A look at the lives of young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist.
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S3E10 -No Place Is Home

When Owen and McQuigg learn heartbreaking news about family members,..

S3E9 -Fear Feargach

Lives are in danger as the team protects Shelby when she reunites wi..

S3E8 -Deep Cover

Alex goes undercover with an American military contractor who is bel..

S3E7 -Bullet Train

The team is tasked with protecting a scientist who has developed a d..

S3E6 - Heaven’s Fall

Jocelyn shares her very personal story of hearing loss when she find..

S3E5 -The Blood of Romeo

When a physics professor at a major U.S. university steals weaponize..

S3E4 - Spy Games

Alex and McQuigg are assigned to protect a prince following the assa..

S3E3 - Hell's Gate

The team must protect an ex-CIA Agent to take down a cartel kingpin,..

S3E2 - Fear and Flesh

In tracking down the origin of a deadly strain of tuberculosis threa..

S3E1 - The Conscience Code

Ryan and Alex recruit Owen and Harry to help rescue their friend and..


It’s Alex and the team’s last stand against the Collaborators at..


After an impossible choice is made, a flood of new proposals shine a..


Risking it all, Alex works with Owen to infiltrate the Collaborators..


With all the collaborators unveiled, the team uses Clay and Maxine..


A despondent Clay meets with the President to discuss the future of ..


When one of Alex’s friends is framed for a domestic terror attack,..


When Clay is forced to use his fiancée to carry out an operation, t..


While their newly appointed leader gets familiar with the team of CI..


In the wake of the G20 hostage crisis, President Claire Haas assembl..


The recruits learn how to burn everything down if they are ever expo..


At the Farm, the recruits break into the NSA on a mission to delete ..


At the Farm, Owen teaches the recruits a lesson on the necessity of ..


The recruits are schooled in the art of seduction, which Alex sees a..


At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about the necessity of l..

S2E7 - LCFlutter

At the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation ..

S2E6 - Aquiline

At the Farm, the trainees learn their next task is to decide on a dr..


At the Farm, Harry is still suspicious of Alex and Ryan, and he’s ..

S2E4 - Kubark

The trainees are put through a training drill that tests their stres..

S2E3 - Stescalade

The new CIA recruits continue training at The Farm; in the future, A..

S2E2 - Lipstick

New CIA recruits run counter-surveillance exercises at The Farm; in ..

S1E22 - Yes

It’s graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future..

S1E21 - Closure

The NATS are excited that graduation is near as they prepare to leav..

S1E20 - Drive

With only a few weeks until graduation, the NATS are dispatched to v..

S1E19 - Fast

It’s career day at Quantico as the NATS meet representatives from ..

S1E18 - Soon

At Quantico, the NATs look into each other’s background to determi..

S1E17 - Care

At Quantico, the NATS' current assignment is to learn about human tr..

S1E16 - Clue

A training exercise is too close to home for Shelby; in the future, ..

S1E15 - Turn

A terror cell tries to infiltrate Quantico, forcing Miranda and Liam..

S1E14 - Answer

At Quantico, the NATS team up for defensive driving lessons while te..

S1E13 - Clear

This week the NATS learn how to source information from confidential..

S1E12 - Alex

Alex finds herself in the middle of a congressional hearing to testi..

S1E11 - Inside

More questions arise when the Grand Central Station bombers are reve..

S1E10 - Quantico

At Quantico, an emergency disciplinary hearing causes deep secrets t..

S1E9 - Guilty

A former agent and profiler tasks the trainees with looking at seria..

S1E8 - Over

FBI computers are hacked, revealing confidential files that make Ale..

S1E7 - Go

An explosive assignment results in some new agent trainees being sen..

S1E6 - God

The NATs practice surveillance with Miranda and her troubled son; Sh..

S1E5 - Found

Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their fir..

S1E4 - Kill

A hostage rescue-training exercise makes Alex question whether she s..


At Quantico, Alex learns of her father's FBI past; and, in the futur..


Alex needs to outwit Liam and his team in order to get into her apar..

S1E1 - Run

A diverse group of recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for..