Penn And Teller Fool Us


Penn & Teller go to the U.K to find a magician who can "fool them" If Penn & Teller can figure out the trick performed the magician is out but if they do not get it the magician wins a ticket to Las Vegas and get to open for Penn & Teller live
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S5E4 -Here Comes the Magic

Magicians Danny Cole, Kostya Kimlat, Hakan Berg, and John Hinton try..

S5E3 - Penn & Teller Get ..

Returning magicians Ryan Chandler, Ryan Hayashi, Dirk Losander, and ..

S5E2 -The Rematch

Returning magicians Vinny Grosso, Morgan & West, Paul Gertner, and E..

S5E1 - Penn the Magic Dra..

Magicians Matt Marcy, The Sentimentalists, Andrew Evans, Dom Chamber..

S4E13 - Hanging Out with ..

Magicians Patrik Kuffs, Lamanske, Adam Wilber, and Hector try to foo..

S4E12 - Penn & Teller & D..

Magicians Javi Benitez, Mike Bliss, Ekaterina, and Ran Gafner try to..

S4E11 - Penn Does the Hea..

Magicians Stewart MacDonald, Kyle Littleton, Lion Fludd, and Fred Be..

S4E10 - Monkey Business

Magicians Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay, Jason Andrews, Eric Meade, and Re..

S4E9 - Penn & Teller Are ..

Magicians Liberty Larsen, Jorge Blass, Paul Gertner, and Sergio Star..

S4E8 - I Dream of Genie T..

Magicians Dennis Watkins, Jeff McBride, Kevin Li, and Steve Marshall..

S4E7 - A Big Round of App..

Magicians Riccardo Berdini, Yan Markson, Ondrej Psenicka, and Glenn ..

S4E6 - Something Fishy Th..

Magicians Dan Sperry, Naathan Phan, Jean-Pierre Parent, and Richard ..

S4E5 - Does This Trick Ri..

Magicians Dyno Staats, Aiden Sinclair, Axel Adler, and David Parr tr..

S4E4 - 50/50 Chance

Magicians Matt Johnson, Siegfried Tieber, Jason Fields, and Jessica ..

S4E3 - Teller Flips a Bird

Magicians Misty Lee, Shin Lim, Andi Gladwin, and Hatfields try to fo..

S4E2 - PennTeller and a M..

Magicians Jonathan Burns, Jo De Rijck, David Caserta, and Jimmy Ichi..

S4E1 - Penn & Teller Teac..

Magicians Richard Turner, Young & Strange, Kayla Drescher, and Mike ..

S3E13 - Can Penn & Teller..

Magicians Anthony Asimov, Angela Funovits, Ivan Amodei, and Vince Ch..

S3E12 - Penn and Teller R..

Magicians Joseph Reohm, Brent Braun, Chris Rose, and Charles Bach tr..

S3E11 - Penn & Teller Get..

Magicians Christopher Tracy & Jim Leach, Neil Croswell, Ben Young, a..

S3E10 - To Tea or Not to ..

Magicians Timon, Kyle Marlett, The Evasons, and Chef Anton try to fo..

S3E9 - The Great Escape

Magicians Xavier Mortimer, Fielding West, Caleb Wiles, and Kevin Hal..

S3E8 - Here's Moxie!

Magicians Matthew Laslo, Zabrecky, David Garrard, and Wayne Hoffman ..

S3E7 - JuggleJugglePenn's..

Magicians Vitaly Beckman, Simon Coronel, Mac King, and Kevin Viner t..

S3E6 - Penn & Teller Snak..

Magicians Elliot Zimet, Paul Gertner, Matthew Disero, and Rokas try ..

S3E5 - You Dirty Rathead!

Magicians Alex Ramon, Greg Frewin, Vinny Grosso, and Arthur Trace tr..

S3E4 - Penn Plays With Fire

Magicians David & Leeman, Jibrizy, Rick Maisel, and Felix Bodden try..

S3E3 - Penn & Teller Have..

Magicians Robert Ramirez, Dominik, Joel Ward, and Mahdi Gilbert try ..

S3E2 - Jesse Eisenberg Ge..

Magicians Brett Loudermilk, Dan Harlan, Ryan Joyce, and Kyle Eschen ..

S3E1 - Won't Get Fooled A..

Magicians Shawn Farquhar, Michael Kent, Nathan Burton, and Nathan Co..


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S2E5 - Mission Impossi-Ball

Bill Cook, Wes Barker, Matt Holtzclaw and David Regal attempt to foo..

S2E4 - Knife Of The Party

Austin Janik, Amazing Allison, Mac King and Norman Ng attempt to foo..

S2E3 - Shoot to Kill

Magicians Brian Brushwood, Simon Pierro, John Lovick, and Kyle Knigh..

S2E2 - The Invisi-Ball Th..

Magicians Leon and Romy, Mike Hammer, Shin Lim and Peter Boie try to..

S2E1 - Phone-y Business

Season 2 begins with magicians Jon Armstrong, Xavier, Greg Dow and S..

E9 - Unaired Segments

Chris Cox - British Mindreader
James Brown - British Stage Ma..


Magician Lee Hathaway performs a card trick using a gimmick he calls..


Shawn Farquhar and Etienne Pradier managed to fool Penn & Teller.


Swedish illusionists Brynolf & Ljung managed to fool Penn & Teller.<..


British Mentalist Nick Einhorn and Victorian magicians Morgan & West..


Illusionist Richard Bellars managed to fool Penn & Teller.

S1E4 - Phone-y Business

Performances by Piff the Magic Dragon, Damien O'Brien, David Masters..


French card-magician Mathieu Bich managed to fool Penn & Teller.


In this episode, mind-reader Graham Jolley managed to fool Penn & Te..


The pilot episode featured a total of six magicians, with a further ..