ..

S11E19 - Peeler? I Hardly..

Clark arrives at the hospital where there is a victim who's lost his..

S11E18 - The Brothers Grim

Sipowicz meets with Haywood who has had an old case that was recentl..

S11E17 - In Goddess We Tr..

Gibson calls Sipowicz into his office; Sipowicz has been transferred..

S11E16 - On the Fence

Sipowicz and Clark arrive at an early morning scene (so early it's s..

S11E15 - Old Yeller

A kidnapping victim's startling statement clues Andy and John in on ..

S11E14 - Colonel Knowledge

The detectives are on the scene of what appears to be a gang killing..

S11E13 - Take My WifePlease

A jogger who was gunned down in a park manages to contact his wife v..

S11E12 - Chatty Chatty Ba..

Sipowicz and Clark are at the scene of a hit and run, where the driv..

S11E11 - Passing the Stone

A Jewish jeweler is gunned down outside of his shop. His widow tells..

S11E10 - You Da Bomb

John and the good doctor have renewed their intimate relationship, b..

S11E9 - Only Schmucks Pay..

Andy bangs on the neighbor's door at 5:00 AM; the neighbor is practi..

S11E8 - And the Wenner Is..

When another woman is murdered by the serial killer, the detectives ..

S11E7 - It's to Die For

Clark, Ortiz and Russell are on the scene of a woman who's managed t..

S11E6 - Andy Appleseed

Andy and Connie wake to the call of another possible Time Bar homici..

S11E5 - Keeping Abreast

John is surprised by an early morning visit from Jennifer. Sometime ..

S11E4 - Porn Free

The detectives are on the scene of a dump job, as always Medavoy wan..

S11E3 - Shear Stupidity

Sinclair has brought to the stand Hector Acevedo, the man who Rodrig..

S11E2 - Your BusTed

The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They kno..

S11E1 - Frickin' Fraker

Fraker is on trial for the attempted murder of Rodriguez. Haywood is..

S10E22 - YoAdrian

Sipowicz (with McDowell watching) works with the lawyer on hi..

S10E21 - Maybe Baby

Sipowicz meets Clark at the scene of a homicide and tells him..

S10E19 - Marine Life

The morning after their breakup and Clark and Ortiz are on th..

S10E18 - Off the Wall

The detectives are on the scene of a homicide, when Clark arr..

S10E17 - Nude Awakening

Theo walks into bathroom on Connie, who's naked and getting r..

S10E16 - Tranny Get Your..

The tension that has been building between Andy and Connie al..

S10E15 - Laughlin All th..

Sipowicz arrives on the scene of a homicide where Shannon and..

S10E14 - Bottoms Up

Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he..

S10E13 - Arrested Develo..

At the Sipowicz/McDowell household all is not right with the ..

S10E12 - I Kid You Not

Officer Laughlin is back on the job when the detectives arriv..

S10E11 - Healthy McDowel..

The Sipowicz's have moved out of their apartment and Andy has..

S10E10 - Half-Ashed

Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of the death of a cas..

S10E9 - Below the Belt

Angela comes into Tony's office and tells she does want somet..

S10E8 - Das Boots

Theo tells his father that he misses having Connie around. A..

S10E7 - Maya Con Dios

The detectives are on the scene of a shooting where Officer M..

S10E6 - Death by Cycle

Clark Jr. and Sipowicz respond the scene of the death a boy w..

S10E5 - Meat Me in the P..

Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive on the scene at a park, where a..

S10E4 - One in the Nuts

Sipowicz and Clark Jr. are on the scene of a homicide, where ..

S10E3 - You've Got Mail

John Irvin is showing off a picture the new car he plans on b..

S10E2 - Ho Down

It's a hot morning in NYC as the detectives go to a tenement ..

S9E22 - Better Laid Than ..

The morning after his return from Florida with McDowell and his son,..

S9E21 - Dead Meat in New ..

The detectives start investigating the robbery of deli, where the ow..

S9E20 - Oedipus Wrecked

It's the morning after and John and Rita scramble to get ready to le..

S9E19 - Low Blow

Since the Captain has found out about the grudge match, the fight be..

S9E18 - Less is Morte

Clark Jr. readies himself for next week's fight with Laughlin. Sipow..

S9E17 - Gypsy Woe's Me

Andy and Theo discuss their upcoming trip to Disney World, but Theo ..

S9E16 - A Little Dad'..

McDowell and Ortiz start investigating the rape of a woman in her ho..

S9E15 - Guns & Hoses

The detectives begin looking into the fire-bombing of an abortion cl..

S9E14 - Hand Job

A safe is stolen and two people are crucified and Ortiz and McDowell..

S9E13 - SafariSo Good

The detectives begin investigating the death of a doctor and at the ..

S9E12 - OhMama

Sipowicz and Clark Jr. begin an investigating the death of high scho..

S9E11 - Humpty Dumped

Ortiz gets word from a man that his wife and her husband are having ..

S9E10 - Jealous Hearts

Sipowicz visits Gibson at the hospital to ask him about Mrs. Hornby ..

S9E9 - Here Comes the Son

The detectives start investigating a massage parlor rip-off. While t..

S9E8 - Puppy Love

Gibson stops by to say his goodbyes as he goes out on medical leave ..

S9E7 - Mom's Away

Connie still watching her daughter catches her and a friend with a j..

S9E6 - Baby Love

Valerie stops by Baldwin's apartment for some spontaneity. Sipowicz ..

S9E5 - Cops and Robber

Vehicles in the precinct's parking lot are broken into, including Cl..

S9E4 - Hit the RoadClark

Sipowicz and Clark Jr. come to a working agreement. Clark Jr. promis..

S9E3 - Two Clarks in a Bar

Det. Daniel Eric Sorenson is laid to rest and the squad returns to w..

S9E2 - Johnny Got His Gol..

The wearing of the wire goes bad, Clark gets shot on the street and ..

S9E1 - Lie Like a Rug (1)

The detectives begin investigating the deaths of 4 girls, but stress..

S8E20 - In the Wind

Sorenson hasn't shown up for work yet and when Sipowicz and McDowell..

S8E19 - Under Covers

Sorenson visits the strip club where Kristen works and encounters an..

S8E18 - Lost Time

Diane decides to take a leave of absence, instead of a transfer. She..

S8E17 - Dying to Testify

Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating the death ..

S8E16 - Everyone Into the..

A Chinese man is murdered after making a delivery, which Jones, McDo..

S8E15 - Love Hurts

A cop, allegedly working a second job gets shot, allegedly in a carj..

S8E14 - Nariz a Nariz

The daughter of an ex-cop is found strangled in the apartment, the e..

S8E13 - Flight of Fancy

While digging up old cases, to avoid the being around the squad for ..

S8E12 - Thumb Enchanted E..

A body is found in a trunk, which Sipowicz and Sorenson believe migh..

S8E11 - Peeping Tommy

Sipowicz spots something going down. He saves the victim and then pu..

S8E10 - In the Still of t..

A small scuffle breaks out in the precinct lobby when the man who en..

S8E9 - Oh Golly Goth

Sorenson is given modified duty which lets him sit as his desk and c..

S8E8 - Russellmania

Fancy comes down on Russell and Sorenson for yesterday's display in ..

S8E7 - In-LawsOutlaws

A body is found in an alley. The victim is Nicholas, the homeless gu..

S8E6 - Writing Wrongs

Alyssa, a 15-year-old schoolgirl is strangled and Russell, Jones and..

S8E5 - Fools Russian

Diane consults with a member of the survivor's network over her mixe..

S8E4 - Family Ties

A tourist is raped in her hotel room on the 4th floor and the detect..

S8E3 - FrancoMy DearI Don..

Andy is bonding with Theo (who mentions he wants to be a cop) at the..

S8E2 - Waking Up is Hard ..

It's the morning after and Danny and Diane talk about not talking ab..

S8E1 - Daveless in New York

It's 5 days until Theo's final blood test and Andy feels the need fo..

S7E22 - The Last Round Up

Aired: May 23, 2000

Sorenson stops by the hospital waiti..

S7E21 - Bats Off to Larry

Aired: May 23, 2000

Andy takes Theo to the doctor to get..

S7E20 - This Old Spouse

Aired: May 16, 2000

A man comes into the squad reporting..

S7E19 - Tea and Sympathy

Aired: May 9, 2000

The reporter that Jones gave the stor..

S7E18 - Lucky Luciano

Aired: May 2, 2000

A woman reports to Russell and Kirken..

S7E17 - Roll Out the Barrel

Aired: April 25, 2000

A body is found in a barrel in the..

S7E16 - Goodbye Charlie

Aired: April 18, 2000

Andy tells Katie that he doesn't k..

S7E15 - Stressed For Succ..

Aired: April 11, 2000

Danny is disappointed and annoyed ..

S7E14 - Sleep Over

Aired: April 4, 2000

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a..

S7E13 - The Irvin Files

Aired: March 28, 2000

Sorenson and Sipowicz start lookin..

S7E12 - Welcome to New York

Aired: March 21, 2000

Sorenson, Sipowicz and Medavoy wit..

S7E11 - Little Abner

Aired: March 14, 2000

Fancy meets Abner, who wants to sa..

S7E10 - Who Murders Sleep

Aired: March 7, 2000

Danny has another bad dream about h..

S7E9 - Jackass

Aired: February 29, 2000

An old friend of Andy's stops b..

S7E8 - Everybody Plays th..

Aired: February 23, 2000

Danny wakes up after having a d..

S7E7 - Along Came Jones

Aired: February 22, 2000

An off-duty cop is found dead. ..

S7E6 - Brothers Under Arms

Aired: February 15, 2000

Martinez arrives at the squad f..

S7E5 - These Shoots are M..

Aired: February 8, 2000

Jill seeks advice from Diane abo..

S7E4 - The Naked are the ..

Aired: February 1, 2000

Sipowicz, Sorenson, Russell and ..

S7E3 - The Man with Two R..

Aired: January 25, 2000

Danny and Mary spend the night t..

S7E2 - A Hole in Juan

Aired: January 18, 2000

Kyle Kirkendall receives his fir..


The 15th precinct ""reopens for business"" a little later than antic..


As a result of her injuries, Sylvia has died. The squad worries abou..


Andy prepares for his confrontation with Sinclair. John Irvin meets ..


Sylvia decides that Danny would be a much better witness than Andy w..


Katie Sipowicz seems on the road to recovery, but Dornan is in despe..


Mike Roberts is dead. His body was found on top of a car after being..


Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a woman who was kille..


Sorenson's girlfriend Nadine comes by to give him some news about th..


Sipowicz is having a recurring dream involving his father and Sgt. D..


Sorenson's sister, Lori comes to town and spends the day in the city..


A woman's body is discovered in a ditch and the detectives begin the..


The detectives are called to scene of a homicide of man whose body w..


A woman is murder in her apartment and a woman (who only wants to ta..


Diane contacts Jill for help. Greg gets an offer of free Chinese foo..


Kirkendall's son, Kyle, is the only known witness to a stabbing. Rus..


The cop that stopped Fancy for a broken taillight a couple of years ..


An elderly couple that Sorenson is familiar with is brutally attacke..


Bon jour Danny Sorenson. Diane returns to work. Sorenson catches his..


It is ten days after Bobbie's surgery and the detectives wait with a..


The word goes out to the uniforms to look out for any possible donor..


Bobby isn't doing much better the following morning; the doctor reco..


The detectives arrive on the scene of a shooting, where the shooter ..


Bobby dreams and later he visits his dentist. Besides the checkup, t..

S5E22 - Honeymoon at Viag..

Simone and Sipowicz work with Cohen to investigate the death of one ..

S5E21 - Seminal Thinking

Bobby and Diane talk about making a long-term commitment to each oth..

S5E20 - Hammer Time

Sipowicz returns to active duty, but perhaps a bit too soon as his s..

S5E19 - Prostrate Before ..

Andy prepares for his prostate surgery. James has recovered from his..

S5E18 - I Don't Wanna Dye

Tommy Richardson's wife, Laurie, stops by to pick up his time record..

S5E17 - Speak For Yoursel..

Simone and Sipowicz look into the shooting of two women (one was kil..

S5E16 - The One That Got ..

Richardson confronts Sipowicz and Simone about their impending quest..

S5E15 - Don't Kill the Me..

Bobby and Andy investigate the murder of a nurse. Suspects include a..

S5E14 - Weaver of Hate

A drugs for guns deal gone bad, results in the death of a white yout..

S5E13 - Twin Petes

Bobby, Diane (and later Andy) investigate two stickup murders held a..

S5E12 - A Box of Wendy

A man finds an interesting looking box, only it is oozing a liquid t..

S5E11 - You're Under a Ra..

Diane tells Bobby that she is pregnant. The detectives are called to..

S5E10 - Remembrance of Hu..

Bobby isn't quite sure, but he thinks he overheard Naomi speaking wi..

S5E9 - Lost Israel (2)

Andy begins to make sense of the Bible passage that Israel pointed o..

S5E8 - Lost Israel (1)

A young boy is reported missing by his parents. Simone and Sipowicz ..

S5E7 - Sheedy Dealings

Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of two roommates. A guy t..

S5E6 - Dead Man Talking

A family's home is broken into it, the wife and baby are shot in the..

S5E5 - It Takes a Village

A son is bitter about his father's death and offers $5000 in cash to..

S5E4 - The Truth is Out T..

Andy and Bobby investigate the murder of man where the only witness ..

S5E3 - Three Girls and a ..

Greg receives a disturbing call, Abby's been shot and Kathy is dead...

S5E2 - All's Wells That E..

Things are back to ""normal"" at the squad when Bobby returns to wor..

S5E1 - As flies to carele..

Four months have passed since the death of Jimmy Salvo. Bobby's work..

S4E22 - A Draining Experi..

Bobby tells the FBI that he will talk to the lieutenant from IAB, if..

S4E21 - Is Paris Burning?

A bus is ""hijacked"" and wrecked by an inebriated Vince Gotelli, th..

S4E20 - Emission Impossible

Five Ecuadorians are killed and Bobby, Andy and James work the case ..

S4E19 - Bad Rap

Simone and Sipowicz catch a very early morning case involving a shoo..

S4E18 - I Love Lucy

Two female impersonators come into the squad room; one of them is se..

S4E17 - A Wrenching Exper..

Bobby and Andy investigate a shooting that is related to the victim ..

S4E16 - What a Dump!

Andy and Bobby investigate the murder of a woman whose body was foun..

S4E15 - Taillight's Last ..

Fancy (with his wife) is pulled over for a burned out taillight. He ..

S4E14 - A Remington Origi..

Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a woman whose body was..

S4E13 - Tom and Geri

Diane and Bobby wake up in his chair the next morning and he suggest..

S4E12 - UpstairsDownstairs

Andy and Diane start to talk, however, they both get paged for the j..

S4E11 - Alice Doesn't Fit..

Diane gives her final report to Wallace and Bobby makes dinner plans..

S4E10 - My Wild Irish Nose

A woman comes in to report that there is a bullet hole in her wall, ..

S4E9 - Caulksmanship

Diane wakes up the following morning in Jimmy's apartment not rememb..

S4E8 - Unembraceable You

Diane stops by Bobby's apartment where they make up for lost time. S..

S4E7 - Ted and Carey's Bo..

Simone and Sipowicz investigate the sexual assault of schoolgirl. Gi..

S4E6 - Yes SirThat's My B..

Andy and Bobby look into the death of a limo driver. A new detective..

S4E5 - Where'd the Van Go..

A prince and princess are assaulted and she is now in a coma. Andy s..

S4E4 - Where's 'Swaldo?

Community activist Kwasi is murdered. Simone and Sipowicz investigat..

S4E3 - YesWe Have No Cann..

An ex-con that put away year ago, meets him on the street and tells ..

S4E2 - Thick Stu

Greg and Andy start the weight bet. Bobby and Andy help out Morrisey..

S4E1 - Moby Greg

Greg needs to lose weight, Andy's baby is sick again, Bobby plans to..

S3E22 - He's Not GuiltyHe..

Andy meets with Father Kankarides. Andy, Bobby and Diane investigate..

S3E21 - Closing Time

Sylvia confronts Andy about his ""late night walks."" The new admini..

S3E20 - A Death in the Fa..

A robbery-homicide sends Bobby and Andy to the hospital; however the..

S3E19 - Auntie Maimed

Sylvia is close to giving birth and Andy is on edge. When isn't he? ..

S3E18 - We Was Robbed

Simone and Sipowicz are forced to commit robbery while working with ..

S3E17 - Hollie and the Bl..

Simone makes contact with old snitch. Martinez and Medavoy catch a m..

S3E16 - Girl Talk

A rapist-murderer is throwing small children from the tops of buildi..

S3E15 - Head Case

A mild mannered professor is found decapitated in his apartment. Jam..

S3E14 - The Nutty Confessor

Donna and Bobby give Adrianne and James advice, respectively, on the..

S3E13 - A Tushful of Doll..

Diane worries about her mother's pending grand jury trial. Andy and ..

S3E12 - These Old Bones

A woman comes into the precinct and gives Andy some information abou..

S3E11 - Burnin' Love

Simone and Sipowicz look into the death of a young woman whose body ..

S3E10 - The Backboard Jun..

A basketball game, held in the memory of a young boy, erupts into vi..

S3E9 - SorryWong Suspect

Greg and Marie split up again and she comes down to the station and ..

S3E8 - Cold Heaters

Simone and IAB share the suspect after Bobby gets some information f..

S3E7 - Aging Bull

Sipowicz is annoyed when federal agents take over their investigatio..

S3E6 - Curt Russell

An Indian woman is found dead in a car and Andy is full of theories ..

S3E5 - Dirty Laundry

Fancy is less than enthused when a detective under surveillance by I..

S3E4 - Heavin' Can Wait

Lesniak's preference gets around the precinct. Sylvia's morning sick..

S3E3 - One Big Happy Family

Medavoy and Lesniak pair up to identify who's launched a series of v..

S3E2 - Torah! Torah! Torah!

A father suspects his retarded son of killing his daughter. Simone a..

S3E1 - E.R.

Russell, on the road to recovery, wants Andy to let Bobby know she's..

S2E22 - A.D.A. Sipowicz

Two years ago he called her a ""pissy little bitch,"" tomorrow he wi..

S2E21 - The Bank Dick

A witness smells alcohol on Russell's breath. Officers in another pr..

S2E20 - The Bookie and Ko..

The detectives search for the killer of a bookie. Donna returns read..

S2E19 - Boxer Rebellion

Fancy works with James to help him get ready for the boxing tourname..

S2E18 - Innuendo

The detective's search for a killer following a shooting spree, wher..

S2E17 - Dirty Socks

Bobby's emotionally fragile witness for a double-murder keeps changi..

S2E16 - UnAmerican Grafitti

Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a Puerto Rican teen be..

S2E15 - Bombs Away

Bobby and Andy collide with a Rumanian immigrant who has a woman loc..

S2E14 - A Murder With Tee..

Evidence in the death of a pimp points to a cop that once helped And..

S2E13 - Travels With Andy

Andy disagrees with Sylvia over the wedding arrangements, he wants a..

S2E12 - Large Mouth Bass

Simone & Sipowicz investigate the brutal murder of the daughter of w..

S2E11 - Vishy-Vashy-Vinny

After discovering a key piece of evidence, Simone gets his chance to..

S2E10 - In the ButtBob

Lesniak is flashed, brings the perpetrator in and deals with his ""h..

S2E9 - Don We Now Our Gay..

The detectives investigate the murder of a gay bar owner. Fancy's wi..

S2E8 - You Bet Your Life

Andy's AA sponsor is beaten up by his estranged son. Simone and Sipo..

S2E7 - Double Abandando

Donna's sister Dana moves in with her and Greg; later she tries to m..

S2E6 - The Final Adjustment

After looking into it, Simone and Sipowicz suspect a chiropractor of..

S2E5 - Simone Says

An over-the-edge Abruzzo threatens Lesniak in the squad room. Bobby ..

S2E4 - Dead and Gone

A baby in a car is the innocent victim of an apparent drive-by shoot..

S2E3 - Cop Suey

Fancy catches Donna & Greg in an embrace. The abused woman Andy help..

S2E2 - From Whom the Skel..

IAB begins to investigate Kelly and Sipowicz's busting of the office..

S2E1 - Trials & Tribulati..

Kelly risks the consequences when he testifies on Licalsi's behalf a..

S1E22 - Rockin' Robin

Kelly gets a high priced attorney to defend Janice and helps out wit..

S1E21 - Guns 'n Rosaries

Medavoy tells Donna that he's caught his wife in the act of being un..

S1E20 - Good Time Charlie

Janice gets promoted and will be working with the other detectives u..

S1E19 - Serge the Concierge

Robin's husband dies, later she is angry when her husband's will see..

S1E18 - Zeppo Marks Broth..

Roberts meets with Kelly in search of getting some bodyguard work. A..

S1E17 - Black Men Can Jump

LaSalle has a chance to move out of the precinct and into a more reg..

S1E16 - A Sudden Fish

Medavoy suffers a stress-related anxiety attack after making into th..

S1E15 - Steroid Roy

Sylvia still has trouble-getting Andy to get their relationship goin..

S1E14 - Jumpin' Jack Flei..

Medavoy and Martinez work a strangulation murder case that appears t..

S1E13 - Abandando Abandoned

Medavoy leaves his wife and tells Donna about his feelings for her, ..

S1E12 - Up on the Roof

Martinez works his first case, which involves a fake ATM. A foster c..

S1E11 - From Hare to Eter..

Borough Commander Haverill starts to come down on Fancy. Kelly and S..

S1E10 - OscarMeyerWeiner

The detectives investigate the brutal murder of an upper class famil..

S1E9 - Ice Follies

Janice is asked by the mob to start doing favors for them again or t..

S1E8 - Tempest in a C-Cup

Kelly suspects a man of murder but tries to get him to confess to th..

S1E7 - NYPD Lou

A man thinks he is a werewolf and demands to be locked into a cell b..

S1E6 - Personal Foul

A minor skirmish on the basketball court leaves one of Kelly's frien..

S1E5 - Emission Accomplis..

James goes to visit his brother but finds the super at the building ..

S1E4 - True Confessions

Kelly quits his security job and warns the abusive husband to watch ..

S1E3 - Brown Appetit

Janice's father comes to visit and warn her about his pending corrup..

S1E2 - 4B or Not 4B

Lastarza of the Organized Crime Unit tells Fancy & Kelly that they b..

S1E1 - Pilot

Sipowicz's continual harassment of Giardella winds up getting him in..