Outcast (2016)


Kyle Barnes has had a series of misfortunes in his life; his mother would beat him as a child and he was accused of attacking his own daughter. After attending an exorcism in his native town, he is convinced his mother and his wife were possessed and he was not the source of them going bad. He therefore teams up with Reverend Anderson to try and save people that are possessed by demons while putting up with the residents of his town who think he's bad news and would deserve to be in jail.
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S2E10 - To the Sea

In the season finale, Kyle reluctantly joins forces with a mysteriou..

S2E9 - This Is How It Sta..

Kyle and Anderson face down Sidney – until an unexpected threat in..

S2E8 - Mercy

Kyle faces the mysteries behind his powers. Reverend Anderson finall..

S2E7 - Alone When It Comes

Kyle attempts to get his family to safety as the town of Rome become..

S2E6 - Fireflies

Kyle's family and friends mourn the aftermath of a disaster – unti..

S2E5 - The Common Good

Kyle gets closer to finding Sidney, while Anderson discovers an unex..

S2E4 - The One I'd Be Wai..

A dangerous fugitive on the loose threatens the town of Rome, as wel..


With the help of Chief Giles, Kyle pursues a more aggressive strateg..


Kyle finds the possession phenomenon to be more widespread than he h..

S1E10 - This Little Light

In the season finale, Kyle and Anderson scour Rome in search of an u..

S1E9 - Close to Home

Kyle enlists Mark's help to find out where Allison has gone; Anderso..

S1E8 - What Lurks Within

Rev. Anderson finds himself increasingly alienated; Kyle has a stunn..


No description

S1E6 - From The Shadows I..

Rev. Anderson finds his powers sorely tested; Patricia reaches out t..

S1E5 - The Road Before Us

Kyle presses his estranged wife, Allison, to meet; a suspicious Chie..

S1E4 - A Wrath Unseen

The intrigue in Rome intensifies as Anderson discovers shocking info..

S1E3 - All Alone Now

Kyle and Reverend Anderson confront an unusual possession.

S1E2 - (I Remember) When ..

Kyle questions his family history.

S1E1 - A Darkness Surroun..

Kyle Barnes confronts a possession case and begins to delve into the..